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    Nissan Patrol: Agent 23

    At the 2015 Dubai Motor Show, guests became movie stars from inside a Nissan Patrol. They starred in a cinema-quality movie poster and film trailer for action thriller Agent 23 using green screen technology.

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    Frontline : Ebola Outbreak

    Ebola Outbreak: A Virtual Journey is a VR documentary filmed in the heart of West Africa which immerses users in the spread of the Ebola virus, allowing them to experience the scale and impact of this epidemic.

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    Star Wars: Lightsaber Escape

    A second screen experience created for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. "Lightsaber Escape" lets you use your smartphone as a lightsaber, as you battle stormtroopers and try to make your daring escape.

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  • Site of the Day

    Nissan Patrol: Agent 23
  • Mobile of the Day

    Frontline : Ebola Outbreak
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