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    Metaphor of the effects of Alzheimer's disease on the brain, the site will disappear if it is not given memories. We used custom GLSL shaders for the particles and custom Post-Processing GLSL shaders for the effects

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    PixelMogul Game

    PixelMogul is a pixelstyle simulation game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As the PixelMogul you will start small with a single, simple building but, you know, one day you could own the whole town.

    CREDITS: ala
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    Ibis Expedition - The Ultimate Sleep

    Ibis Expedition is a branded content website promoting the new Sweet Bed by Ibis. The adventurer Aaron Chervenak led a crew through Brazil and Venezuela to Mount Roraima in an attempt to get a perfect night's sleep.

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    "Chorus" is a contribution to This is NOW, an exhibition that took place in Oslo, showcasing international talents in poster art and motion graphics. This project started as a poster but quickly evolved into a disturbing video with this mouthlike-character producing weird noises and fusing with the buzz of the exhibition visitors.

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    Naples, Italy. 2009

    PHOTOGRAPHER: Carl De Keyzer
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