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We are looking for enthusiastic people to contribute new and original articles to FWA.

All we ask is that we are the first to publish your article and that each article published on our site carries the following discliamer:

"This article may not be reproduced or used in any part without the prior written consent of the author. Reprints must credit FWA (theFWA.com) as the original publisher of this article and include a link to this site."

What makes a good article? Something fresh and exciting perhaps, or maybe a round up of the best photography websites. A hot topic in the design community? Flash on the iPhone?

Whatever you'd like to write about we'd be interested to hear from you.

Note that all articles are contributed on a voluntary basis and no fees are paid. We are not looking for professional journalists who get paid for writing words, we are looking for people all of ages and all levels of experience to share their thoughts with our large professional community.

So, if you have the burning desire to write an article, please get in touch via our Contact form and we will respond accordingly. Of course, let us know what you'd like to write about and also tell us a bit about yourself.

Finally, we can't guarantee that all articles written for us, whether commissioned or not, will be published on our website.

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