The rarest digital trophy ever!

FWA was established in May 2000 as a place to recognise amazing creative digital work.

Over twelve years later, something happened that we never believed or even considered could or would...

One company would go on to win 100 FWA awards.

To mark this monumental achievement, both for FWA and the outstanding company winner, we commissioned the first ever physical trophy for FWA, as seen here, opposite.

The FWA 100 trophy is a unique award that is, most probably, the rarest digital trophy ever and one that if you ever have the chance to see in real life, you will be in a very small group of people.

Without further ado, let's be sure to mark this special moment, 15th November 2012, in FWA's history and present the first ever FWA 100 trophy and welcome the first member to the FWA 100 Club...


B-Reel (15th Nov 2012) - Welcome to the FWA 100 Club!

Congratulations to B-Reel, a "hybrid production company founded in 1999 by the current owners with the same vision as today: to make inventive work, employ clever and good people and deliver to the smartest and most demanding clients in the world."

100 words from B-Reel:

"Since our early days the FWA has been part of our daily inspiration. And having our own work be recognized by the FWA was a dream come true. In this field, you’re only as good as your latest project. That’s why our latest FWA award makes us as proud as our first one. To be part of the future, we have to deliver top notch, over and over again. The FWA judges have been setting the bar for top notch work for 15 years and we are immensely proud to be part of the 100 club. See you at 1000."

See B-Reel's FWA profile, showing all of their award winning work.

Visit B-Reel.com


UNIT9 (19th May 2015) - Welcome to the FWA 100 Club!

Congratulations to UNIT9, "UNIT9 is an innovative production studio

We believe in people and talent to create & craft

We believe in tools and methodology to achieve & deliver."

100 words from UNIT9:

"The FWA has been the one constant companion through this journey of blood and sweat and exhilaration.  As companies raised and fell, as technology changed, as our business needed to morph like a chameleon there was always the FWA to provide a pointer: the fog horn in the darkness; Big awards are far away, intangible destinations, while the FWA is the next shore that you can possibly see, or at least imagine to reach as you set sail on a new project.  It gets the team working together, project after project.  It's not the accolade; it's the on going continuity."

See UNIT9's FWA profile, showing all of their award winning work.

Visit UNIT9.com


MediaMonks (11th August 2015) - Welcome to the FWA 100 Club!

Congratulations to MediaMonks, "MediaMonks is the biggest creative digital production company on the planet. We specialize in working for and with advertising agencies to craft amazing digital work for major brands and campaigns. You can find us anywhere on the Web as well as in Amsterdam, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore."

100 words from MediaMonks:

“We won our first-ever FWA with our first-ever website, the late sideways scrolling spectacle that was mediamonks.com when we launched in 2001. In digital, this is the equivalent of scoring a goal on your first appearance; peer-reviewed proof that, indeed, your work is awesome. The FWA 100 Trophy, then, is like the trophy patch clubs get to wear after winning the Champions League for the fifth time, or thrice in a row. I’d love to stretch the analogy by arguing that this is an ever rarer honour. The FWA 100 Trophy is the ultimate recognition of persistent production prowess.”

See MediaMonk's FWA profile, showing all of their award winning work.

Visit MediaMonks.com


Stinkdigital (12th January 2016) - Welcome to the FWA 100 Club!

Congratulations to Stinkdigital, "We're a global creative agency dedicated to building better digital experiences. Our disciplines include everything from strategy and analytics through to content creation, design and execution.

 We deliver communications strategies, integrated campaigns and world-class levels of craft and technology for some of the world’s biggest brands."

100 words from Stinkdigital:

"Stinkdigital started as a tiny enterprise in Stink London’s basement in October 2008. We had no idea what we were doing, but the camaraderie and intelligence was special right from the beginning. When we won our inaugural FWA for Philips ‘Carousel’ about six months later, it felt like the sort of hard-fought honor that might happen a few times a year if we were lucky. It’s a testament to the spirit and talent of Stinkdigital staff past and present that we’ve managed to win another 100 in the ensuing seven years. To everyone, thank you. We’re still just getting started."

See Stinkdigital's FWA Profile, showing all of their award winning work.

Visit Stinkdigital.com


Is it possible that another company could go on to join the FWA 100 Club? See the list of top winning FWA companies for the latest tally.

The FWA 100 trophy
The FWA 100 trophy

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