The following site/s are illegally displaying FWA award/s.

We have not awarded the following site/s and therefore do not support the display of an FWA award on their website/s.

Rather than getting involved in lengthy and expensive legal proceedings, we have chosen to list offending website/s below.

Note that we always try to clear up these matters by email first but on some occassions our emails do not receive a response.

Sites will be added to this list when illegal display is discovered and removed from this list when the matter is cleared up.

It is possible that this page may not have any websites on it if we are not aware of any current offending sites.

Illegal FWA award display at:

* none at this time

N.B. If you are a representative of a website on this list you may contact us to discuss removal.

(If you feel you have seen a website illegally displaying an FWA award please contact us and advise of the URL).


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