FWA has one of the longest established judging procedures and criteria for internet awards.

FWA welcomes submissions from all or any of the following:

FWA's mission is to showcase cutting edge creativity, regardless of the medium or technology used...

Websites (made using any technology, software, including but not limited to: Flash, HTML, XHTML, CSS, HTML5, Unity 3D, Away3D, etc)

Online games

Sites and applications for mobile, web etc, i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nexus One.

Online movies or animation.

*NOTE: in a fast changing world, FWA is open to, and welcomes, any submission that is not listed above, as long as the submission demonstrates cutting edge creativity.

> See examples of the work we award.

All submissions will be judged on the following:






Process for Site Of The Day, Month and Year

Eligible submissions will undergo an initial evaluation in all areas of the criteria. Sites that pass this initial evaluation will enter the next phase, establishing an exact score and qualification for award.

Winning submissions are usually notified within 2 weeks of their application, however this time frame can extend to 4 weeks. Only winning sites are notified.

Awarded submissions will receive a winner’s notification email and a link to the FWA SOTD award (should they choose to display one on their winning site and/or download one for press releases or just for their personal records), screenshots, credits, URL and description will be added to FWA’s database of sites.

The company/designer responsible for the design of a winning website will be added to the “Profiles” database.

A Site Of The Month (SOTM) is selected at the end of each calendar month from that month’s SOTDs. At the end of each year the twelve SOTM winners enter the contest for the People’s Choice Award (PCA) and for the overall Site Of The Year (SOTY).

FWA’s visitors choose the PCA winner by participating in a year-end public vote, with each visitor able to cast a single vote. The SOTM with the highest number of votes after a two week period of voting is declared the People’s Choice for the given year.

SOTY is decided by a leading industry panel who participate in two rounds of judging, the first narrowing the twelve SOTM winners down to two sites, with the final round of judging giving a unanimous winner… the Site Of The Year for the given year.

Process for 'Public Votes'

All FWA submissions automatically enter the 'Public Votes' area. In this area of the FWA website, the public can judge all or any submissions. Submissions are available for public voting for 7 days. The voting process is simple, registered FWA users can view any submission and vote “Yes” or “No” as to whether they feel a submission deserves showcasing in the FWA Public Shortlist. After the 7 day voting period, submissions that score the target percentage will be added to the Public Shortlist. NOTE: The Public Shortlist is separate to Site Of The Day (which is judged by our industry panel).


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