Selected industry comments and testimonials

: "Links to the best websites containing Macromedia Flash and Shockwave content."

: "Favourite Website Awards - when it comes to Flash style, they have the newest in new."

: "Favorite Website Awards (FWA), one of the Web's top recognition sites for innovative Web design"

CREATIVE BLOQ: "FWA is the website gallery others aim to emulate. The FWA (Favorite Website Awards) is considered the creme de la creme of galleries within the web design industry."

Shift E-zine Japan: "If you are looking for the cream of the crop in Flash work, then you have found the place to be."

Project Cool
: "If you can't find new Flash ideas here, you're a true expert."

: "If Web design were 1st grade book reports, and Web awards were stickers at the top of the paper (next to your a+), then this would be your teacher. See what she's been doling out her gold stars to."

How Design Magazine
: "Meet some designers who are doing it right at this site. You'll find links to the cream of the crop in Flash design, interviews with the designers and the opportunity to submit your own site for consideration."

Internet World Magazine, Sweden
: "Definitely a must for anyone who likes Flash!"

Rogers Hi-Speed
: "Sites that hand out awards for Web sites are a dime a dozen but some of them actually recognize some cool pages. FWA honours some of the more cutting-edge sites on the Web right now and although you need broadband to see a lot of these Flash-laden sites each one is well worth a visit. Bookmark it and check out some of the winners whenever you're bored."

College of Multimedia
: "It never hurts to see how the job can be done better, you might not be able to compete yet, but it's a great way to get inspiration. The website award program judges, judge a site on originality, cutting edge technology, content, navigation, graphics and personality. All the ingredients to make a perfect website."

Planet Internet, Holland
: “For people who enjoy Flash websites, FWA has collected the most beautiful, slick and interactive ones and honoured them with an award. FWA doesn’t mean Favourite Website Awards for nothing. Visit FWA for hours of fun.”

GQ Magazine, Italy
: “The new frontier of web art. When websites are awarded by www.favouritewebsiteawards.com they are seen as the best examples in the World. They are recognised as the richest sites for web innovation.”

Cre@te Online Magazine
: "Each morning, designers across the industry - and across the world - arrive at work, juice up on coffee, check their email and log onto FWA to see who has picked up site of the day. It's not the only regular surfing hotspot for web designers, but it's certainly one of the most respected."

Fantasy Interactive
: “FWA is the official award organisation for cutting-edge developments including Site of the Year… The Web Oscars.”

Design Interact
: "Despite its unassuming name, The Favourite Website Awards may be to Web design what the Drudge Report is to politics and YouTube to video. Other online awards have better name recognition, but nothing has the industry credibility and cachet of the FWA."

Chicago Tribune
: "It's a fun, fascinating place to visit, with the emphasis not on blather about awards but on sending visitors off to what they really want to see, cool new sites. If they're lucky, some of those sites will be as good as the Favourite Websites site itself, winner of our first Best Web Awards Award."

The Guardian
: "It's a great place to get lost for an hour."

San Francisco Examiner
: "Definitely a cool place to visit."

: "Lots of fun exploring to be done here."

Layers Magazine
: "Since Flash essentially allows you to throw out the rulebook and do whatever you want, it’s important to know where to get ideas and inspiration. Luckily, there’s only one site you need to visit to see the latest and greatest innovations coming out of the Flash world: The Favorite Website Awards site (www.thefwa.com). Usually referred to as simply the FWA, it contains a listing of the coolest interactivity found on the Web. Every day a new site is added and there are also awards for the site of the month and site of the year."


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