A selection of comments and testimonials from FWA's visitors

"FWA, the Grand Daddy of Flash Awards!"

"The Oscars for Flash sites."

"And for those of you who live under a rock - the FWA is the academy awards of web design."

“www.favouritewebsiteawards.com for the best, most cutting edge websites in the world.”

“Most respected award in the web design community. The Internet Grammy so to speak, only they award one site every day.”

“First website I check when opening Internet Explorer every morning.”

“The Bible of cool sites.”

“The #1 website awards website on the internet.”

“Check it out, the greatest selection of sites, ever. Updated every day.”

"Boy! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this website, particularly when everyone else seems to and it is an integral part of a developer's life: Favourite Website Awards. CoolHomePages has been relegated!!"

"Regarded as one of the arbiters of website style."

“I love your site! One of the best collection sites ever.”

"FWA gets right down to business no cockiness about them."

"The hottest newish design portal around."

“FWA – The most-respected site design award”

“Every day, the ‘best of the best’ are posted at http://www.favouritewebsiteawards.com and I check ‘em out religiously.”

"Is there an award better than the FWA?"

"Super site, I get so much inspiration from this site, fantastic!"

“I wanted to say what a fantastic service you offer the public as well as helping startup companies get the exposure they need to land new, innovative clients!”

"Your site is amazing, all pro-designers around the world gather here...wow!"

"We all stop over at FWA habitually and take pleasure in the new loads of superior content available at your site."

“I love FWA so much!! I go there at least 3 times a day.”

“I personally think this is the coolest site on the planet, period.”

“Very visually inspiring site, I’m hooked!”

"I love this site and visit daily to see the latest in flash design."

“My dreams are to get a fwa or a macromedia site of the day.”

“Highly respected Flash site link farm. Updated Daily. Also one of the few Flash news sites that actually uses Flash.”

"You guys are the goods!"

“When you return to the desk to sit in front of a blank screen, don't immediately start fleshing out your ideas. Instead, bring a book with you or go to [www.favoritewebsiteawards.com] to let your creativity be rekindled.”

"Favourite Website Awards: made by the best of the best about the best of the best. A must have for any flash designer."

“This site has the best Flash websites on the net, an award is given each day.”

“I wanted to let you all know that FWA is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I have seen other awards websites, but none come close to the breadth and depth that is exhibited here. Thank you so much for making the site a reality, and hope it continues for decades to come.”

“I daily visit your website...I forget eating my meal but can't forget visiting your site...it's my dose of inspiration.”

"Oh My God!! Too many lush sites to list. Do yourself a flava, I urge you to spend a good hour at FWA!"

"A brochette of highly talented Flash designers will choose other highly talented Flash designers...you need to visit FWA. :)"

“FWA offers me the chance to review and be inspired by the top notch, best designers of the world. Big-ups to the team at FWA. I truly appreciate your work.”

"A very respected organisation by all whom visit."

“If you want to see more and you’re not some sissy text searching pansy, set your homepage to www.favouritewebsiteawards.com.”

“The most popular award for flash sites on the net.”

“They showcase awe-inspiring and breathtaking design skills to the fullest. A must must see site.”

"I love the sites you pick for the showcase... it's a great source of inspiration. You really help weed out the Internet."

"Where do they find all these cool flash sites? ! =)"

“Thank you very very much for the daily inspirations.”

"Only the best flashed websites of the internet! The presented pages make me bend my head in awe!"

"Your site and the sites on your list are the most cool sites on the web."

“I pretty much check your site exclusively to keep up on what is hot and new, keep up the good work.”

“Found a great Site last Night. The greatest Flash-Websites I’ve seen ever before! Wow. You can see them at favouritewebsiteawards.com.”

“I would like to thank you for the tremendous job finding the absolute best websites in the world. I am a student web designer and I get tons of inspiration from Favouritewebsiteawards.com. People like you are bringing tomorrow's websites here today. Thanks again.”

“Explore a little and you’re bound to find something that blows you away.”

“It is my goal to have one of my sites picked to be on this site one day.”

“I generally visit Favourite Website Awards daily. It's nice to know there are beacons like yours to help guide the weary online traveller to places of beauty and intelligent design. Keep up the wonderful work!“

"If you want to see some of the best sites out there, the best place to showcase top sites is still FWA."

“favoritewebsiteawards.com go here and feel depressed! lol some things they do, makes me wanna cry in sadness!”

“I've always had a great deal of respect for your site so keep up the excellent standards, I frequently refer people to yourselves as a good source of how Flash should and could be used.”

“I am a daily visitor to this website and visit at least several times a day. My goal is to be listed on Favoritewebsiteawards.com. This site has inspired me and kept me up to date on web design and new and innovative ways to be represented on the web.”

"FWA - you've got the award thing spot on. You've got the best award giving standards and I love the site."

“If you would like to see a GREAT use of FLASH ... I recommend visiting www.favouritewebsiteawards.com. They pick some of the BEST FLASH web sites you'll ever see. It will not give you any clue on how some of the cool stuff is done ... but it will give you a great EXAMPLE of what can be done.”

“You guys are great. Thanks for working while I was sleeping.”

“The FWA site is the biggest/best award to receive in the Flash world. They have some great sites there, and that is my favorite place to go for inspiration. There are too many great sites they feature to even begin to list.”

“For more dope ass Flash sites you can take a look at FWA.”

“I really like this site, my dream is to be one of the winners.”

“Most of the awards these days are bull, unfortunately. And people really don't want to see them on your site anyway (although winning something like a FWA is an exception).”

"Bored? Need inspiration? Wondering what to try next in web design? See the latest winners at the trendy FavouriteWebsiteAwards.com."

“Favourite Website Awards, numerous fantastic websites.”

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with FWA. I've been surfing it off and on for months now, and your winners just keep getting better and better. I honestly believe you run the best program going right now - a true World's Top Award.”

“Another great place to find some of the best in new media.”

“And definitely http://www.favoritewebsiteawards.com… so far, I didn't find better resource for cool sites on teh net.”

“Hi guys, I visit your site every single day, just wanted 2 thank you - keep up the good choices!”

“I'm one of those who compulsively redesigns their site every few months. Whenever I feel that I've make a good design I check out the awards on this site and cry.”

“Every day of the week I pop along here and see what the guys at FWA say the best sites on the web are.”

“Excellent site, my first choice in the morning. 90% chance of brilliant link which is a heck more than you can say for a lot of other sites.”

"I go there every day to see newest Flash favourites."

“I’ll second the FavouriteWebsiteAwards.com, they seem to have the most consistency when it comes to posting good links, imho.”

“Reminder to self...Take a sicky and spend the day looking at these sites! “

"FWA. Go visit quite a few amazing sites."

“Good for hours of browsing”

“I follow your site religiously. Thanks for being there.”

“Take a look at some of the nicest sites on the net today... www.favouritewebsiteawards.com”

“Da motha of Inspirational and sensational flash websites.”

"FWA is my homepage! It is a place to see something new every day!"


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