A selection of comments and testimonials from previous FWA winners

"It is all about the FWA!"

"Companies like yours are valuable in the quest for bringing the Internet forward and acknowledging innovators and talent."

“The toughest and most prestigious prize in Internet recognition today; the Site of the Year award.”

“The Web Oscars.”

“FWA, the pinnacle of design recognition.”

“FWA is truly the holy grail of web awards.”

"Our site logs have gone somewhat ballistic this morning since we were posted on the FWA site. About 20 times the normal traffic!"

"My team and I are proud to be an FWA winner. As my art director said, it's the only web award that counts."

“Thank you very much. It is extremely exciting to see ourselves on the site that is our company policy to have as the homepage as a source of inspiration, intelligence and creativity.”

“Just another note of thanks...all the publicity to the site - majority from you guys has actually landed us a huge job...keep doing a great job.”

"The interviews and links on FWA have set a new standard for web portals and sites alike."

“The most prestigious website award.”

“The FWA is in our opinion the web design award and it is a great honour for us to get one! This will no doubt inspire our team to greater work in the future on which I will keep you posted.”

"The website for my official business arm has received a FWA SOTD - a well-known, widely recognized Flash portal site featuring the latest and best Flash content on the web. Hear that? Those are my stats exploding."

“We can’t complain this month after getting the Web Grammy - Favourite Website Award.”

“Thanks for all the kind words about our site. We're touched. Keep up the good work with FWA. I can't tell you how many times I see it on our designers and programmers computers when we're doing research and checking out what's out there in the world of cutting edge design/programming. It's an invaluable resource and we're happy to be a part of it.”

“Recently chosen as “Site Of The Day” by both Macromedia and Favourite Website Awards (FWA), two of the most popular destinations for those with a hunger for innovative design and cutting edge technology.”

“Thank you for your review and listing - the response has been incredible.”

"Wicked! Thanks for the exposure. Stats went crazy, rising out of my screen."

"Wow... thank you so much. In all honesty... we think this award is so much more important than SSOD or any of the others."

“Thx again. Gap in unique viewers before/after the FWA SOTD is very impressive. All the best for this very unique award program. High entrance level makes it very special.”

"We're really made up to get your recognition amongst a bunch of such top quality work."

“I am honored to have my personal portfolio receive the FWA Site of the Day, and want to express my gratitude to you and the team for reviewing the site and articulating so many positive remarks about the site and its content. I am thrilled to find be listed on your site, and I am getting a wonderful response from the viewers coming from FWA. I regard the FWA SOTD as one of my highest personal achievements, thank you so much.”

“We just received some of the best news we have had this year, we have been awarded the industry’s most prestigious Favourite Website Award.”

"We have been getting a lot of interest in our work over the last couple of weeks, and it's thanks to guys like yourself that this is the case."

“It is one of the first sites I personally visit each morning and everyone here views it as a centralized launch pad for innovative, creative, and high quality interactive campaigns.”

“I'm very proud for receiving FWA Site Of The Day Award! Your email with the info about the award is one of the best emails I have ever received:) I can't stop smiling. I have read it just after I woke up and now I'm loaded with positive energy for the rest of the day:) So THANKS again!!”

"I very rarely get religious but this happens to be one of those times. God bless you for this much needed exposure. :) We truly thank you!"

“This is one of the most important awards to us and it encourages us to improve and to keep learning day by day. Thank you for being part of this inspiration that motivates all developers to succeed.”

“A very, very, big thank you. To a young organisation run by a small band of dedicated individuals dotted around Europe this accolade and the additional exposure is of huge value, both as a pat on the back for the designers and developers, and of course for the business. Again, many thanks for the highly valued support - it's organisations like yours that help make the internet a place where small dedicated groups without huge budgets can get known, get established, and do new things.”

“Wow x 100 000! It's incredible! We've always dreamed about it!”

"I'm very pleased about this! To be honest, I'm frustrated with some of the crap award sites out there - throwing awards out, without paying attention to the quality and importance of design to their own site. You have a quality presence and I will be happy to have your award on my front page!"

"I spent sometime on your site and was really impressed. Perfect, tight, beautiful web app. Great place to find inspiration too. Thanks again, we're regulars now."

“I love the FWA and it's a pleasure and an honor for me to be featured at such a respectable award. My site traffic has increased a lot and I just got some new proposals to work abroad (that was the site main purpose). You really helped me a lot on that. Thanks so much for all your support and keep up the wonderful work you guys do at FWA.”

“Thanks for the kind words, the team over here is THRILLED to get this. We’ve all worked really hard on everything we’re doing over here and to get recognition by our favorite design award portal is fantastic!”

“I'm happy that FWA has become one of the leading award sites for innovative web development.”

“It's the greatest honor I could imagine to win the FWA SOTD award, it means a great deal to me that after all the hard work I had put in to this site together the FWA board of judges with some of the best designers and developers in the industry decided it was worthy of such recognition. Thank you for putting a smile on my face that nothing can wipe off now :)

Keep doing the great work because me, like a lot of designers, wouldn't have made this site without the great inspiration you bring to us everyday.”

“I’m really flattered! We are thrilled to receive this award. I’ve always looked to your site for examples of the leading-edge in interactive design work and I’m just totally ecstatic that our efforts have been recognized by such a highly-regarded enterprise. This is definitely something that both of us are very proud of. Thank you *so* much.”

“Thanks guys! Truly do appreciate FWA - a great resource for all of us out there!”

“Thank you so much for the kind feedback from the entire team here. After many struggles and hard work your comments are the most rewarding and validate our efforts.”

“It's been our dream to have the site featured in the long established FWA who host some of the greatest interactive designers in the judging board. Your letter is a big motivation for us to venture into a higher level of interactive works.”

“Thank you for your kind review of the site - we will forward it to our client, who I am sure will be thrilled to read it!”

"I discovered your site not long ago and it's definitely the best of its kind. The sites listed are all top notch and diversified compared to other web awards or design portals. It's now an everyday stop for me."

“Today you made me happy... of course for this award but also because of its consequences: the client was so thrilled about it that she invited me for a lunch with champagne next Wednesday... and yes: notice the word "she"... damn, and I'm married ;)”

"Unreal - We are proud to be a part of the killer list of sites you guys have created."

“AWESOME! Thanks a bunch. My team is tremendously gratified by this award. FWA is truly the only award that counts.”

“I'm so happy to be featured at favouritewebsiteawards.com, it's really like a dream came true. I'm a daily visitor of FWA since about a year ago and except for enjoying the beauty and originality of many featured sites I often felt a little bit of jealousy towards them, so it's really a bit difficult to describe how happy I am right now!”

“Really drop-dead gorgeous is the effect of your link to my site. Thank you again.”

“That's Fantastic! Thank you so much for the award, I've always looked up to FWA and the quality of work on show has always been outstanding...I'm gob smacked to be on the list! Thank you! It's made all the late nights of work on the site worthwhile. Thanks again!”

“We’d like to thank you for this honor. We put a lot of work and innovation into this project and feels great to be recognized by the lead award program.”

"I must say that I am overwhelmed and extremely happy! FWA always was and is a most important award - I think not only personally for me, but to all designers around the world."

"Our traffic has increased drastically, and so have the amount of submissions. Right now we're ahead with about 5 editions!"

“All the comments that you have written about our sites… we print them here and frame them, we also send a copy to the client.”

“Winning the 'FWA' is a dream come true for me as, I'm sure, it would be for almost anyone working in the industry.”

"I was absolutely glued to the screen when I received this email..... yeah.... it's true...This is one of the best moments of my life..Thank you very much!!!!!! I still can't believe it!!!!!"

“By the way: I think the success of FWA has grown!!! You actually made our stats system crash LOL!”

"Thanks for the awards, the kind comments and the sh#tloads of traffic that your site sent our way."

"Honestly you made our day. We noticed a severe increase of visitors since this morning, (I cannot believe we would get 4 or 5 hits per minute by direct access...)"

"We were overwhelmed by the visitors thanks to your site and your recognition. What an honour for us -- gives us some juice to continue to keep looking for the less-than-obvious approaches to interactive design and writing. Our profound thanks!"

“Wow...thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I have always looked in awe at the winners on your site, so it is a great honor to be even considered among them. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the site and for doing what you guys do, your site really is a great source of inspiration.”

“Thank you very much for giving FWA recognition to my site. It means a lot to me. Having been in business for just 11 months and running a one-man-studio, this is really a big step ahead for me! I greatly appreciate your work!”

"It's a great honor to be listed on your site. We've been getting a tremendous amount of hits today and have chatted with many of the visitors. We've been listed with a lot of other sites but this one is really a great honor."

"Believe me, you guys really know how to make people happy!"

“I am a faithful visitor to your site, so it was both very strange and exciting to have my work be site of the day. Thank you for producing such a valuable resource for the flash development community. You guys rock.”

"As we visit your site on a daily basis we are absolutely made up about the award that we have received. The amount of interest, traffic and comments from other designers that we have received is incredible. We think your site is a great tool for all web design agencies and the award is one of the most important to us."

"FWA is now the only site I go to on a daily basis for consistently good work."

“Thanks sooo much for this!!! I always strive for excellence and seeing one of my projects being awarded with such a prestigious award as the FWA SOTD gives me a great feeling.”

“For us this is the ultimate appreciation. We check out the FWA site almost every day, in awe of some really good design. But to be featured on FWA, as a site of the day, ... incredible.”

“Thank you so much. Your site is absolutely amazing we are VERY honored to be a part of it again!!!!!!!!!”

“Thank you very much. We are pleasantly surprised to have won such a prestigious award. We've added the award graphic and url to both our homepage and the client website.”

“One of the most important authorities in the web design and development industry.”

“It was a personal goal of mine to get a FWA award. Some people at my work had won a couple but the projects I get to work on never get noticed because of music and sound for the most part are never noticed. So I wanted to set out and see what I could do based on my odd and strange style of music. AND I FINALLY DID IT!”

“My client and I are both absolutely thrilled. I have long been an admirer of FWA and its collection of sites, and I am honored to be a member of your directory.”

“I go to FWA every morning with my AM coffee (as most other designers across the world do I'm sure!) and I cannot say how honored I am to be featured on the site. I accept the award with a smile and the hopes to deliver more sites that are worthy of an FWA! Thanks much!”

"Congrats on your great achievement in really surpassing many link resource sites, in offering the best creative driven sites online."

“This site has just won the FWA award so a lot of people want to visit it. Heavy traffic may cause serious performance problems. If so, please bookmark this page and come back later.”

"I am delighted, and have already received over 5000 visitors as a direct result of your recognition. It has made much work over the last few months very worthwhile."

“Thanks for the message. Turkey and an FWA award. Can't ask for more!! =) Have a great Thanksgiving.”

“One of the most prestigious awards granted to international design work. Really is a great satisfaction to receive this important nomination. J”

“That’s great news! I really appreciate the exposure. I have been chasing an fwa for 2 years :)”

"FWA results blasted coolsiteoftheday.com out of the water. Great site!"

“We've won other awards but the one we really care about is this one.”


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