In FWA's 10+ years history, we are confident you must have seen at least one of those little yellow "FWA Site Of The Day" ribbons on a website.

Here's some great examples of how our little yellow ribbon has had huge impact...

See FWA's yellow ribbon touching over 20 of the World's Top 100 Brands:

Click here to see the yellow ribbon associated with top 100 brands including: adidas; Coca Cola; Disney; Harley Davidson; Honda; Hewlett Packard; Lexus; L'Oreal; Microsoft; Nike; Nokia; Panasonic; Porsche; Puma; Samsung; Sony; Toyota; UPS; VW; Wrigley's

See FWA's yellow ribbon touching many of the world's biggest brands:

Click here to see the yellow ribbon associated with many of the world's other leading brands including: 20th Century Fox; Atari; Bacardi; Diesel; Dior; Eminem; Lacoste; Levi's; M&M's; Mitsubishi; Motorola; MTV Networks; MySpace; Paramount Pictures; Peugeot; Red Bull; Renault; Royal Navy; Sega; Ubisoft

See a selection of some of the most creative FWA yellow ribbon award win displays:

Click here to see some of the most original and creative winners of the FWA including: rockets; cakes; 3D; models and more!


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