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OCTOBER 27 2014

Martin Hughes is one of the internet's true pioneers. Since the early 2000s Martin was innovating with Flash, creating some of the most original and unqiue websites we'd ever seen. Now, in the new era of plug-in free web design, Martin has shown us that portfolio sites can be exciting and original by injecting his quirky personality into his website. He's shown us that there is an alternative to flat design and scrolling websites through his intriguing website that makes you want to explore every section in detail, discovering the Easter eggs along the way. More of this please!
Rob Ford, FWA Founder

Once a week Adobe presents The Cutting Edge award to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

By leveraging the latest features and technologies in modern browsers, these sites are pushing the web forward and setting new standards and expectations around what is possible on the web.

The Cutting Edge award is curated by Adobe and FWA.

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Adobe is committed to moving the web forward. Through work with the community to innovate the graphical capabilities of the web, contributions to community projects and essential tools and services, Adobe is making it easier for web designers and developers to express themselves and create the next generation of web experiences.

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