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Built on creativity,innovation & a DIY ethic.

Once a week Adobe presents The Cutting Edge award to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

Comments from the judges
on this winning project:
  • The elegance of this site, combined with the seamless blend of technology, makes this a calm yet inspiring website for many to be in awe of. Here we see a subtle way of showing innovation without going to experimental levels which this agency's work shows in abundance. Slick, clever and original and a benchmark for agency sites moving forward.
    Rob Ford, FWA Founder
  • Amazing work. Nice way to present a portfolio.
    Guillaume Tomasi, FWA Judge
  • The masking effect that uses Canvas is a very simple idea but it makes the website look special. Great!
    Jongmin Kim, FWA Judge

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The Network Is Watching

The Network Is Watching is a HTML5 face mapping experience that merges CCTV footage and interactivity to immerse users in the world of Channel 4’s hit show Utopia.

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