Sortie en mer (a trip out to sea)


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"THIS IS INCREDIBLE"@wtrfyffe/ "SO well done!"@JAMESJOSEPH66/ "I learned my lesson"@GabrielTupper/ "Qué bueno esto"@presente/ "Absolutely terrifying"@Renattaism/ "a literally breathtaking interactive!"@Senta_Phyllis

Once a week Adobe presents The Cutting Edge award to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

Comments from the judges
on this winning project:
  • Finally, a site where scrolling has a purpose and also a great immersive experience (literally :D).
    David Navarro, FWA Judge
  • Wonderful use of the scroll. Brilliant!!
    Guillaume Tomasi, FWA Judge
  • Pretty intense experience! My finger hurts and Charles never came back :(
    Ivan Moreno, FWA Judge
  • Really nice use of video... brilliant.
    Sebastian Gram, FWA judge
  • Very nice UX design and concept, great execution.
    Alexander El-Meligi, FWA Judge

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