Working as web developer for more than 10 years now, I wanted to try opportunities in app development for smartphones and tablets. After buying the ipad2, I found out how it drew the attention of my 2 year-old daughter. I started searching for some kids friendly applications. From that  moment on, I knew there was still opportunities to create more applications as I couldn't find any fulfilling my specific needs.

I was looking for something original, something that couldn't be found neither in other kids applications nor books. I wanted to show kids that, same as touching, voice can also trigger an action and gives the ability to interact with the game.
I chose the animal theme because I knew how much kids love them.

I chose a 3-level learning system for children:- the first game is the discovery of the animal, its sound and its name. The aim is to assist children in learning to pronounce the animal's name by using voice recognition. A good pronunciation is rewarded by a happy animal grin, a bad pronunciation makes the animal pout.- The second game challenges the kid to recognize an animal by its sound or its name, choosing between two animals.- The last game is a memory game. When the children collect two identical cards, the name of the animal found is pronounced.

What makes those apps unique is the interaction with the animals through voice recognition that brings a new level to the gameplay.


The idea was to use the application as a support to assist children in learning to pronounce their first words and this in many languages by using voice recognition.Parents can guide their children to pronounce the animal's name properly. Children can also explore themselves the animals' world simply by swiping from one animal to another.

I have always found my sister had a talent for drawing. I was really excited and thrilled by her first shots so we decide to move on together on this project.My brother started to learn Java to develop apps on Android platform and Nicolas, a good friend of mine, took in charge the Xcode programming.

Conditions where ideal, motivation was high and I knew that everyone will give his best shot. As the main purpose was to deliver a nice playful application, time wasn't a constraint.As a first experience, we had to learn and test everything but it was really exciting. The constraints due to the specificity from each different hardware and/or software made us adjust the application many times. What also took us a lot of time was the implementation of the voice recognition.

Indeed, it required many tries to reach our goal, especially since we provide six languages with voice recognition function. You can imagine the hard time we went through being only the three of us programming and testing.

We spread the concept in four world: the farm, woods, sea and jungle. Adding all that up, it makes 48 animals to discover in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.We wish lots of kids will enjoy playing with our apps, that's why we choose to sell our applications at a truly affordable price from free to $0.99.


This project was a great experience for the whole team and being rewarded by an FWA Mobile Of The Day Award for our first application confirms the high quality of our work.We really want to continue developing new applications in the future but much will depend on the success of the "Baby, Try To Speak" applications.

Once the applications are released in different markets, a big part of the job still remains to be done in terms of communication. As self-employed we sure don't have so much budget to promote the applications effectively.

We hope that getting a FWA Mobile Of The Day Award can help us to gain recognition. ^^



★★★★ KIDS APP WITH VOICE RECOGNITION ★★★★ FREE App! Take this opportunity to try! Have fun (^_^)

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