A worthy cause
CanTeen is an Australian organisation that supports and empowers young people living with cancer. Each year, to raise funds and awareness, the organisation holds National Bandanna Day each year on the last Friday of October — National Bandanna Day is a day where people show their support for young people living with cancer by purchasing a bandanna.  

How can we make a difference

As successful as National Bandanna Day is for CanTeen and whilst it is by far their most successful fundraising event, the mechanics of the event have remained largely unchanged since its inception in 1994.

We knew, aside from National Bandanna Day, CanTeen as an organisation has very low visibility to the general public throughout the year. Without a media budget we knew that we had to leverage CanTeen’s two most visible assets – National Bandanna Day and the Bandanna itself.  And Tribal DDB being Tribal DDB we look at things through a creative technology lens.  

Bandanna Art was born

We created a world-first iOS application that lets people design their very own, personalised bandannas.  This is a complex application that allows users to draw designs using their ios device, via a range of tools users are able to draw, stamp, colour-in or even write their bandanna design, then have it printed and delivered directly to them, with 100% of all profits going directly to CanTeen.

Ken Done, the iconic Australian artist and the creator of CanTeen’s vibrant logo, lent his support, designing bandannas using the application in his iconic style, also appearing as spokesperson in a promotional video for the application.     

The project spans across a native mobile application while leveraging the support of a traditional website and mobile site, this allows a greater level of engagement and flexibility as purchasing, sharing and liking is enabled for all users. Integration with 3rd party APIs was also a necessity in the creation of the Bandanna Art experience.

The Facebook API is leveraged to allow users of the website to share designs that they like on their walls while a printing and moderation API allowed the designs to be transferred to our printers, Paypal and Westpac APIs were used to facilitate the payment process.

Opening new doors

As well as bringing CanTeen into the digital age and adding a refreshing new element to National Bandanna Day we have opened up a new and exciting fundraising revenue stream for them. We intend to do a push for people to purchase a bandanna for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Valentines Day, as part of a team uniform or even as an accessory for a beloved pooch.

This increases the bandanna purchase occasion 10 fold for CanTeen Says Vanessa Byrne, General Manager, Marketing and Fundraising for CanTeen, “The bandanna is such an integral part of who CanTeen is and means so much to the young people we support. Tribal DDB have not only captured the essence of the CanTeen brand, but have provided an exciting way for us to trial a digital component to the traditionally offline National Bandanna Day.”  

The Wrap up

After a hugely successful launch in October 2012 with thousands of bandannas created, money raised and national TV coverage we intend to create an Android version of the application in early 2013.


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