The Mission

We had one mission, to tell people the story of a trip in search of happiness; we needed to reach people and catch everybody’s attention, and we did this our way.  With Illy and Sips of happiness we understood that happiness is even more involving if you taste it slowly, in small sips, if each person interacts with another to explain his own way to be happy.

This was our goal: we needed to involve people in happiness by creating a viral and shared experience.


How? We started from the idea that people are basically happy but just individually happy… and that a good coffee can make everybody feel happier, all over the world, indistinctly.

Pleasure is lying in small daily experiences: sip and calmly taste one good coffee and let it release in your mouth, in your papillae, in your nose and in your brain millions of sensations which remember you who you are, where you come from, what do you do, this is indeed great.      

This is the point: who we are but also who these people drinking and enjoying coffee around us are… they look as drinking sips of happiness….

When we had first been introduced to this project, they told us that we needed to explain a journey among people, to understand them and their lifestyles. The traveler was Gabriele Galimberti, a photographer who met people all over the world to chat with them openly whilst drinking one coffee at home.

A project which looked simple and very contemporary but at the same time intellectually complicated: the target was to build an actual net among people, the Coffee Surfing, using the viral character of the initiative and to preserve it unaltered in time and space after the trip was ended.

The Challenge

This was illy’s challenge…attractive, involving, exciting. We were requested to do something truly original.

We decided then to cut any frills, to drastically reduce any graphic and narrative licence and play our game in a basic mode building a surfing experience with a big creative appeal, capable to emphasize images and persons and to actually reach all receivers.

The Result

We chose to adopt the parallax scrolling as main user experience to exhibit the photographic diptych and to join an attractive design to give users a unique surfing experience and offer all actors a new voice, even more rewarding.

This way we converted a traditional site concept into a media and multimedia tool, which is somehow a trip through an open, borderless universe where people meet for one coffee and unveil each other through images and words.

A patchwork of photos, a curiosity and lifestyle show-case in which each visitor may get lost whilst he wishes to understand where do these objects, persons, stories come from.  

This is how our little, big success was born.



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