The Contiki Shout app is the ultimate travel companion, designed to provide customers with useful tools before, during and after their holiday.  

Contiki's key objective was to enhance the experience, encourage the social nature of the tour, help with organization and make life easier on the road. 

To get started we went to the pub with groups of Contiki Travellers coming off their Holiday. A few pub sessions later, we had first hand insight of the holiday experience, the lead up and what happens after. 

We noticed that every traveller had become a huge brand advocate and many were already planning their next holiday. 

It was a nice advantage talking to people that genuinely loved their holiday and were keen to put forward insights and ideas to make their next one even better. 
A few common themes emerged: Keeping touch with fellow tour mates during free time was a battle, everyone was into finding hidden spots, travellers were always sharing photos and videos and a way to meet fellow travellers before the tour was high on the wish list. 

We found that travellers were trying to make these things happen their own way. However, without an official offering, the effect was disconnected and failed to bring a benefit to the entire group. Consolidating and enhancing existing behaviours gave us assurance that we were delivering something that would be truly useful from the get go. 

With all that in the bag, Hi Mum! Said Dad went about creating a strategy, user experience, design and development for Contiki Shout!.

So, how does Contiki Shout work?

On booking, travellers receive a Welcome Pack inviting them to download the app and login with their unique booking code. From the booking code, we knew when and where they're going and who they're going with. 

Travellers are then served a personalised experience specific to their tour, including itineraries, they'll meet fellow travellers that will be on their tour, location based guides (powered by Lonely Planet), organisation notifications and much more...

1. Before their trip starts, travellers’ can check out their daily itinerary, review info on bookable extras, receive travel tips & country guides to help them get organized and excited! And Contiki Shout’s Meet-up rooms gives travellers a way to meet people on their tour before leaving, encourage further traveller engagement by facilitating friendships between (often lone) travellers well before their trip begins. 

2. During the tour, Contiki Shout! is the ultimate pocket travel companion. It is centred around a collaborative travel album, whereby all travellers can contribute video, photos and notes as they visit the sights.  The output is a shared travel album and a rich chronological timeline for each specific tour.

For Contiki, this means building a powerful catalogue of customer generated content for each destination on every tour, which is a key consideration driver for potential consumers. 

In addition, Contiki Shout! provides helpful utilities such as location-based info for the cities visited (powered by lonely planet) OCR translators, currency converters, weather reports and city maps. 

Striking the right balance between dynamic data and pre-downloaded content was crucial to preventing a global roaming bill from hell. To avoid this, the bulk of the content was downloaded before departure, including itineraries, location guides and maps. Users were also prompted to queue any UGC material for automatic upload once a WIFI connection is available (ie. On the Contiki bus).

3.  After the tour, travellers maintain access to friends, content created on the tour and travellers are served suggestions on where they could head next. 

Contiki Shout! demonstrates that mobile is a powerful tool to augment brand experiences, remove organisational frustration for travellers and create advocacy.  

About the Author:

Craig Wills - Managing Partner

Craig is co-founder and managing partner at Hi Mum! Said Dad. 

Over the years, he has worked across a broad range of innovative projects in mobile and digital for brands such as, Cadbury, Pepsi, Hertz, Bourne Leisure, Vodafone, Vauxhall, O2, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Virgin.  

Craig took a lead role developing the strategy behind Contiki Shout. 



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Contiki in the making.
Contiki in the making.

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