A week in the life of... Evgueni Tatarnikov, Digital Creative Group Head at e:mg Effective Marketing Group



I don't have my typical week at the office ahead of me.
You will witness my weakest professional skill: photography. Out of all the designers, art-directors, and creative directors I know, I probably am the worst one at taking pictures. I'm so bad, an average copywriter could give me pointers.


At the studio, mixing sound for a do-it-yourself furniture tutorial. It's the first one in a series of tutorials we do for the BOSCH DIY Academy program at http://diyacademy.ru/


As it turns out, we spent all the budget on food for the shoot, so we have none left for the voice talent. I always wanted to say something like "It's my plane and I'm going to guide it to the ground." So we decide I will do the voiceover. Here's how that turned out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVIS4fXaHb4


Today we are filming another three tutorials for the DIY Academy.


The location is popular with hipsters and creatives: FLACON design factory, Moscow. Brands look for ways to look natural in these surroundings.


Our creative digital producer working on a packshot. Those orange slices don't seem to know their place.


Another packshot. I rented out my kicks for the mock up.


Final shot for today. A nightlight projecting stars. Looks like something out of Hellraiser.



I'm taking a train to Sochi, the city of latest winter Olympics. It's going to take me full 24 hours to get there. And I'm taking my wife and daughter with me.


Still going through Russia's rural regions. I literally stared at the window for half an hour to try and catch one worthy frame.


Tea time. These are iconic metallic sleeves known to everyone in Russia. Used to hold tea glasses on train rides since Russia was under tzar dynasty.



Getting closer to Sochi. The horizon starts to look more tropical.


At the Sochi airport. Turns out Playstation is holding a summer soccer camp with FC Barca here.


Finally reached the Olympic Park. Fountains are synched with classical music.

And while my hat game is strong…

…my throne game is impenetrable!



So I heard there's a Rocky Balboa statue on one of the mountains. I guess it should've raised a question in my head. But I followed my instincts to the top. Turned out to be a statue of Prometheus.


We climbed down to take a look at one of the waterfalls at a place called Eagle's Peak. A place I would not advise to try to reach with a one-year old on your hands.


At the Sochi Dendrarium. To me, this looks like scene out a Jungle Book.


Our final destination for today. It took us about an hour to drive up the mountain to this tower. But the view is worth it.



And you thought I came to Sochi for vacation! I'm a part owner of SochiKvest, a real-life room escape game. And this is the first time I'm visiting since it opened in January.


Well, sometimes things don't workout the way you expect them to. Power outage at the area caused the room cameras to go out of order so we were forced to close the rooms for service.


Good news though, my daughter's Godmother flew in today for the weekend. 


Now, I leave you with some of the snapshots I took on sunday in no particular order.

If you feel like you can tolerate more, feel free to add me at https://www.facebook.com/evgueni.tatarnikov


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