We created the Good Call Centre, a place for our audience to design a personalised video response from Brad and Dan to their mate’s dilemmas.

The Challenge

Since the start of the Foster’s Good Call campaign, Brad and Dan the Australian agony uncles have handed out their own special kind of no worries advice to callers from the UK. By the end of 2011, the boys had handled a variety of different dilemmas and featured in five ‘Good Call’ spots and the Launch of Foster’s Gold with Holly Valance. With a new year came a renewed challenge to create the next set of work, making it feel different and fresh, whilst delivering the same no worries attitude wrapped up in Australian sun, sea and surf.

The Brief

Foster’s wanted to maintain the momentum of the Good Call campaign, so when we were briefed to write the 2012 TV creative we were asked to evolve the campaign, and give our audience something new and surprising. In the first quarter we launched ‘Hairy Back’ and the new Foster’s Gold Spot with Brad attending a fancy Party in the UK before sending ‘Lucy’ live at the start of May. However, we felt that with the campaign now properly established, we had a big opportunity to bring something completely different to the table that our audience would be eager to get involved with.

The Creative Idea

Time after time in research groups, the Foster’s audience voice their desire for Brad and Dan to give one of their mates a Good Call. Coupled with a 2011 facebook petition for a real-world Good Call helpline, we knew we had the wind behind us to make the Good Call campaign a more interactive, more social experience.

We created the Good Call Centre, a place for our audience to design a personalised video response from Brad and Dan to their mate’s dilemmas. Along the way they also get to meet our Good Call Centre girls who are only too willing to help them get their videos sorted and help a friend out with the ‘No Worries’ brotherly advice he really needs.

We wanted to make the Good Call campaign a more interactive, inherently social experience that built on the above the line campaign, whilst matching it for tone of voice, production quality and look and feel. It needed to fit seamlessly into the Good Call world, extending the campaign into a genuinely social environment and facilitating great banter between groups of friends whilst giving them high quality, personal interactions with the Good Call campaign. 

The Logistics

On arriving at the Good Call Centre the user is greeted by five beautiful Aussie girls ready to handle their call and get the relevant information on their mate so Brad and Dan can help him out. 

The user selects a girl from the ‘dilemma switchboard’ then selects the relevant dilemma that their mate is facing. Users choose from Self-image, Girls, Personality or General Ignorance. The user is then prompted to type in their mate’s name. With over 2000 names recorded, the audience will be able to personalise a video for any of their friends. A video response from Brad and Dan, using the mate’s names and picking up on their issue, is then generated and can be posted directly to a mate's facebook wall or shared via a URL.

Built as one continuous interactive film, the interaction with our Good Call girls and delivery of the response from Brad and Dan is entertaining, rewarding and delivers an excellent digital experience totally in keeping with the quality, tone and look and feel of the Foster's Brand Equity built-up over the past 2 years. 

The campaign went live on the 9th May with support from two different VOD Pre-rolls, featuring Brad and Dan and the Good Call Centre girls, driving directly to the Good Call Centre.  It also saw a PR day delivered by Frank PR that brought a real version of the Good Call Centre to central London to help the media and general public get involved with the campaign.

The Credits

The creative work was written by Aidan McClure and art directed by Laurent Simon and produced for adam&eve by Stefanie Warreyn and Jai Tedeschi. The campaign was directed by Barnaby Girling and Robert Bader and produced by Unit9.

Media planning and buying was carried out by Starcom Media Vest

Client: Nic Casby, Foster’s Brand Manager, Heineken UK



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