To mark FWA’s 5th anniversary on 05/05/2005, we put up a special request on the FWA website asking regular visitors to answer 5 questions. In one week we received a humbling 2680 replies… and no hate mail. Initially, we did plan on publishing all the replies but due to the volume we had to filter them down.

Here are the 5 questions we asked and a selection of the replies follow, in no particular order…

Q1. Name, age, location, URL (optional)?

Q2. When did you first visit FWA?

Q3. Why are you an FWA regular and how often do you visit?

Q4. Describe FWA in one sentence.

Q5. What would you do if you opened the FWA site and read a notice saying, "FWA closed"?


A1. Isaac Aranda, 32, Barcelona.

A2. 3 years ago.

A3. I visit FWA every morning when I arrive at work. This is the first thing I do.

A4. FWA is like washing your face when you wake up in the morning. Refreshing.

A5. Desolated. I’ll become a WWW vagabond.


A1. Chris Powell, 22, Denver, www.selevenmedia.com

A2. In August of 2003.

A3. I visit FWA everyday, and I come to FWA for three reasons: a. Great work and inspiration. b. Hope to be on here someday. C. It’s yellow.

A4. FWA, my "how the hell...." site.

A5. Go to Office max, buy a dark yellow highlighter, and a yellow piece of cardboard, and write the following: HONK IF YOU LOVE YELLOW. Would then proceed to nearest street corner.


A1. Jim Geiger, 39, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL

A2. Spring 2001

A3. I visit at least 5 times per week to check on the progress of Flash in the real and unreal world.

A4. FWA is my window to the state-of-the-art in Flash implementation.

A5. First I'd reboot my computer. Then I'd change service providers. Then I'd re-install my operating system ... after that a new motherboard .. finally I'd contact www.memorialspaceflights.com.


A1. Adetula Olawale, 20, Lagos, Nigeria, www.ibxstudios.com

A2. I first visited FWA sometime during the summer of 2002.

A3. I am a regular visitor because I'm a young designer and I always love to stay in touch with current trends in the world of design and we all know FWA is the best place to do that. I visit FWA at least once every other day.

A4. FWA is the online bible of web design.

A5. I would probably almost have a heart attack.


A1. Stan Pues, 26, Ghent (Belgium) www.crea-room.com

A2. February 2005 (pretty new, but already addicted)

A3. It’s the best Flash inspiration on the www. I visit FWA multiple times a day. It’s the first thing I do when I get up.

A4. FWA is the best reference for inspiration for all Flash developers in the world

A5. I would be very disapointed. After having considered suicide, I would start looking for other Flash inspiration sites and getting aware that there is no award site like yours. So please don’t stop. You give our lives more value.


A1. Nick, 26, NYC

A2. I first visited FWA three years ago when I was a young, impressionable student at Kansas State. They didn't really teach any good web design courses, so this guy recommended FWA to me. That same guy screwed my girlfriend at the time. Thanks.

A3. I would say that checking FWA is part of my work-day morning routine. You know like, shower, shave, dress, commute to work, kick the homeless, coffee, check e-mail, ignore e-mail, check whatevs.com, check transbuddha.com, check FWA, weep. Why do I check FWA? I guess because I like to kick myself down a few notches everyday. I'm always challenging myself and FWA is a great resource of humbling work.

A4. Soul-Crushing.

A5. I would reflect on the many memories that I share with FWA. The great work, the shame, the glory, the inspiration, the soul-crushing rejection, that one guy that showed me the site, and my ex-girlfriend. Come to think of it, I think I hate you guys. In all seriousness, it would be a huge loss to this industry. That sounds a bit heavy, but it is very true. I would explain, but I'm trying to keep this short. Keep your shit together and don't close, okay? Please? Whatever...


A1. Vincent, 24, Paris France

A2. A friend told me about this site about a year ago

A3. I am a FWA regular since it is my favourite award website and I visit it every day

A4. FWA is the best way to see the best features of the web

A5. Mm... I would probably transform myself as a ninja turtle and join some underground guerrilla group and then I would hang myself with the wire of my mouse... so you'd better not close FWA...


A1. Jeremy Rohdenburg, 29, Pasco, Washington USA

A2. First visit spring 2004

A3. I visit FWA to see the latest and greatest on the web and also to look back into the past for amazing design. I use this site as my main portal to inspiration for my own work. I visit every single day - sometimes more than once!

A4. Most relevant and highest quality examples of contemporary design organized under one roof.

A5. I would pour some of my beer on the sidewalk next time I was poundin' a 40 and thinkin' about my lost homie, the FWA site.


A1. Hey my name is ilan Dray (known as "interview#27), 30 years old, from Tel Aviv Yaffo… INKOD Communication Ltd. www.inkod.com

A2. 5 years ago … Happy Birthday 2 U

A3. Every day … do not give myself a chance … it's my default browser page … why?! Explain me … I try to go to a doctor to check this but he said that's OK!!!

A4. So FWA in one sentence … soul of design & source of inspiration … but really crazy!!!

A5. Hey are you crazy about the last question… do you want to cause me heart attack???


A1. Ryan Terry, 25, Savannah, GA, www.ry-guy.com

A2. 2000

A3. I visit FWA every day. Because I'm in the web design field it's extremely important that I'm always "in the know" of what's going on in the web design industry. I know I can always find the best-of-the-best at FWA. It's also a great place to find inspiration and it pushes me to make better work.

A4. FWA is the daily source for the best websites out there and constant inspiration.

A5. After crying, I would go to the local grocery store and lay my head under someone's car tire hoping they'd run me over.... :-D


A1. Jason leung, 24, Hangzhou Zhejiang province China

A2. I first visit FWA about two years ago when a friend told me the address.

A3. The first thing I’m online is to visit FWA, for I can't wait to see what's new in FWA, it's a great fun. I nearly visit FWA everyday.

A4. FWA always brings me fun and surprises, and also great help on designing website.

A5. I'll be upset and hope it would open the next morning just like the coffee bar across the street.


A1. Helge, 27, Norway, www.lenkeaptruljen.no

A2. 6 months ago aprox

A3. solid links, every day

A4. One solid daily link, perfect.

A5. enroll in the american army


A1. Bret Alan Kruse, Rochester, NY www.bretalankruse.com

A2. About 2 years ago

A3. I am a regular because I like to see what’s cutting edge in today’s new media field. Hell, it's my home page.

A4. The standard for who’s who in the interactive media.

A5. Go outside and remind myself what sunlight looks like.


A1. Dayton Pereira, 27, Toronto, www.indusblue.com

A2. 2001

A3. It’s the only place where you can see the world’s best interactive work produced using Flash and related technology. It’s been my home page for the last 4 years, so that would be every time I open a web browser, so a lot.

A4. An excellent resource for seeing the greatest interactive work the planet has to offer.

A5. Closed? Let us not speak of such things.


A1. Mark, Canada

A2. 1st visit - 2 years ago (ish?)

A3. To see great work/visit every week to 3 and catch up

A4. FWA is the epitome of great flash design, providing inspiration to so many.

A5. To buy your URL and sell traffic to software companies? Ok, no. Slip into a depression, start drinking heavily, and stop showering. (More than usual) Seriously - this site can't be replaced. It's like Google in its simplicity, which is part of its beauty. But with flash. And no search ability. So, kind of like Google, but not. Y'know?


A1. Surasak Kerdsin, 31, Bangkok. Thailand

A2. About almost 5 years ago. (God! Just know that you about to have 5th anniversary, I just realize that I keep follow you since you've been first born!)

A3. At first, I just would like to be a web developer (especially Flash!) and very interesting in this technology. Want to know how other people do with it! But I finally found that I 'ADDICTED' to flash, oh no! I addicted to FWA, Franky!!! I automatically open FWA every time I log into the net, you come first before Outlook Express! I swear! And how often? - Maybe after I wake up and before I go to bed, everyday!!!!!

A4. FWA = ecstasy - - - - - > FWA make me feel so 'hi', even though ecstasy can't make me addicted like others extreme drug, But FWA make me feel like that, want to take it every time! Or when I get so stress! After that, FWA make me feel like fly away... so 'hi'

A5. Come on, you kidding? I bet you don't dare to do that!


A1. Arif Merritt, Dallas, Texas, United States www.thelab7.net

A2. My 1st visit was about a year ago.

A3. I'm a regular because I'm an artist. I always enjoy coming and experiencing the new work, new ideas that people are having. I really enjoy the energy that is brought to the table in each project.

A4. Forever the Future.

A5. If I came and saw that... I would be heartbroken. Just for the simple fact that, this is an area on the net, where artist, designers, just all people can go and enjoy the net. No spam ... no additives, no preservatives. Truly great work.


A1. John Sprague, 40something (blocking the details), scenic Rochester, NY, www.johnsprague.com

A2. Shortly after flash addiction set in, referred by Flashkit, where we all begin.

A3. Because FWA sets the bar height. 12 visits per week.

A4. When you are listed there, you have arrived.

A5. Exclaim the F word and slap the desk. Then I would go bitch about it at Organic Flash or Behind the Curtain.


A1. Almaz, 21, Russia, www.almazdesign.narod.ru

A2. To be honest I don't remember (but not less than 2 years ago)

A3. I don't remember when it exactly happened, but it was one of that boring days I was searching the net trying to find sth cool. It was the day I entered your site, and opened new world for my self, FLASH world. This day really changed my life. Unfortunately I don't have opportunity to connect the net often, but every connection begins with your site. Because of your site FLASH firstly became my favourite hobby, and now it is my work (I'm CD disc developer in one of best design studios in my town).

A4. You are the window to the FLASH world community.

A5. I can't even imagine that. I’m sure it will cause worldwide resonance.


A1. Paul Pausma, 21, the Netherlands

A2. 2 or 3 years ago, I was looking for some quality flash sites.

A3. I visit FWA for inspiration, as a web designer you can get really motivated and inspired by some of the websites displayed here. I visit FWA 2 or 3 times a week.

A4. A source of creativity.

A5. I would keep on pressing the refresh button like a madman.


A1. Freddy/18/Phoenix, Arizona/ www.artoffrederick.com

A2. I think November of 2004.

A3. Because this is a site is one of the place where I find my inspiration from, and I visit pretty much everyday and more than once.

A4. I love you...

A5. I would be like Sissy Spacek in Carrie and use my telekinesis to kill people... Nah, I'd just be bummed, like my favorite band splitting up bummed... Which is bummed for a pretty long time...


A1. Nenad Hamsic, 27, Montreal, Canada www.mrmass.com

A2. I first heard about FWA back in 1993

A3. I love the fact that all the sites are top notch and its a never boring...there is always something new :) I visit FWA once a week and sometimes on a daily basis if I'm not busy with work!

A4. World's famous flash inspirational portal and quality award program for design professionals.

A5. I would scratch my head, shut down my computer, take a pen and one sticky paper and write '' I'm sorry mama but FWA shut down'' will stick it to my computer screen walk to my window and jump from this 16-floor building!


A1. Andrew Doak, 29, Kansas City, www.andrewdoak.com

A2. Man, how long has it been? I remember way back when 2Advanced was still a small shop and how I admired the cool-ass navigation of Look & Feel. I feel very old now - thanks.

A3. There is no other single site that brings me daily inspiration. That's right folks, every day (I don't count weekends - I'm usually too intoxicated to remember them anyway).

A4. Undeniably the most current stream of new and original Flash design work across the entire globe.

A5. I would put down the bottle, take a cold shower to sober up, write an e-mail to the founders asking to help bring it back up. Hosting problems? I can fix that. Problems updating the site? I can help with that. Trouble answering e-mails and judging sites? I'd be honored to help. You guys kick ass. If you go, it'll hurt. Not like that hurt from the shot to clear up that confusing rash, or the hurt from a misguided game of cricket, but the kind of hurt that wakes you up from that dream where you were just about to kiss the girl and your god damn alarm goes off! You never stop thinking about what could have happened. The memory stays with you. Keep up the great work.


A1. Joshua Sorensen, 25, Salt Lake City, UT

A2. I believe I first fell on it in 2002. I have been a nearly daily regular ever since.

A3. I believe that the web and especially flash is the most original, exciting and, becoming, the most effective way of promotion, advertisement and communication out there. With a great flash site, you can catch someone for longer than any other form of advertising - sometimes even hours. That is something a poster, a publication ad, direct mail or commercial have never and will never be able to do. For my generation and those to come, this is the future of design and marketing.

A4. FWA is by far the most comprehensive and diverse collection of flash site innovation in the world.

A5. I think I would write as many emails as possible to see how we could get it back going. There are other collections out there, but most are weekly updates and none cover as much ground and discover the true genius out there like FWA. I couldn't function without it. Design magazines do offer inspiration, but by the time you see them, the designs are last year's best. FWA displays today's best. It will always have the first spot in my favorites bar of my browser.


A1. Steve MacKenzie, Ottawa Canada, www.teknision.com

A2. My first visit was in 2002

A3. I visit FWA every morning. Being a web designer it helps me get my creative juices flowing.

A4. FWA is by far the best source for the most creative work on the web and getting an award is like winning an Oscar or Grammy.

A5. Throw my machine out the window :) in a fit of rage.


A1. Dimitri Caravotas, 26, Cape Town – South Africa, www.cubamoon.com

A2. 2001

A3. I am a new media developer and visit the FWA website almost every single day! Basically -

1) Inspiration – Actionscript/Design/Navigation etc… 2) Find out about new and exciting agencies/freelancers 3) Read interviews with the industries most respected talents

A4. Favourite Website awards is MY FAVOURITE WEBSITE!

A5. I would suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms… ever tried to give up smoking! Remember the time the first season of Big Brother ended?


A1. Valentin Zaraf, 33 years old, Romania (the country of Dracula), www.wildness.ro

A2. It was in September 2001, I don't remember exactly...

A3. I love to see quality websites, I like to read about experiences and points of views... Since 2003, I visit FWA almost daily... If there will be someone to tell me is boring to see something good, I will not believe it...

A4. If people don't see the quality, is their fault, but if they don't see it in you, is your fault... (don't know if my English is good).

A5. What would you do if you opened FWA and read a notice saying "FWA closed"?

When I was young I lost my best friends cause of communism era. They have to leave Romania and there is no chance to meet them since 16 years ago... There is a voice in my soul calling them... I would call FWA, too...


A1. Dimitrije Zdravkovski, 25, Macedonia, www.re4m.net

A2. My first visit to FWA was in 2001.

A3. Why? The content you provide is awesome. Haven't seen better sites. Oh yeah, I visit it twice a day.


A5. I would try to contact you and ask you if you would like to sell me the domain, so I can move on with this mission! :-)


A1. Sherzod Kuchkarov, 22 years old, Uzbekistan (Former USSR)

A2. If I am not mistaken, I visited FWA in 2002 for the first time

A3. I look for inspiration while visiting FWA. I visit FWA everyday, sometimes I wait for new winners to come out and that's why check FWA several times a day.

A4. A museum of web masterpieces.

A5. There would be nothing I could do, only hope that it's one of the worst nightmares in my life.


A1. Lukas Kostial, 20, Kosice, Slovakia

A2. First visit: 2002

A3. I want to know what’s new among pro flash designers…. I visit the page every day – if it’s possible

A4. FWA = Find out What is Amazing :)

A5. I hope, I will never read such a message …


A1. Jonathan N. Adamski, 20 yrs old, Detroit, MI, USA www.maintaincomposure.com

A2. I first visited FWA after seeing that ArtEye.com won an award. I had been visiting ArtEye for years observing through the portal what other designers were doing. When I saw that ArtEye won, I checked out FWA and was blown away at what these designers were doing. Ever since, I've been an FWA regular.

A3. I'm a regular because I find it incredibly inspirational to see what other designers are doing, what styles are emerging, and how the envelope is being pushed in the design community. I visit the site at least once a day, usually two or three times throughout the day, to see what site has most recently received an FWA honor.

A4. FWA is the site that proves that there is always a bigger fish in the sea.

A5. After making sure it wasn't April Fools Day, I'd first enter in to a period of mourning, then I'd try to start a similar site with past winners in order to keep the honor and tradition going in the absence of the pioneers.


A1. Eugene Reisch, 29, London, www.eugenereisch.com

A2. When a site I designed (www.eyetoy.com) won an award

A3. Because I love seeing what's new and I think that there are many awards sites out there that just throw out awards like they're going out of fashion.... but not FWA. On FWA there are rarely sites that I don't think deserve awarding. Also, I like the tone of voice and also the polite replies to email I have sent in the past. That stuff's important.

A4. Sites that make you want to give up and try something else.

A5. I would be genuinely gutted. I think you guys have a good eye for design and I'd have to find another way to fill 5 minutes of my day... which probably should be spent designing my own stuff, really...


A1. Fried Westland, 31, Netherlands, www.friedlance.nl

A2. Probably from the beginning, but for sure about 3 years ago.

A3. I visit this site for inspiration and about 1 to 10 times a day (you can check the statistics)

A4. The best way to start your day.

A5. I would probably think it’s a joke and empty my cache, if it’s still on, I would worry...


A1. Grant Wright, 34, Somerset - England

A2. 2002 ish Probably before

A3. I visit FWA every day - why? Because it is constantly delivering inspirational works

A4. A source of wealth from top internet designers

A5. It would be a disaster if FWA was too close down. It’s so needed. Without it how on earth are we to find proper websites that push the boundaries? Designers doing their thing instead of all the rubbish one usually finds of the net.


A1. Max Niblock, 27, UK

A2. 2002

A3. A good way to rev up the creative juices on a weekday morning

A4. Inspirational mind candy

A5. Howl like a hungry prairie dog!


A1. My name is Arnos. Now I’m workin` in Budapest, but actually I’m from Yerevan, Armenia.

A2. My first visit was, I think, in 2002. The first site I remember I sow, was My Pet Skeleton... one of my favourites!

A3. I just like the style you chose the sites, I mean there is some other sites who doing the same, but they are just one kind of sites, not so interesting. Favourite Website Awards choosing many kind of sites, like even not so good maken but interesting ones. And I visit FWA every day!

A4. The best place where you can see a really interesting works.

A5. I’ll be sad, cause 1. Every day I’m expecting a new good site, and it’s a part of my life 2. My homepage is FWA, so I have to change it ;) actually I don’t believe it can happen!


A1. Craig Jamieson, 29, South Africa, www.digiguru.co.za

A2. While I was in the UK back in I think 2001, just remember telling my students about it when I'd returned to South Africa.

A3. I visit daily because I am always looking for new and interesting sites to inspire me.

A4. A daily dose of hand picked brilliance.

A5. Cry!


A1. Tuomo Laikari, 24, Finland

A2. It think it was somewhere in the middle of 2002. A friend introduced it to me and I've been visiting since.

A3. I visit FWA daily. It actually is the first thing I do after starting my computer and checking my mail in the morning. I use Flash for a living and FWA is the place where I know I'll find the best Flash -works that are out there.

A4. The oasis of inspiration.

A5. I would be very, very disappointed. I would probably let out a few curse words, lean back, stare at the screen and hate the fact that I now have to search for the best flash from several sources rather than just one.


A1. Erick Abraham Gomez Saenz, 21, Guaymas Sonora, Mexico www.erickgsaenz.com

A2. My first visit was about 2 years ago.

A3. You find the best of the best on web pages, and I visit this web every day.


A5. I will shutdown my PC :(, the internet its over for me, no more medicine for my imagination.


A1. Steven Lawrence, 24, Birmingham, UK, www.madshu.co.uk

A2. First visited FWA about August 2002

A3. It gives me a lot of inspiration and depresses me at the same time due to the quality of design and development people produce. I visit the site every day.

A4. Inspirational

A5. Pack up my website bags and become a builder


A1. Sean E, 23, St. Louis, MO.

A2. I first visited FWA a couple years ago in college. I believe I found out about it when I stumbled upon 2advanced.com and had seen the site mentioned there.

A3. I consider myself a regular, seeing as I visit FWA almost religiously (I come in for worship just about everyday). Being fresh in the biz, and focusing primarily on website design w/ Flash as my trusty sidekick, I almost have to visit everyday just to see what the new innovations are, and what a high quality design firm will have as new expectations.

A4. FWA is inspiring as well as heart-breaking, in a sense that "Wow, why didn't I think of that?".

A5. Cry...


A1. Anthony Faust, 23, Alexandria, MN, www.studio-78.com

A2. I first visited FWA 3+ years ago. I just ran across the site, and haven't missed a winner since.

A3. Of all of the award sites on the internet, FWA seems to have the newest and best sites listed first. The interviews are terrific and provide insight to how other design studios work. I visit the site at least 3 times a week, and haven't missed a winner since I knew about the site. Most mornings I will check the Site of the Day BEFORE I check my e-mail, it really is that important of an award in our field of work.

A4. A daily look at what the elite website designers of the world are working on.

A5. I would be in disbelief. I might have to shut 'er down for a few days, maybe take a couple vacation days to just regroup and figure out what to do next.


A1. Alex Brown (22), Ft. Lauderdale, FL, www.sorrowmusic.com

A2. I first visited FWA approx. 2.5 years ago. I got hired at a local design firm and my new art director told I should visit this site daily. I've since taken him up on that offer and have not been let down yet!

A3. I visit FWA daily because I work in the web design industry. It is a great resource to see what other developers and graphic artists are out-putting. FWA is also a great resource to see how new technology is being implemented and used across the web.

A4. FWA in one sentence... "My favourite website awards!"

A5. If I read the FWA had been closed I would be highly disappointed. I honestly feel that this is one of the only sites that truly shows the best of the best.


A1. Guy Czapski Sivan, 31, Milan, www.zapdesign.it

A2. 2003

A3. I am doing websites and I am learning a lot from your site, its like to read the TIMES for a minister, FWA it’s my first page in internet.

A4. Reading my newspaper every morning with my coffee

A5. Than I will know for sure that aliens destroyed the earth.


A1. Paul O'Sullivan, 30, Carlow Ireland www.1eyeopen.com

A2. I first visited FWA in Dec 2003

A3. I visit FWA because it showcases the cream of the crop, and I visit everyday without fail

A4. FWA in one sentence? 1ST on my favourites list.

A5. Throw me and my computer out the window


A1. François, 30, Paris, France

A2. In 2002

A3. I take my breakfast almost every day checking FWA’s selection. It awakes me for the day.

A4. What counts around is here.

A5. I would probably go fishing.


A1. Jon Delman, 30, Thousand Oaks, CA, www.jondelman.com

A2. I first visited FWA about 3 years ago. I found the link by going through FI’s site.

A3. I visit every day, because the quality of the site's awarded is very high (not a designer's members only club) and the archive is well organized. The interviews are also well written.

A4. FWA to me is the first place I turn to read insights into the industry that I love and breathe. It is the one place online I can go to find exactly the right site, mood, inspiration I need for a project.

A5. If I woke up tomorrow and FWA was closed I would email you guys immediately and ask what I can do to help keep it running. I see design communities not just as a gift, but a necessity and to the rest of us out there, it is an invaluable inspiration ground zero. Don't get me wrong, I love going to Newstoday, DiK, K10k and a few others, but FWA is my first stop. It's straight design without the fluff.


A1. Lee McCorquodale, 32, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, www.lmcdizain.co.nz

A2. About 3 years ago

A3. I am a Flash developer and it's nice to see the cutting edge stuff all in 1 place, as we don't have a huge community in NZ of Flash designers. I visit everyday as soon as I logon, then again for lunch and sometimes before I knock off.

A4. Savour, Nemesis, Inspiration, Desire, Love

A5. Send you guys a dirty email outlining my displeasure in the fact that you've taken away my work day highlight. See above "04."

A1. Román R. Jáquez, Age: 24, Location: NYC, www.romanjaquez.com

A2. I first started visiting FWA in Spring 2001

A3. I am a regular visitor of FWA because it keeps fresh updates of the hottest designs on the web. FWA also serve to me as a creative mentor.

A4. FWA is a free online "conceptual design school” that helps brake the ice to creativity.

A5. If I ever saw "FWA closed" I will painfully grief it.


A1. James Mason, 24, Sydney

A2. I think I first visited FWA about two or three years ago, just as I became interested in designing websites. I was referred by someone in a forum and have barely missed a SOTD.

A3. As a designer, it’s important to keep in touch with what’s hip, what’s bleeding edge, what’s in style and what is hot. FWA delivers exactly that each and every day… You know a lot of work has gone behind for FWA to hand out a SOTD and, as a designer, you respect that and see what’s on offer. The most inspiring sites I’ve seen over the last couple of years and I’ve seen some amazing sites right on the cusp of revolutionary, have all been showcased first by FWA. Checking out FWA is definitely routine now, like switching on the computer.

A4. FWA, A diverse showcase of the very best the world web has to offer, online, at the time, revolutionary, inspiring, motivating, captivating.

A5. I guess I’d refresh the browser a couple of hundred times and go back to the old days of looking for great sites posted in forums, news blogs and magazines… either that or see if their archive is still online… actually, I don’t know what I’d do…


A1. Arash Sami, 36, Iran, www.8graphic.com

A2. 2003

A3. I can find best sites, I love this part and I visit there 2 day by 2 day.

A4. Cool place for art lovers

A5. I kill myself!


A1. Jeff Harris. 17. Baltimore, USA.

A2. It's been about 3 years.

A3. I'm an FWA regular because I like to look at the FWA Award sites for great inspiration. I visit everyday.

A4. FWA is an extraordinary, unbelievable, incredible, and helpful site.

A5. If I opened the FWA site and read a notice saying "FWA closed" I'd probably scream "No, God why? Why? Why? Why? This can't be happening! No!!!!... Then proceed to cry myself to sleep."


A1. Swapnil Acharya, 19, Kathmandu, Nepal, www.himmasters.cjb.net

A2. Sometimes around 2003.

A3. I love looking at other designers' work and find places for me to improve in, and the frequency of my visit to FWA is - daily!

A4. A basket of hot, delicious and yummy cakes.

A5. I'd quit designing websites and look for another profession.


A1. Eduardo Marquez, Palma de Mallorca - SPAIN.

A2. I must have visited it first about 2 years ago, after recently discovering 2advanced.com. Somehow I landed here and it has been my Number 1 bookmark ever since.

A3. I am a regular for several reasons. Primarily, it is a showcase of award winning sites which never fail to inspire me, be it visually or mechanically. It is also an online guide for me. When I need to see how, for example, a fashion site was designed, I will study the award wining site designs in FWA as a reference and inspiration for my work. I visit FWA daily. Usually in the evenings.

A4. Inspirational award winning references to the best websites in the world.

A5. I would be incredibly mad that such a great collection of inspirational works has died. As a matter of fact, I would PAY to have the database of sites listed in FWA. Just so I can see them again if I wanted to.


A1. Parthasarathy, 26, India

A2. 2003

A3. I look out for latest flash sites, to see new technologies that are being implemented on flash and fresh creative ideas that have been implemented. - There are a lot of award sites that provides me with this list - but I find FWA - has got all the quality sites ... yes. For a while FWA - has been my internet explorer homepage... :) - yes. I visit it daily. - It’s not a HOBBY.it has become a HABIT for me.

A4. FWA: F- fascinating W-wonderful A- Awards - no matter what it is - It’s My Favourite

A5. It will be hard to digest first. - I have been running into this site for years - I will loose my contact with the - Worlds best sites in flash - (you guys are not serious right ???! :) )


A1. San, 19, Amsterdam, Sankie.nl

A2. About a year ago, introduced by a student following the same multimedia class I do.

A3. FWA filters out the best of the best on the web, constantly updates newly additions of fresh designs, which is a great, no. A fantastic source of inspiration for artists, let it be multimedia designers or plain paper scissors artsy rebels with a Wal-Mart computer.

A4. Fery Wucking Awesome, or... Inspiration salad, with the best fruits from all over the world!

A5. I'd poke out my eyes, chase cars naked with a stapler and dance around like a fairy princess! No really, I'd be disappointed and a part of me would need a new shelter for inspiration.


A1. Doug Weinberg 30 Philadelphia, PA (USA)

A2. I first visited FWA in mid 2002.

A3. FWA is the first site I check out in the morning…everyday! It actually makes me work harder. There are so many talented people out there, that bar is being raised everyday. By seeing the latest and greatest, it forces me to raise my “game” in design and development.

A4. FWA is the academy awards of web design and development.

A5. Look, there are a few “award sites” out there, but FWA has (by far) the most credibility. Look who has done interviews and were/are judges! It would be a huge loss to the net, if the site were to close.


A1. Nandini Chakravarty, 31, India

A2. Some 3 months back

A3. The collection of sites is simply astonishing. I visit the site almost regularly.

A4. Fabulous, most wonderful collection of sites,

A5. I would make online appeal with million signatures to reopen it


A1. Amin Torres, New York, USA

A2. I visit FWA for the first time around one year and a half ago when I moved to NY from the Dominican Republic.

A3. I visit FWA everyday, no exception, no joke, everyday after the first day; this site has become my personal inspiration source. I will say I see FWA everyday even before I even brush my teeth. It makes me feel that I am part of a community of very special people and somehow gives me a sense of being updated.

A4. FWA does not mean Favourite Website Awards. It actually means: Digital Bible.

A5. Well, Closed? Ahh. Just to think about it gives me, like we say in the DR. "escalosfrios"

It makes my body go from warm to cold. This is a tough one to answer, but I could say I don't want to experience it.


A1. Colin, 17, Los Angeles, www.inctm.net

A2. I've been checking the FWA website everyday at least twice a day for the past 3 years

A3. Inspiration, seeing what type of stuff is hitting the web nowadays

A4. FWA (in my opinion) is the greatest flash award you can receive online, the best of the best win on FWA, that’s why I’m a regular

A5. I’d kill all flash designers; we all would have no reason to live! Don’t close! Plus I would loose all interest in the web; FWA always brings new life and shows people's creativity with flash/shockwave. Viva la FWA!


A1. Valentijn Destoop, 23, Belgium

A2. Two years and five months.. or was it six months?

A3. Because I like the high quality of the design, to see the new upcoming trends, to show those dry marketing bastards what the internet is made for and because one day I will win a bloody FWA for one of my sites! I do the visit every morning and if I'm not around a computer I'm on holiday.

A4. Daily energy pack for reaching your goals of the future.

A5. Won't believe it!


A1. Jide Pinheiro, 21, Lagos, Nigeria, www.pinheirodesigns.com

A2. My first visit to the favoritewebsiteawards portal was in March 2003

A3. As a web designer, ideas sometimes lack and so I look up to the portal for Daily inspiration and so I visit once a day or sometimes twice.

A4. Favoritewebsiteawards is an Oustanding Internet Web Portal the industry’s' most advanced and showcasing cutting edge websites that are a source of inspiration for millions of surfers across the world.

A5. I'll feel so remorseful if FWA as all the other award giving sites do not provide as much quality as FWA does.


A1. Matt Hollinger, 26, Pennsylvania, www.overgroundmedia.com

A2. 2001

A3. I am a daily regular for the simple reason that I am above all else, a web and multimedia enthusiast. Part of the reason why I became a designer is because of sites I saw featured on FWA. I love all of the articles with the winners; it provides a glimpse of insight into the minds that win awards. Also it gives me forever to show my friends the latest and greatest.

A4. Besides being the most prestigious organization for web recognition, Consistency is the most banking feature of the FWA.

A5. At first I would be all over the internet trying to figure out why my homepage no longer around, then I would sob uncontrollably for a few moments then try and find all of the sites I loved on FWA. There is no greater collective of elite sites on the net.


A1. Laugel Benjamin (aka DaytO), 28 Years old, Paris, France, www.soleilnoir.net

A2. I can’t remember, but what I can say is that the web site awarded was huge ?

A3. FWA is a regular bookmark. Everyday, to be aware of what’s happening in the web design; I use to come on the website to discover the best Flash developments ever made. Coming on FWA is a pleasure, be on the FWA website is an honour. Every time I click on the SOTD, I’m sure I will be surprised or sometimes inspired. I never loose my time coming on the FWA web site and it’s very important to me.

A4. FWA in one sentence? Well, the reference website in state of the art Flash web design.

A5. 1) Is it a joke? 2) Too many connections, they must have been fired from the hosting platform! 3) Ohh nooo I’ve just posted the best website ever made by Soleil Noir :) 4) I would search for the huge roll over to find the hidden new website!


A1. Sharwan Kami, 25, Jalandhar, Punjab(INDIA), www.sharwan.com

A2. I have visited FWA last year, when one of my friend given me this URL.

A3. Why I am regular visitor? Its the only place where I found the amazing examples of work done by experimenting peoples around the globe which inspires me to work better and learn new tips everyday. I can forget having Lunch but don't forget to check the new winner in FWA everyday.

A4. If you are searching for web talents, your one stop point is FWA.

A5. "FWA Closed”? Meaning no more web talent is left.


A1. Graham Whieldon, 37, South West UK, www.websight.co.uk

A2. Happy Birthday! Is it 5 years already? Blimey. I think I first found it early in 2001. Flash was a big part of our workload at that time and good inspiration was hard to find, but FWA delivered some unique and inspirational reference in the form of some of the best cutting edge sites I had seen. Then and today, the quality of those sites is a measure for contemporary Flash design to aspire to.

A3. Pretty much every day, there is a new site to be inspired by. And they're GOOD sites too, not just any bland old pile of Flash for the sake of it. I'm hungry for inspiration 5 days a week and FWA fills a gap until lunchtime.

A4. A small yellow hatch in the front of my internet telly that dispenses little rectangles of assorted flavoured eye-candy on a daily basis that even Bill Wonka would sell his grandma for on ebay to have the recipes.

A5. Assume my PC was broken and kick it. That usually does the trick.


About the author, Rob Ford
Founder & Principal, FWA

Robert J. Ford is FWA’s Principal. Born and bred in England with a background in finance, sales and project management, working for companies like Halifax PLC and American Express. He has been focused on cutting edge web design and development since 1997 and oversees the day to day running of the FWA project.

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