Favourite Website Awards is dead... long live FWA

Favourite Website Awards was established in May of the year 2000 in the days when Macromedia Flash was mushrooming. It was established to showcase and highlight the amazing websites we were witness to every new day.

Over the last 13+ years, Favourite Website Awards has become known purely as FWA, a network of showcase initiatives.

FWA has and always will be a pioneer in the digital showcase sphere, getting exposure to cutting edge creativity and beautiful creative work whereever it may be in the world.

For the last 13+ years, our main web presence has always focused on Site Of The Day, yet we have grown to realise that FWA is far more than this one title now. If you take a look at a brief history of our content below, I'm sure you'd agree FWA has a lot more to offer and showcase.

Our main feature will always be our coveted Site Of The Day (which has evolved to showcase both online and offline work, which could be an HTML website, a Flash website, an outdoor installation, something purely experiemental and much more). But we also have Mobile Of The Day, Video Of The Day, Photo Of The Day, The Cutting Edge Award (TCEA) Project of the Week, interviews, articles and LOTS more!

This is why we feel it's time to make our biggest and boldest move since we launched, it's time for FWA to mature and to bring all of our amazing content up front and let our amazing and loyal users decide, each day, which piece of content they'd like to consume.

Rather than us saying, 'this is what you will look at today', it's time for us to say, 'here's what we have today, please take your pick!'

Back in 2000, there was a big internet awards industry, mainly focused on those behind the awards than the winners of the awards themselves. FWA changed the way internet awards worked, showcasing the work instead. Over the past decade, we have seen many new awards come and go, some even have modelled themselves and their processes on ours.

Since we became a teenager in May 2013, we could feel a stirring, our hormones have been running wild and it's time for us to set the new benchmark for digital (daily) showcases.

For those of you who have been regulars to FWA for years, I personally thank you as it's your continued support that has kept this unfunded project alive for so long. For our newer users, I hope we can make you more welcome by showing you a great selection every day/week of some amazing work across many digital platforms and rest assured we are always looking within, rather than at what others are doing, to give more exposure to great digital work and to come up with new ways of showcasing.

About the new homepage

The new homepage works like a slideshow, 8 seconds on each section of content. You have full control by using the horizontal navigation.

Here's a breakdown of the content:

HOT! - Breaking news from FWA or an FWA winner. This could be announcement of the Site Of The Month winner or could be an FWA winner announcing the launch of a project that will only be live for 24 hours. This could also be an industry news item.

ADVERT - This will be an advert from one of our advertisers. Please support us by supporting these adverts as advertising is a crucial means of funding and security for FWA.

SOTD - Site Of The Day. Every day of the year, a new project for you to discover and explore. It could be a website, it could be an installation experience. The term "Site" has been blurred in recent years as the digital landscape is far bigger than websites in themselves.

MOTD - Mobile Of The Day. Every day, one amazing mobile project to explore and discover.

TCEA - The Cutting Edge Award, curated by Adobe and FWA. Every week, one amazing project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

FWAwebTV - Video Of The Day. Every day, a new video, from an FWA winning agency or individual. This could be a showreel, behind the scenes case study, client work or more.

FWA Photo - Photo Of The Day. Every day, a new, inspirational photograph.

BC - Random FWA goodness.

NOTE: we encourage submissions for any type of content we feature at FWA, just follow the "Submit Your Project" link in the top navigation.

Finally, please see below, for a Brief History of FWA. I am sure you'd agree we have an extensive amount of regular content and this is why it's important for us to evolve and to give greater exposure to all of our content in this fast moving and changing digital world we all live in.

A Brief History of FWA:

In May 2000, we go live with Favourite Website Awards.

In 2000, we also launched Site Of The Month and also Site Of The Year.

In 2001, we launched the FWA Newsletter.

In 2002, we launched the yearly People's Choice Award.

In 2002, we launched an interview series, talking to the individuals behind FWA winning projects.

In 2005, we launched an article series, giving insights into FWA winning projects as well as articles on web design and development in general.

In 2006, we launched a job vacancy board, allowing any company to seek talent from FWA's audience.

In 2007, we launched The FWA Hall of Fame, recognising the greatest winners at FWA.

In 2009, we launched FWA Photo, one photo a day. A simple daily showcase of one amazing photo per day.

In 2010, we launched FWA Mobile, showcasing one amazing mobile project per day.

In 2010, we launched the Profiles' section (a league table of FWA winning agencies); the Public Shortlist (a user generated section of the most voted for submissions). We also launched an FWA wallpaper section.

In 2011, we launched FWAwebTV... at launch this was a unique project which showed live agency webcams every new hour of the day. This project then became more sustainable, purely as a daily showcase of one amazing video per day from an FWA winning agency or individual.

In 2012, collaborating with Adobe, we launched The Cutting Edge Award, showcasing one amazing project per week that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

In 2013, we began a collaboration with Google (via Google's Creative Sandbox) to surface and celebrate the stories behind awesome achievements in digital creativity.

In 2013, we launched a new article series, Digital Pioneers, getting an insight into those who pioneered the digital world.

In 2013, collaborating with Adobe, we launched The Cutting Edge Award, Project of the Year. A yearly public vote to select the best Cutting Edge Project of the Week.

In 2013, collaborating with Adobe, we launched The Cutting Edge Award, Creative Cloud Edition, to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web using Adobe Creative Cloud tools.



FWA, 2013 onwards...
FWA, 2013 onwards...

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FWA Icon set, 2013

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