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The Favourite Website Awards People's Choice Award 2006, Sponsored by Diesel, winner:

Audi R8


Description: Experience the impressive new super sports car made by Audi in a spectacular interactive movie. Immerse yourself into Dimension R8!

Credits: Designed and developed by argonauten G2 GmbH in cooperation with RTT AG. Music by Nugel Bros. Music.

FWA comment (Rob Ford, FWA Principal): "I'd like to think that, as an individual, my comments would echo those of the people who voted the Audi R8 site past the winning post.

When I first experienced the Audi R8 website I was left almost speechless. I pre-screen websites every day and have been doing so for almost ten years, so it's rare to really capture my attention.

The first thing that hits you with R8 is the compelling and powerful music which boasts a certain urgency. That urgency becomes very apparent when you hit the "start" button.

An adrenaline pumping, unique and unforgettable virtual test drive awaits all who visit Audi R8, with jaw-dropping video and motion effects. A rollercoaster ride that rushes the senses and then mellows them right down, only to start the ride again and again as each level of the site is executed.

A thrilling web experience and I am delighted the public truly felt this one, as I did. There is no doubt the Audi R8 will go down in the history of the web as a beacon and pioneer.

This is indeed progress through technology, or Vorsprung Durch Technik, for the Audi faithful."

Reactions from winner:

Argonauten G2, Berlin / Germany:

"With the R8, Audi created a sports car that gives automobile enthusiasts goose bumps.

Logically, our goal was to translate this feeling into "digital goose bumps".

During the last phase of production we experienced those goose bumps ourselves. At that time we knew, we couldn't have done that wrong.

The overwhelming feedback we received since the launch gave us the assurance that we created a site that can keep up with the R8.

We want to say "Thank You" to all voters who gave us their vote."

RTT CG Film Team:

"The creation of the Audi R8 CG film was really challenging! Right from the start it was clear to us that this film should set a new benchmark in the Internet community. The Audi R8 CG film production unites - like the sports car itself - performance and design in a highly sophisticated way. We have managed to produce an adrenaline-pumping virtual test drive that makes the viewer's senses rush from start to finish. Producing CG films is just great fun!"

A few words from the PCA sponsor, Diesel:

"Diesel is a supporter of many creative initiatives, mainly focused towards young emerging talents, including Diesel U Music, Diesel Wall, DNA and International Talent Support.

As an active member of the design and creative community (and occasional winner of FWA site of the day), Diesel are also very pleased to have been able to support The FWA People's Choice Award for 2006. A fitting end to the year in which Diesel celebrated 10 years of being online.

Congratulations to the winning site which demonstrates not only a serious commitment to the web as communications media, but also to the pursuit of excellent and entertaining interactive design.

For more information of Diesel's other creative support projects please visit Diesel.com."

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