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The FWA People’s Choice Award 2010 winner:

Lexus - Dark Ride

Description:Play the role as navigator alongside driver Tony in this epic 12.5 minute interactive film. Dark Ride features pannable 180 sequences, user recorded audio, Facebook/webcam integration, an adaptive 3D soundtrack and more.

Credits: Stink Digital (http://www.stinkdigital.com); Skinny (http://www.skinnynyc.com); Speedshape (http://www.speedshape.com); DinahMoe (http://www.dinahmoe.com).

Reactions from winner:

"We at Lexus are honored and proud to win the public vote for the 2010 People's Choice Award. We think the Dark Ride movie is a fantastic way to showcase Lexus' newest hybrid, the CT 200h, given its inherent appeal to a fresh and digital savvy audience. This award is a recognition that we’re on the right path to connecting with this audience and a testament to Lexus’ commitment to innovation. Many thanks go to SKINNY and the rest of the team for creating a truly inspiring and immersive experience at DarkerSideOfGreen.com" - Brian Bolain, Lexus National Manager, Marketing & Lifecycle Strategy

"To Stink Digital: for being the most insanely talented evil geniuses anyone could ever want to work with, and for living and breathing this project. To our trusted freelancers: for going above and beyond, especially on deadline week. To Skunk: for making the impossible happen over an epic seven-day shoot. To director James Brown: for your commitment in the face of a very technical and demanding shoot. To Speedshape: for creating 12 minutes of living, breathing Lexus where there was previously none. To Michael Fakesch: for conjuring atmosphere, darkness and tension, and somehow yet always with a smile. To Dinahmoe: for making it sing. To Skinny: for your rock and roll-sized ambition and unwavering dedication to creative crispiness. To Lexus: for being brave and patient. And finally, to FWA and its voters: for legitimising and celebrating interactive with incredible passion. It's an honour." - Mark Pytlik, Stink Digital

“We are absolutely flabbergasted and thrilled to have Dark Ride win the 2010
PCA award. This is as good a feeling as wearing something designed by Hedi Slimane, or winning the Champions League. Thank you Rob and TheFWA for doing what you do, shining a spotlight on how amazing and wonderful the digital world can be. And super thanks to Lexus, everyone at SKINNY, Stink Digital, Speedshape, Dinahmoe, Lime and the brilliant Ari McGarry for making it all as rocking as can be. Last, thank you voters, it means the world to us and we hope we’ll continue to do you proud in the future. ROCK IT
!” - Jonas Hallberg and Liron Reznik, SKINNY

"We at Speedshape applaud all who contributed in helping to make Dark Ride come alive.  It is with great honor and admiration to have worked with such highly regarded individuals including those at Lexus, Stink, Skinny and DinahMoe. Pulling off such an incredibly successful interactive film experience would not have been possible without the inspiring creative from Skinny and Stink, the directorial talent of James Brown and Cinematographer Claudio Miranda's gorgeous frames.  And much appreciation to Producer Aris McGarry for his dedication in keeping it all together as well. We are ecstatic to have been a part of a project of this caliber, appreciate having the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed talent and grateful for those who believed in our craft. Thank you to the voters and to FWA for this recognition and especially for acknowledging and commemorating digital and interactive brilliance." - Connor Meechan VFX Supervisor Speedshape

“We are stunned and amazed. We would like to thank both Stink Digital and Skinny for letting us in on this great project. For us this was a ground breaking production in many ways, and we are honored that we got the chance to realize both Stink's, Skinny's and our own visions and ideas. - Johan Belin, Creative Director at DinahMoe

A few words from FWA Founder, Rob Ford:

“This year was the first year Twitter really started to push FWA's People's Choice Award. It was great fun and impressive at times, to see the power of social media reaching fans of many of the sites. I was delighted to see Lexus - Dark Ride win the PCA as it was one of my favourite sites of the year. When I first experienced this site I was blown away by the production quality and the levels of interaction for a film. The Facebook and webcam integration really took this to a whole new level. I was totally engrossed until the very end and immediately shared the link with my close associates, which I something I rarely do these days. This project truly shows the power of the web and how, using the latest technologies, a huge idea can become a seamless reality experience. Hats off to the entire team on this one, the public voted in their thousands and I fully agree with them.” - Rob Ford


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