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The FWA People’s Choice Award 2011 winner:


Description: Written/Directed by Chris Milk, this lucid dreamlike narrative for Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi's album ROME, uses WebGL to weave film with 2D cell and 3D interactive animation while showcasing Chrome.

Credits (full credits below): Chris Milk (http://www.chrismilk.com/); Google Creative Lab (http://www.google.com/); radical.media (http://www.radicalmedia.com/); Mirada (http://www.mirada.com/); North Kingdom (http://www.northkingdom.com/).

Reactions from winner:

"Very honored to be included.  Special thanks to everyone at Google, Radical Media, Mirada, and NK that made this project possible.  Thanks to Danger Mouse and EMI for being so patient.  And of course, thanks so much to the FWA and everyone that voted." - Chris Milk

"This project is a perfect way of harnessing the creativity and vision of all the partners - Danger Mouse's incredible music, Chris Milk's amazing visual skills and Google's technical prowess, to produce this wonderfully immersive and wholly original experience." Dominic Louth, Digital Media Manager, EMI/Parlophone

"We're thrilled to get this award. It was a huge experiment and fantastic trial for a brand new technology. Hopefully we managed to connect a broader community to the capabilities of WebGL and introduce the new technology with some valuable working methods and tests. As always it was an honor to work with Chris Milk, Mr.doob, and our new friends at North Kingdom and Mirada who went on this crazy journey with us. Also big thanks to those that voted for the project and showed their support." - Aaron Koblin, Creative Director, Google Creative Lab

It is a tremendous honor to receive FWA's People Choice Award 2011. We, at Google's Creative Lab, had an amazing time working on the Wilderness Downtown last year with Chris Milk. We really wanted to embark on a new journey with him and Mr.doob to showcase the latest web technologies, offered by modern browsers such as Google Chrome. In fact, we believe 2011 has been a real milestone for the Web with the introduction of WebGL, that essentially transforms your browser in an open source video game console. Since "ROME's 3 Dreams of Black" was made out of brand new technologies, we worked really hard with Mirada and North Kingdom to share all our findings and code with the developer community on the site. That is also why, getting people's recognition makes us immensely proud. More importantly, we have been really thrilled to see other fantastic WebGL experiments made by developers from all around the world and we can't wait to see what the Web will come up with in the coming months... - Thomas Gayno, Marketing Manager, Google Creative Lab

Working with 3 Dreams of Black was an amazing team effort. So many brilliant minds who worked hard together cross disciplines and areas of knowledge to make it happen – a rare creative joint venture that brought Aaron and Chris’ wonderful visions to life. This award is the finest recognition you can get in our industry, so we are all super happy and amazingly proud. Part of the goal was to move and inspire the community; therefor it feels extra good to receive the FWA PCA 2011.” - Daniel Ilic, Creative Director, North Kingdom

A few words from FWA Founder, Rob Ford:

“Every year at FWA I have one dream and that is to see one amazing website that goes further than any website before. When I first saw "3 DREAMS OF BLACK"  I knew it would be that stand-out site of 2011 and I am delighted that our audience and the public at large agreed with me by voting "3 DREAMS OF BLACK" as the FWA People's Choice Award 2011!” - Rob Ford


Written and Directed by Chris Milk


Danger Mouse

Daniele Luppi

Norah Jones

Jack White

Featuring "Black" from the album ROME

By Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi, with Norah Jones


Creative Director - Aaron Koblin

Technical Director - Mr.doob

Lead Developer - Branislav Ulicny

Data Arts Team - Doug Fritz, George Michael Brower,
Jono Brandel, Aleksandar Rodić, Valdean Klump

Executive Producer - Sandra Nam

Marketing Manager - Thomas Gayno

Produced by @radical.media

Executive Producer - Jennifer Heath

Executive Producer - Jon Kamen

Executive Producer - Frank Scherma

Head of Production - Derek Roberto

2D Animation by Anthony Francisco Schepperd

Additional Animation - Kelly P. Franklin

3D Animation and Conceptual Design by Mirada

Producer - Mathew Cullen, Javier Jimenez

Head of Visual Effects - John Fragomeni

General Manager - Patrick Nugent

Post Production Supervisor - James Taylor

Art Director - Ram Bhat

Technical Director - Andy Cochrane

CG Supervisor - Danny Zobrist

Coordinator - Andrew Merkin

Technical Consultant - Eskil Steenberg

Concept Designers - Tuna Bora, Aaron Clark, Justin Harder

3D Generalist - Brandon Lester

Modelers - Bryan Repka, Edwin Chiu, Margaret Dost

Riggers - Mike Gajga, Andrea Gausmann

Animators - Brandon Lester, Colin Cromwell, Eric Hedman, Owen Klatte, Connor LaBella, John Mangor-Baurley, Scott Paquin, Keyur Patel

Lead FX Animator - Kevin Gillen

FX Animators - Ryan Phalen, McKendree Poston, Charles Stornolio

Production Manager/HR Director - Tina Van Delden

Interactive Design and Production by North Kingdom

Creative Director - Daniel Ilic

Producer - Marcus Ivarsson

Business Director - Roger Stighäll

Design Director - Robert Lindström

Art Director - Klaus Lyngeled

Concept Artist - Mathias Lindgren

3D artist - Martin Rasmussen

3D artist - Jonas Gramming

Art Director - Riccardo "Double C" Tagliabue

Designer - Henrik Karlsson

Technical Director - Mikael Emtinger

User Experience Designer - Alfredo Aponte

Developer - Klas Kroon

Developer - Bartek Drozdz

Developer - Lars Alin

Developer - Andreas Emtinger

Film Production by @radical.media

Executive Producer - Jennifer Heath

Line Producer - Ari Palitz

Production Supervisor - Melanie Melnyk

1st AD - Chef Roussel

DP - Matthias Koenigwieser

Production Designer - Chris DiLeo

Gaffer - Alex Gaynor

Key Grip - Julian Janigo

1st AC - Dave Whiteman

2nd AC - Eric Wolfinger

Bestboy Grip - Mike Prim

Wardrobe Stylist - Susan Doepner

Practical Special FX - West Efx

FX Supervisor - Erick Brennan

FX Supervisor - Joseph Kenkins

Effects - Michael Fortune

PA's - Gerardo Reyes, Mackenna Dixon, Marcus Demmon

Storyboard Artist - Brad Arnold

Film Post Production

Editorial - Spotwelders

Editor - Livio Sanchez

Asst. Editor - Heather Bartholomae

Telecine - Company 3

Colorist - David Hussey

Online Services - Tunnel Post

Online Editor - Kyle Jackson

Visual Effects by Oddball Animation

Wes Ball, Brad Hawkins, Lucie Rouche


Girl - Emily Pelz


Joan Aceste / @radical.media

Yakshi Campf / @radical.media

Glen Westerback / Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC

Moderation by CrowdFlower

Lukas Biewald, Joseph Childress, Mark Erdmann

Monotone, Inc.

Ian Montone

Amy Schmalz

Music Courtesy of EMI

Featuring the song "Black"

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (feat. Norah Jones)

Written by Daniele Luppi / Brian Burton

Published by Cheese Breath Music administered by Chrysalis Music Ltd

(ASCAP)/Belmondo Music (BMI)

Special Thanks to our friends at EMI

Dominic Louth, Dan Duncombe, Michael Hanson, Alex Eden-Smith, Nickie Owen, Nicola Brown

Powered by Google App Engine

Special Thanks

Andy Berndt

Robert Wong

Sundar Pichai

Min Li Chan

Lily Lin

Chris Kim

Emily Hawkins

Sunshine, Sachs & Associates

Cody Heller

Jessica Brillhart

Soledad Penadés

Marisa Fiechter

Varathit Uthaisri

Alexander Chen

Jenny Ramaswamy

Meredith Hoffer

Chris Wright

Fabian Teichmueller

Tom Pursey

Claudine Beaumont

Sara Jew Lim

Ed Sanders

Ben Malbon

John Flippen

Joanne Feola

Won Chun

Henry Bridge

Gregg Tavares

Warren Dern

Jason Lyon

Vangelis Kokkevis

Kenneth Russell

A Milk+Koblin Project



ROME: "WebGL: The Technology Behind '3 Dreams of Black'"

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