FWA Site Of The Year 2005

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21 International Judges

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The FWA Site Of The Year 2005:

Leo Burnett Canada


Description: The Canadian arm of Leo Burnett Worldwide where “Big Ideas come out of Big Black Pencils.”

Credits: Designed and developed by Arc Worldwide


FWA comment: Without a doubt, September 2005 (the month LeoBurnett.ca was launched) was the best month of the year with some incredible websites being released.

Leo Burnett Canada saw off the competition to become a SOTY finalist by picking up the coveted Site Of The Month award.

It was no surprise that the FWA judging panel overwhelmingly selected LeoBurnett.ca as the Site Of The Year 2005, with, what must be, one of the greatest agency portfolio sites ever launched.

Selected FWA judge’s comments:

Jason Hickner (Hornall Anderson Design Works)

"Using this site conveys something intangible about the Leo Burnett brand that marketing copy never could.

The navigation concept is both beautiful and unique and yet still highly usable, conveying personality without obstructing the basic purpose of the site.

This is a company that truly knows how to get their message across in any medium."

Matt Snow (Adobe)

“The creativity of the site navigation is on par with the unmatched creativity of the work itself.

I was so worried that I would miss some of the content that I had to start with the L and end with the T.

The site's creative navigation is an extremely fun, and funny, experience, and is a wonderful reflection of the agency's portfolio.”

Vas Sloutchevsky (Firstborn Multimedia)

“Like a great symphony, it has a few design melodies going at the same time. The pen, the zooming, rotation and 3D space come together to form an unforgettable and useful interface.”

Michael Lebowitz (Big Spaceship)

“A simple, playful, perfectly executed concept. It’s just fun.”

Trevor Van Meter (TVM)

“I have always been a sucker for minimal design, but only when there is an interesting level of complexity. This is a perfect example of that mix.

It is fun to navigate, yet a quick nav for those who are just in for a quick visit.

The smooth yet brisk transitions mixed with an outstanding body of work makes this my choice for FWA-SOTY.”

Kurt Noble (KNI)

“Over the last 2 years a lot of people have jumped on the "zoom-n-scale" bandwagon, but this site actually managed to do something innovative and purposeful with the concept, and with a creative motif (the pen) that makes perfect sense for a creative portfolio site."

Pascal Leroy (group94)

“The technical achievement and its flexibility in navigating impressed me the most- these zooming navigations became very in fashion in 2005 and this is the best one of its kind, at least that I've seen.”

Han Hoogerbrugge (Hoogerbrugge)

“The 'Ball Washer' did it for me.”

Dominic Goldman (Hal Riney)

“Most ad agency sites are very dull and corporate (ours included), which is ironic when we profess to be so creative.

This site is a refreshing look at how different and engaging it can be.”

Reactions from winner:

Richard Bernstein, SVP Managing Director, Arc Worldwide, Canada

"Our 0bjective was to develop an online destination that reflects the Leo Burnett brand, showcases our best-in-class creative and is grounded in our belief that "big ideas come out of big black pencils".

Based on the feedback we continue to receive and our winning the Favourite Website Awards' Site Of The Year for 2005, the site has surpassed our expectations."

Shirley Ward-Taggart, SVP Creative Director

"I’m so proud of our team, the artistry and the quality of this site. It's great to know our work has no boundaries and is appreciated around the world.

Summed up in Leo Quote #11 “The most fearful possibility is that we might contract 'fatheadism' - fat between the ears can destroy us."

Dan Purdy, Flash Developer

"What a fantastic honour! I'm glad everything we were trying to do with the site came across.

It's definitely the most complicated (yet "elegantly simple") Flash work I've ever done, so I'm thankful it's appreciated!"

Peter Gomes, Art Director

"It was like winning …the INDY 500 and you get to spray everyone with champaign, balloons fall from the sky, girls come out in bikini’s… and everyone gets wasted…but in the office…no, not really but it felt that way.

It was an honour just being in the company of some of my favourite sites for 2005 ...but winning was huge…thank you ."

Len Preskow, Writer

"It was a career high for me to be part of this team.

The site is breakthrough because we had the freedom to be breakthrough.

Because it’s driven by an idea and not by architecture.

Because we went out of our way to break the rules.

Because we honoured Leo Burnett’s unique culture in such an innovative way

And because it’s all about the creative.

Kudos to FWA for recognizing that."

Lynda Olsen, Integration Director

"WOW! What an honour. We set out to create a site that truly reflected the Leo Burnett culture in a way that had never been done before.

Internal projects can be challenging and from the outset the site has been embraced not only by our global network but also by the web community.

Winning the FWA award on top of that is the ultimate honour. Thank you so much. "

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