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The Favourite Website Awards Site Of The Year 2006:

Philips Bodygroom


Description: The new male electric shaver from Philips Norelco, the Bodygroom all-in-one system to shave and trim body hair.

Credits: Designed and developed by Tribal DDB New York and Struck Creative

Reactions from winners:

Robert Baird, CEO, Philips DAP NA

"We knew we were taking a risk with shaveverywhere.com, but we also new there was a void in the grooming market that needed to be filled. We took the time to understand our consumers and what would appeal to them, then we unleashed our agencies and empowered them to develop the most effective, relevant communication for our target audience. We didn't set out to be funny, we just knew funny would work."

Zdenek Kratky, brand manager, Philips Norelco

"We knew men needed a better body grooming solution and that our product would deliver, but who wants to talk about their hairy back? By introducing the Innuendo Guy character on the website we were able to engage guys through humor and get them to open their minds to this new type of product. Instead of listening to an ad about product benefits and features, guys were getting a sense of how the product would work in a way that's relevant to every day life."

Steve Nesle, Executive Creative Director, Tribal DDB

"Thanks for the honor, FWA. I’m glad to see the interactive design community still appreciates the fundamentals – sharp writing and a great performance. But the real hero is our client Philips Norelco. They moved mountains to make this happen."

Ryan Goodwin, Executive Creative Director (Struck Design)

"Wow, I'm floored. To be included among the ranks of sites of the ultra-exclusive Site of the Year award is surreal. I just about fell out of my chair. My thanks to Rob Ford and the entire FWA team for providing such a killer inspirational resource. We are honored!"

Michael Kern, Interactive Design Director (Struck Design)

"Noooo? Yes? No? Really?, we had some stiff competition. We are honored to receive this type of peer recognition, and reading all of the comments from our mentors was the best award we could receive. Thanks to everyone, I am really proud of my team. I can't wait to see what this year holds in store for the interactive design community. Let's keep pushing it."

Matt Wigham, Lead Developer (Struck Design)

"Now if I could just keep my code as tidy as my _____! Thanks, its a huge honor."

Chaz Mee, Producer

"We have all been overwhelmed by the response we have received throughout the year and are honored by being named the FWA Site of the Year. We had an incredibly talented team each of whom played a critical role in its success. A lot of extra time, effort and love went into making this something we could all be proud of. It’s very rare that you feel like you are part of something so special and successful beyond our wildest imaginations!

Kudos also goes to a client who took a lot of risk and placed themselves in our hands. It took faith, courage and a lot of trust. One of my best rewards came at the launch party when my client came across the room and literally hugged me."

FWA judge’s comments:

Roger Stighall (North Kingdom)

"This is a fun and smart way of launching this product. Humor, smart content and interactivity mixed with great use of video makes this a great example of a terrific online solution! Also, I must say I am very impressed in how brave Philips was to go through with this."

Neil Robinson (AKQA)

"I can't remember when I've talked as much about body hair management! With the Philips Bodygroom site the concept clearly drives the execution to create a clever and memorable brand experience. Back hair everywhere - live in fear!"

Florian Schmitt (Hi-ReS!)

"It may be somewhat puerile - but man, it's fun and well executed. Kept me engaged all the way. No, not that far... But if you've never considered grooming your -------- or your ------- or gaining that extra inch on your -------, this one might just win you over."

Jason Zada (EVB)

"It's no small feat to make a body grooming product for men fun and interesting. This site combines a great concept with the fun of great footage and delivers an experience that stands out.

I found myself spending 15 minutes plus with this site. This site moves above the common trend of glitz and flashiness and delivers an experience that is funny, interesting and innovative."

Kurt Noble (KNI)

"Kudos to the entire team for figuring out a way to pitch Metro- sexuality against a backdrop that's 100% National Lampoon. What a really nice blend of humor, FLV integration, and just enough interactivity to propel users along.

2006 confirmed that men are definitely the new women, and sites like this have us actually laughing about it."

Michael Ferdman (Firstborn)

"Very close but they get it by a "hair"

It's immersive, entertaining and hilarious!"

Richard Bernstein (Arc World Wide)

"An engaging idea that's brilliantly executed, lots of fun to play with, buzz worthy and obviously supported by a client with the(hairless) balls to do it."

Tony Hogqvist (Perfect Fools)

"I don't think this is the first site a actionscripter should pick, But it is definitely the site I remember from 2006 and the campaign all clients ask for. Nice production, but a fantastic idea!"

Nick Law (R/GA)

""Shave everywhere" achieves the rarest of creative feats by blending the advertising crafts (sharp writing, brilliant casting and high production values) with the interactive, explorative power of the web."

Martin Hughes (WEFAIL)

"A site that will empower all men to take good care of their tackle can never be a bad thing."

Martin Cedergren (Forsman & Bodenfors)

"As nice as a good smelling aftershave lotion!"

Rick Palmer (BLOC)

"A worthy winner in a year when the competition was really very strong. The great thing about this site is the effortless sense of humour and slick presentation that pull together to present the product in the best light. It's clearly a challenging product to tackle and the team has achieved this with great flair. Quite how they managed to talk the client into such a risqué execution deserves an award in its own right, and the final result is a great testament to both the client and agencies involved."

Dominic Goldman (Hal Riney)

"I can imagine when the agency had the brief for this one. Rubbing their little hands for sure. They pulled off a well executed site founded on a big idea. It wasn't just pretty, it made us laugh. It made me like Philips. It made me feel hairy."

Jason Hickner

"A fantastic example of how to integrate video into an interactive experience and still keep things cohesive."

Ken Martin (BLITZ)

"An awesome, no-apologies blend of cleaver comedy, responsive video integration, and interaction variety that obviously went more than the 'extra inch' to take the win."

Eric Jordan (2Advanced Studios)

"The Phillips Bodygroom site makes an ingenious use of video content and, due to its humorous treatment of the subject matter, is very effective in keeping the user engaged in the site and learning about the product."

Dan LaCivita (Firstborn)

"A hilarious and irreverent site that really highlights the fact that a great concept is what makes a great project. This is a perfect example of how Flash is used as a tool to execute an idea that has its roots in one of the best emotions to tap in to - humor."

Shane Mielke (2Advanced Studios)

"I love the simple design and execution of this site and how it is geared towards actually speaking to your average web user. No tricky navigation, crazy effects or eclectic design styles geared at only impressing the design community. Overall, a brilliant marketing experience that succeeds because it grabs your attention with great writing, does its job, and doesn't try and do too much."

James Begera (WA007)

"One of the best executions of showcasing a product with this humorous experience. I want to get one right away so I can experience shaving my @$$#&@."

Benjamin Laugel (Soleil Noir)

"Beside the ironic style of the website (I've been laughing for minutes ^^), I really appreciate the script and the video production.

While other websites use TV promotional videos as media content, the Bodygroom website provided a dedicated production made for the website and its interactivity.

Even if it has not so much content, this is the kind of website we remember and we really want to send to people. It is not that graphic or highly technical but the development really fits the product and gives the customer the envy to go and buy the Bodygroom... which is what I did :)"

Craig Swann (Crashmedia)

"Smooth, seamless integration utilizing interactive video on the topic of shaving your **** and ****** makes this a fun, informative and engaging experience."

Keith Butters (The Barbarian Group)

"This site got sent to me by a whole bunch of different people. And, it came in waves. Talk about getting the message to spread..."

Vassilios Alexiou (Less Rain)

"Content is king, and the Philips Bodygroom website had me laughing from the first 5 seconds after hitting the site."

Sean Lam (Kinetic Interactive)

"Wicked humour! This is one smooth site."

Lars Bastholm (AKQA)

"Any site that offers me an extra optical inch deserves an award in my book."

Alex Griffin (de-construct)

"A great idea well executed - and makes you shiver at the same time."

Grzegorz Mogilewski (Max Weber)

"It is just so simple, funny and quite a bit shocking (bodyshaving? is it normal? ;))"

Koji Nishida (Raku Gaki)

"I’ve never seen such an exciting site using PIP. Just one shaver can create a whole show. And I couldn’t stop laughing at the jokes that couldn't be clearly broadcasted. Thanks for giving us so much laughter and entertainment!"

Ivan Todorov (BLITZ)

"The Philips Bodygroom is a masterpiece in interactive advertising - blending witty copywriting with video production - creating an experience where the user falls in love with the brand."

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