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The Favourite Website Awards Site Of The Year 2007, sponsored by Adobe, winner:

Get the Glass!


Description: Help the milk-deprived Adachi family to break into Fort Fridge and get the Glass. Avoid Milkatraz!

Credits: Designed and developed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and North Kingdom

Reactions from winner:

W. Stephen James, Executive Director, California Milk Processor Board

"We are thrilled and grateful to receive this prestigious award from FWA. In only our second year of having a presence on the web, GetTheGlass.com reveals both the depth of the research conducted by our friends at Goodby Silverstein and their detailed creative vision. It’s a whole new ball game trying to reach consumers with your message, and we felt the game and the whole experience of GetTheGlass.com succeeded in attracting, entertaining, and—most importantly—educating the public about the many nutritional benefits of milk. And even though we have always been very proud of the site and the experience it provides, it’s always nice to have such prestigious international recognition."

Will McGinness, Creative Director, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA

"This was a huge team effort and possibly one of the most exciting projects we've worked on. The collaboration and breadth of thinking that went into Get the Glass was nothing short of inspiring.

Also, having an amazing client like CMPB was essential in creating a unique experience like this. Without their trust and enthusiasm it wouldn't have been possible. This is a huge honor. Congrats to our Swedish friends and partners, it's time to celebrate."

Mike Geiger, Department Head, Interactive Production, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA

"Awesome, now I can die in peace. Special thanks go out to our super talented friends at North Kingdom, our more than understanding Milk client for supporting our ideas throughout the years and of course to Rob for giving the creative community the best flash and inspirational resource there is."

Robert Lindstrom, Art Director / Co-Founder, North Kingdom, Sweden

"We humbly thank you! It's times like these that you forget all the late nights at the studio! This honour has come about thanks to the great creative collaboration with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and the teams supporting us up in Skelleftea, Sweden!"

Roger Stighall, Account Director / Co-Founder / Partner, North Kingdom, Sweden

"Incredible! I believed the Vodafone SOTY in 2004 was a once in a lifetime experience, and now we are lucky again. As my old football coach used to say; once is luck, twice is coincidence, three times takes skill... :) Now we will celebrate this wonderful moment, and hopefully we can be back another year and compete for this prestigious award."

A few words from the SOTY sponsor, Adobe:

Kristan Jiles, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

"On behalf of Adobe, congratulations to North Kingdom and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners! Gettheglass.com is an outstanding example of what’s possible when superior creative talent is united with the power of Adobe’s technology. All of this year’s nominations were impressive examples of creativity at its best. We thank the FWA for once again coordinating this worldwide celebration of stellar web work. It’s definitely an inspiration for creative expression and community, and we’re glad to have been a part of it."

FWA judge’s comments:

- Jonah Bloom, Advertising Age, USA

"I started going through the sites in the middle of a crazy news day with about eight different deadlines bearing down on me. In itself that shouldn't have been that much of a problem, except that I became obsessed with getting the glass and kept getting sent to Milkatraz. Get the Glass was funny, well-executed, highly-playable, ridiculously sticky and hit multiple product message points. Definitely the cream of a great crop."

- Pascal Leroy, group94, Belgium

"Champagne is out. Milk it is! Get the glasses!"

- Rick Palmer, BLOC, UK

"A contender for my favourite EVER web production. If this was in the shops, I'd buy it! The boys and girls at North Kingdom and Goodby have out done themselves with this beauty. A very well deserved winner!!"

- Kevin Smith, Microsoft, USA

"As refreshing, fun and good for the body as a tall glass of leche."

- Andre Matarazzo, gringo, Brazil

"Never has the web seen this level of production craftsmanship and concept. It's Pixar meets Flash"

- Jeffrey Kalmikoff, skinnyCorp, USA

"Get The Glass is just insane. It's so much fun you forget that it's advertising, and it's so well done you forget it's a website and not a regular video game. Forget 2007, this is one of the best sites I've EVER seen."

- Dirk Eschenbacher, Tribal DDB, Shanghai, China

"Freaking Genius! Entertainment, game play, story telling, all in one, brilliantly executed! Wish I'd done it!"

- Kurt Noble, KNI, USA

"Hats off to GSP and North Kingdom for another amazing project. The level of detail, and, in particular, the creation and integration of an entire "play-land" of offline collateral is really herculean and quite staggering. This is especially true when you get inside scoops on how little time they had to produce this. Scary Good!"

- Richard Holley, Diesel, Italy

"Get the Glass! is a benchmark for quality that delivers on all aspects. After visiting this site I drank 3 pints of milk, so it has to have been very effective!"

- Liam McCallum, Electronic Arts, Asia

"Blurring the line between video games, animated films and websites, 'Get the Glass!' sets a new standard for online marketing campaigns."

- Nick Law, R/GA, USA

"The "get the glass" site/game is both well conceived and exquisitely crafted. A conceptual and aesthetic delight."

- Richard Lent, AgencyNet, USA

"A visual tour de force with extraordinary attention to detail. Perhaps the most visceral site I've ever experienced..."

- Jimmy Herdberg, Kokokaka, Sweden

"Totally awesome storytelling, hijacked me for an hour, still in my mind."

- Sue Garibaldi, Communication Arts, USA

This game's "Got Game."

- Freddie Laker, ichameleon/group/, USA

"All around amazing. I was blown away when I found out that the island was a real model about six months after I saw the site the first time!"

- Dan Oliver, .net magazine, UK

"This immersive 3D game is simply stunning. Online campaigns don't get any better"

- Jemima Kiss, mediaguardian, UK

"It's a beautifully crafted site with a complex but easy to understand game format that has been very well thought out. Absolutely delightful."

- Michael Ferdman, Firstborn, USA

"After just one viewing of Get the Glass in early March it was without question my even money favorite for site of the year."

- Laura Jordan Bambach, glue London, UK

"The absolute delight the character animation brought me, the attention to detail and the utter escapism, Get the Glass! has to be my vote! A beautifully conceived and expertly executed piece of work... utterly delicious eye candy."

- Arto Joensuu, Nokia, Finland

"Engaging and entertaining. One of the best advergames in a long time"

- Martin Hughes, WEFAIL, UK

"Never in the history of the internet, have I been so greatly entertained by a tumbling dice"

- Ashley Ringrose, SOAP Creative, Australia

"Milk has never looked so damn good."

- George Giampuranius, Sid Lee, Canada

"Excellent production value, fun and “infotaining”, it's a rare example of a brand giving something back to the user."

- Mark Ferdman, Freedom Interactive Design, USA

"I’m a diehard FWA’er and I’ve been looking at websites on a daily basis for 10+ years. Over that period of time, twice I’ve been instantly frozen in my tracks and humbled with awe, appreciation and respect for what I was seeing. The other site that did it to me was Comcastic!, another Goodby classic with emphatic punctuation. Fellow FWA’ers, the bar is currently sitting at Get The Glass! What’s the next level look like? Exclamation point.”

- Matjaz Valentar, Webshocker, Slovenia

"Well deserved SOTY. I already knew that back in March when I saw this site for the first time :)"

- Garrick Webster, Computer Arts, UK

"A rich experience, meticulously created, with fantastic visuals and animation. A lot of work, and thought, has gone into this site. We're tired of Web 2.0 and social networking sites. I hope we see more online experiences of this quality in 2008."

- Ivan Raszl, Ads of the World, Hungary

"I spent 45 minutes on the site and was happy to do so. This is a big achievement in these busy times."

- Lynda Weinman, Lynda.com & Flashforward, USA

"The integration of 3D character animation, lighting, video and interactivity is breathtaking, and sets a new bar for the industry!"

- Jack Schofield, The Guardian, UK

"I didn't vote for this. It's beautifully done, but it's not really a web site, just a downloadable Flash boardgame."

- Julius Wiedemann, Taschen, Germany

"I feel today that there are not so many people really exploring all the possibilities of the internet. Narrative and interaction are two things that people should definitely take a look at these days. Get the Glass is one of those sites that really gets the message across, using the best of the Internet. I spent a long time with my 5 year-old son having a lot of fun"

- Emmy Huang, Adobe, USA

"Get the Glass" is a fun and engaging advergame that adds a new dimension to the overall media campaign. The entire experience, with its 3D graphics, mini-games and storyline, demonstrates an attention to detail that puts this site above the rest."

- Eun-joo Moon, w.e.b., Korea

"This makes me want to be a milk-lover girl :)"

- Patrick Miko, Ultrashock, USA

"The quality and details of Get the Glass were astonishing, and one of the best sites we've seen to date."

- Jonathan Yuen, jonathanyuen.com, Singapore

"Funny, engaging, well thought-out and absolutely lovable! Got milk?"

- Josh Spear, JoshSpear.com, USA

"Get The Glass is an intriguing idea executed with genius. Swedes around the world should be proud-- this is North Kingdom at their best."

- Jonathan Hills, Domani Studios, USA

"Get the Glass does an amazing job transforming brand messaging into a collaborative experience and is a testament to the value of creating a solid partnership between the large agency and the smaller, whip smart design/development studio."

- Julie Campagna, Adobe, USA

"Love the concept. Very inviting interface. The graphics are fantastic."

- Todd Purgason, Juxt Interactive, USA

"It is amazingly conceived, truly original and flawlessly executed basically sets the bar"

- Benjamin Laugel, Soleil Noir, France

"I finally drop my beer for a glass of milk! Realistic universe, huge sound design, amazing animation and maybe the most entertaining game....what else?"

- Richard Bernstein, Arc Worldwide, Canada

"A very engaging creative idea brilliantly crafted"

- Grzegorz Mogilewski, Max Weber, Poland

"I've become milk fan after this !!!"

- Benjamin Palmer, The Barbarian Group, USA

"For the loveliest flash site of the year, it's no contest, Get The Glass is a big achievement."

- Nathan Young, Protoculture, USA

"It isn't just a cool Flash site for Flash's sake, it's a site where every element was thoughtfully considered. From the writing, character and environment design, audio, mini-games and interaction model, everything is well conceived to deliver on the brand message."

- Scott Cook, driftlab, USA

"'Get The Glass' has set a new standard in the seamless integration of 3D animation and Flash. The execution and the experience are flawless."

- Piero Frescobaldi, unit9, UK

"The characters and atmospheres of this playful experience are perfect for online consumption, where entertainment and content creation are necessary for advertising. In 'Get The Glass' it is not the advertising concept that wins, but the story and entertainment value. This is not a copywriter's job but a scriptwriter's one. I hope we will see a lot more of this in 2008."

- Tony Hogqvist, Perfect Fools, Sweden

"This campaign is not the best online idea this year, but shows by far the best craftsmanship. A benchmark in great execution, a piece of art."

- Masayoshi Boku, Bascule Inc, Japan

"It has the most-advanced creativity and popular appeal at the same time, as in Pixar's works."

- Dan LaCivita, Firstborn, USA

"I know a project is amazing when our whole company is silent from 9:00 - 9:30 in the morning and everyone is on the same site. Among all the great launches this year, this site truly has it all - a great concept, rich imagery and amazing interaction (the dice is what really made me smile)."

- Ryan Goodwin, Struck, USA

"I have to say, from the first time I laid eyes on this site, I knew it would be setting the interactive bar extremely high for the rest of us from here on out. From the animation, to the game play, to the dice rolling, GetTheGlass.com makes for one of the best sites to grace the net with its presence."

- Keith Butters, The Barbarian Group, USA

"Get the Glass! gets my vote for SOTY. I played it for hours.. never did get the damn glass though."

- Niklas Lindstrom, B-Reel, Sweden/USA

"A fresh narrative approach of experience driven storytelling online combined with pixelperfect design and execution."

- Jakub Dvorsky, Amanita Design, Czech Republic

"Beautifully crafted and funny game."

- Jeff Levine, Fake-Up, USA

"With the amount of production and attention to detail the bar has definitely been raised."

- Mark Billen, Web Designer Magazine, UK

"Despite the sublime execution of the Rear Window-style 'HBO Voyeur' site, I think 'Get the Glass' had to get the final vote. North Kingdom/Goodby Silverstein & Partners have produced a really innovative take on what could have been a very run-of-the-mill campaign. The animation work is stunning with a user experience so engaging and charming that the site has quickly been elevated to a top example of Flash design for 2007. Well done!"

- Bartlomiej Rozbicki, Ars Thanea, Poland

"Simply the best site I've seen last year. Great concept and execution. Congratulations to North Kingdom Team and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners."

- Rainer Michael, WM Team, Germany

"The amazing love of detail has to be honored."

- Sean Lam, Kinetic Singapore, Singapore

"Brim Full of Interactive Goodness!"

- Kensuke Sato, FICC Inc, Japan

"Everything is intuitive, interactive and interesting!"

- Henry Chu, pill and pillow, Hong Kong

"Great concept, great art direction, great execution!"

- Simone Legno, tokidoki, Italy

"It's long time since a website could entertain me so much. I got very curious to see what there's at the bottom of the game..."

- Dominic Goldman, DominicGoldman.com, USA

"Moving from the TV to this was a great way to tell the deeper story about this sneaky little family. I’m not a gamer, but I found myself engaged for an alarming amount of time. For me this was one of the greatest sites I've ever seen. The idea, production quality and the attention to detail were flawless. It left me feeling like damn, I could sure do with a nice cold glass to calm me down."

- Eric Jordan, 2Advanced Studios, USA

"Get the Glass! is a marvelously executed site, both from a creative and functional standpoint. Incredible attention to detail."

- Michael Kern, motionboy.com, USA

"From concept to execution this piece was ahead of its time, it spoke volumes for where the interactive industry is heading. One of the best hours I have ever spent online."

- Justin Marcucci, Nickelfish Design, USA

"Amazingly rich and impeccably executed."

- Ivan Todorov, BLITZ, USA

"A flawless interactive branded experience combining immersive gaming principles with 3D, video and post. Well done!"

- James Begera, WA007, USA

"The folks behind the “got milk” campaign and North Kingdom have created a truly amazing interactive experience. A synergy of some of the most impressive uses of flash, video and 3d design I have seen. Great job guys!"

- Rob Corradi, Preloaded, UK

"Full to the brim with ideas and high production values, clearly a lot of love has gone into this..."

- Shane Mielke, 2Advanced Studios, USA

"The creative was so good in this site that they even made TV Commercials with the 3D. North Kingdom continues to push everyone in the industry."

- Peter Van den Wyngaert, NRG.be and Ultrashock, Belgium/USA

"Most impressive digital board game of 2007!"

- Jason Zada, EVB, USA

"Taking production quality and experience to a new level, Get the Glass is certainly a project that upped the ante for the entire industry."

- Ryan Stewart, Adobe, USA

"The Get the Glass site is an example of everything that's good about Flash. It's fun, interactive and it immerses the user in a cinematic gaming experience right in the browser."

- James Stevenson, Bletchley Group, UK

"The Get the Glass! website is phenomenal, the highest quality animation and graphics, it's like having a Pixar movie you can play with, the ability to have true interactive animated movies has arrived!"

- Vasily Lebedev, Red Keds Studio, Russia

"Talking about "Get the Glass!" it is important to say, that it's one of the best virtual simulations of table games I've ever seen. As for myself, I sit something about hour during my work prime-time rolling the dice and watching police running on my tail. All the atmosphere, visual and audio production is made in one stylish theme and excites the player like a gangster blockbuster movie with a lot of humor. Thumbs up!"

- Winston Binch, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA

"Excellent from both a conceptual and executional perspective. An idea that utilizes the medium to the fullest with a nice pay-off. They did just about everything right to create a meaningful and highly engaging interaction with their brand in the digital space."

- Miguel Calderon, GrupoW, Mexico

"A game with a production like no other, whose main purpose is to get the precious glass of milk, "Get the Glass!" takes both young and old to a new experience of online gaming. Every detail is perfectly cared of, making this interactive piece a great piece of art. North Kingdom do it again!"

- Suzie Webb, mN, UK

"The 'Apocalypse Now' of sites (about milk). Quite simply A.C.E"

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