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The Favourite Website Awards Site Of The Year 2008, sponsored by Adobe, winner:

The Eco Zoo

Description: The Eco Zoo. Take a close look at the animals… you might find tips to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

Credits: Designed and developed by McCann Erickson Japan (http://www.mccann.co.jp/) and ENJIN Inc. (http://www.en-jin.jp/) and ROXIK (http://www.roxik.com/)

Reaction from winner:

- Junichi Nakazawa, Managing Director, ENJIN Inc.

"Issues of the environment and ecology should be our greatest concern, not only because it affects us humans, but all living things on earth.

They have been the focus of scientists and politicians, and, in more recent years, of business for their commercial potential, but, sadly, on an individual level, I feel that our consciousness is yet to be sufficiently raised.

The Eco Zoo is our attempt at creating communication that is easily and enjoyably understood by people of all generations and nationalities, while pushing the envelope of online creative expression. Thank you so much for the recognition.

We are looking forward to having many more people come visit our site!"

A few words from the SOTY sponsor, Adobe:

"On behalf of Adobe, congratulations to The Eco Zoo, McCann Erickson Japan, ENJIN Inc., and ROXIK for winning the prestigious FWA Site of the Year 2008 Award. The Eco Zoo brings environmentally friendly practices to life, like never before, brilliantly taking full advantage of the possibilities afforded by Adobe technology. The FWA serves as a true bellwether for the digital industry, continuously recognizing and awarding outstanding work like Eco Zoo. All of this year's nominees should be commended for applying their creative and technical talents to create engaging experiences that exceed expectation. Bravo!"

FWA judge’s comments:

- Ryan Stewart, Adobe, USA

"It's a great example of everything that makes Flash great, 3D, video content, animations, and a rich, engaging experience that literally pops off the page. Plus it teaches something valuable. It's a great combination."

- Jens Karlssom, Your Majesty, USA

"Exemplary execution in development, animation and design truly makes this site a one of a kind experience that deserves the full bag of gold"

- Jay Wolff, odopod, USA

"I love when it’s so clear a studio’s design team respects their audience this much. The exquisite craft and charming detail in this site are remarkable. A close look at the back of some forms of folded paper in the pop-up book reveals some (imaginary) Japanese kid’s school work on the underside."

- Rob Corradi, NeonState, UK

"Great visual style and fantastic use of 3D - without it ever feeling gratuitous - quite unlike anything else!"

- Teressa Iezzi, Creativity Magazine, USA

“The animation feels fresh and engaging. And it's super cute!”

- Suzanne Johnson, Akamai Technologies, USA

"The EcoZoo combines great creative, stimulating visuals and sophisticated use of Adobe Flash to give users an amusing journey through the lives of the various eco-friendly characters. Through the site, McCann takes advantage of what the technology can do without sacrificing core usability principles to offer an engaging, memorable experience"

- Dan Oliver, .net magazine, UK

"The Eco Zoo is a simple concept, beautifully executed. There are very few people that can produce 3D work of this calibre, and - having built his own 3D engine, Sharikura - Roxik (Masayuki Kido) is able to produce light, 3D models, that render seamlessly on both high and low spec machines. Innovative sites such as this are a rare thing, and should be enjoyed and celebrated. If Eco Zoo doesn't win, I want to know why?!"

- Den Ivanov, PARK, Russia

"Amazing piece of true 3D Art. Awesome!"

- Gregoire Assemat-Tessandier, Bacardi, UK

"Yes it is well done. Yes it uses 3D or whatever. But that's not it. So what's the "it"? Simply put, this is the site that I can show to any 6 years old and he'll have fun. And he'll understand the message. And what's better that tapping into the child spirit that we all have. Even if it's buried deep inside. And that's "it"."

- Shane Mielke, ShaneMielke.com, USA

"A breathtaking combination of design style and cutting edge scripting."

- Mate Steinforth, mateuniverse, USA

"Nice integration of recent technologies, nice design and educational. You can't get much more political correct and beautiful at the same time."

- Miguel Calderon, GrupoW, Mexico

“EcoZoo is a challenge to the standard, to what everyone else is trying to follow. It creates its own rules and has as a result an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful sites of the web.”

- Thomas Lewis, Microsoft, USA

"The Eco Zoo is immersive, informative and whimsical. Creating an experience that captures all three is quite a feat."

- Mark Ferdman, Freedom + Partners, USA

"The combination of beautiful clean design, imagination and fun accessibility -- all wrapped technically in a non-PaperVision 3D presentation that performs amazingly -- all while created in 2008, the "Year of PaperVision 3D", makes 'The Eco Zoo' my pick for FWA SOTD."

- Justin Cone, Motionographer, USA

“"The Eco Zoo" balances interactivity with education and wraps everything up in a beautiful, cheerful package. I want to crawl inside this website and set up residence next to Mrs. Roo.”

- Shizuki Baba, Web Designing Magazine, Japan

“It is so exciting to me to know that "the eco zoo", Masayuki Kido's work has gained worldwide recognition! He has coded this smooth, flexible 3D content by himself with no public libraries.

"The Eco Zoo" has proved that an individual can be on a par with huge advertising companies.”

- Richard Lent, AgencyNet, USA

"The 3D rendering, playability and overall responsiveness takes your breath away... well done."

- Stephen Price, Stash DVD Magazine, USA

"A fun and engaging way to deliver an important message (and perhaps break through the green-burnout some of the audience is feeling). My son is almost six and could not stop playing with it."

- Liam McCallum, EA, Singapore

"A stunningly rich and vibrant site that ensures you explore every corner of its interactive world."

- Megan Patrick, HOW Magazine, USA

"The Eco Zoo is like a delightful children's book brought to life through charming illustrations and animations."

- Mark Whitehead, adidas, Germany

“The finalists are two wonderfully produced sites, but the message carried by ecodazoo.com gives it the edge. I'm off to find some energy to save.”

- Julius Wiedemann, Taschen, UK

“Storytelling is a big thing for Internet, especially in an interactive fashion. Ecodazoo brings that up beautifully, adding 3D and intuitive features that are building the new digital world.”

- Eric Jordan, 2Advanced Studios, USA

"The Eco Zoo is a superb example of what can be achieved when technical prowess meets artistic ability."

- Per Hansson, Farfar, Sweden

"This was the year when 3D in Flash had its big breakthrough and these guys just made it better than everyone else. Amazing execution, extremely cute and very very Japanese."

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