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The FWA Site Of The Year 2011, winner:

The Museum of Me

Description: A visual archive of your social life.

Credits: Projector inc. (http://www.projector.jp/); DELTRO INC. (http://www.deltro.jp/); TAIYO KIKAKU co., ltd. (http://www.taiyokikaku.com/); Rhizomatiks (http://rhizomatiks.com/); MountPosition Inc. (http://www.mountposition.co.jp/).

Reactions from winner:

"We’re thrilled The Museum of Me has been named Site of the Year. First and foremost we wanted to create an experience people would love and want to share. The Museum of Me struck an emotional chord with people. We couldn’t have achieved the result without the creative team at Projector. The Museum of Me is an example of what can happen when an agency and client have a shared vision and passion." - Stephanie Gan, Intel

"It is truly an honor for the Museum of Me to be named FWA Site of the Year. We embraced the challenges of developing a new form of storytelling, discovering the intersection of technology and human emotion, and creating art that gives shape to invisible values. This, we believe, is what the essence of Intel is connected to. Every moment we worked on this project was glorious, and the whole team felt the same way. I have nothing but the greatest respect for them." - Koichiro Tanaka, Projector

"From the very moment the idea of "The Museum of Me" flashed into our minds, we could not cease excitement, and the team dedicated great passion and deep love to create the website.

Within moments after release, we got reactions from all over the world instantly from people who experienced our site and the numbers were truly way beyond our expectations. It left us thrilled to bits making us uneasy to concentrate on work.

However, during the production of "The Museum of Me" a disastrous earthquake struck our country, Japan.

Many fell into an adverse situation but that kind of situation bonded us even stronger, and motivated us by a sense of responsibility to accomplish this "The Museum of Me" which praises every human life.

We are honored to have worked in a team with such tremendous talent, and deeply appreciate every single person who took a moment to visit and experience our website.

Many thanks to the FWA !! Cheers!!" - Eiji Tanigawa, TAIYO KIKAKU co., ltd.

We are really honored that we have received such an outstanding prize which a lot of web creators are aiming for. Most of all, we were really pleased that a lot of people from all over the world had browsed and experienced this piece and touched the essence / philosophy of “intel”. 2011 was a very big year for web creation because of newly emerging technologies, techniques and platforms, and also last year was a big year since a lot of client based advertisement became a hybrid expression of “Commercial” and “Art”.

We are truly honored to have received such an outstanding prize which a lot of web creators are aiming for. And, I was really pleased that a lot of people from all over the world had browsed and experienced this piece and touched the essence / philosophy of “intel”. 2011 was a very big year for web creation because of newly emerging technologies, techniques and platforms, and these changes gave us a lot of good mind shift and opportunity to explore the potential of expression.

“Museum of me” was crystalized by the client, creators & artists who really respect both “Art / Commercial”, and we believed our craftsmanship and perspective would be accepted by a lot of people, and eventually it became bigger than expected. We'll keep digging new potential in 2012 and this award give us a lot of fuel to explore more! Thanks so much to FWA and the judges who voted for this project. - Seiichi Saito, Rhizomatiks

 "It's such an honor to be selected as the site of the year. This was a rare project which every member of the team knew what they needed to accomplish, and their persistence brought The Museum of Me to life. The team enhanced the quality of the work, and we launched it not just simply by adding effort, but by subtracting the elements as much as possible to make it simple and clean. We would like to thank the FWA for giving us such an award, and all the people who have experienced the Museum of Me." - Masanori Sakamoto & Ken Murayama, DELTRO INC.

A few words from FWA Founder, Rob Ford

“The most impressive and creative personalisation of Facebook ever. In a year when we saw an explosion of Facebook connect sites, The Museum of Me set the bar incredibly high and thanks to Intel's vision for this project and the teams who brought it together, we can expect to see others aspire to such amazing heights in the future.” - Rob Ford

FWA judge’s comments:

Winston Binch, Deutsch LA

"This is the best Facebook ad I've ever seen and a great example of smart data marketing. While there's little reason to use it more than once or twice, and I'm not sure I ever got the Intel connection, it's a pretty unforgettable experience.

Simple yet content rich, personal, beautifully scored, and elegant in design and function, Museum of Me feels much more like art than digital advertising. While a lot interactive goes for shock and humor, they successfully went for something more dramatic and emotionally moving.

A very difficult thing to do with interactive and an inspiring glimpse into the future possibilities of what can be done with social data, film, and a simple, clever idea."

Rei Inamoto, AKQA

"You know when something is good when you start to hear about a piece of work from your industry friends. But when you hear from your non-industry friend, you know the work is really amazing.

The Museum of Me was such a piece. 

I kept seeing the mentions and Like's in my facebook newsfeed for days and days. It was so easy and so simple. But most importantly, it made you feel something inside."

Dustin Callif, Tool

"When this site 1st came out, I shared it with my wife and it brought a tear to her eye.  It's refreshing to see a site that delivers on an emotional level rather than just a technical level.”

Todd Purgason, JUXT Interactive

"We have seen many forced executions over the past few years that pull in your social content. However, this is the first experience that feels truly compelling and the execution delivers a near poetic experience for the user. From an Intel branding standpoint it effectively positions the brand based on the concept, it is a truly a job well done and deserving of admiration for the concept and the exemplary execution."

Oscar Trelles, Tribal DDB Worldwide

"This year we have seen quite a few experiences that to combine interesting narrative with social graph data in an attempt to craft unique, on the fly experiences for users. Intel's "Museum of Me" does it with elegance, while delivering on the surprise factor. This piece is proof that quality is what makes an experience go viral."

Kurt Noble, KNI

"The most touching, charming and seamlessly personilzed use of a Facebook Authentication this year."

Daniel Stein, EVB

"The idea of tapping data in the social graph to create customized content isn't new and most examples are sterile and generic.  Intel's Museum of Me is no such thing.  The site's stellar execution and attention to detail wraps the data in a personal experience that is both modern and emotional. This site has set a new bar for Facebook and social media content.”

Drew Ungvarsky, Grow Interactive

"Museum of Me was a great success in that it was beautifully executed and had mass appeal.  You know a site has broken through when you become aware of it through a dozen Facebook wall posts before you catch it in your industry news feed."

Richard Lent, AgencyNet

"In a precursor to Facebook's Timeline, Intel takes us on a personal journey via the Museum of Me. Unique, visceral, and beautifully crafted.”

Jason Harris, Mekanism

"By making you the star of the experience, The Museum of Me intelligently pays off the brief of Visibly Smart.

The Museum of Me is one part personal exploration tool and one part eye candy, and it adds up to a near perfect brand experience."

Serge Jespers, Adobe

“I absolutely love how Intel puts you front and center in this beautiful and emotional campaign site. I hope we see more of this in 2012.”

Thomas Lewis, Microsoft

"Museum of Me is a site that feels magical as it takes your online social life and makes it feel real."

Michael Ferdman, Firstborn

"A ground breaking visualization tool for aggregating your personal data and creating an powerful way to experience it."

Tim Barber, Odopod

“It's powerful because it taps into the sincere emotions just beneath the superficial fluff of Facebook.”

Eric Jordan, 2Advanced Studios

“An incredibly well-orchestrated, intimate experience of personalization.”

Anders Sønderby Jessen, hello monday

"The Museum of Me is a beautiful and well executed site and through the Facebook integration it creates an emotional tie with the user that is truly amazing.”

John Noe, Rokkan

"The Museum of Me project pulled a user's profile data in an incredibly unique and fresh way. It wrapped a fun and playful story around personal content that fit well and made sense.”

Rick Palmer, BLOC

"A polished and highly-effective presentation use of Facebook's hoard of your personal data. Impactful, well-crafted and highly personal."

Eliza Williams, Creative Review

“Museum of me offers a fresh and surprising way of viewing your Facebook content and sharing it with friends.”

Benjamin Laugel, Soleil Noir

“Certainly the first website using FB connect the most interesting way.”

Pascal Leroy, group94

“From the two finalists I'd choose Museum of Me. It is a very clever idea and a perfect execution, which declares the huge success.

The other finalist is impressive as well, but I hate it when things don't work on all browsers and it even hanged on Chrome the first time."


The Museum of Me trailer

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