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The FWA Site Of The Year 2015, winner:

Because Recollection

Description: "The music label Because Music is ten years old. For this anniversary, discover Because Recollection, an interactive journey through ten years of sound and artworks."

Credits: 84.Paris (http://www.84paris.com/)

Reactions from the winners:

Emmanuel de Buretel - Because Music president :
"Congrats to the 84 team for their amazing  job!
It’s a nice recognition of a great web experience that celebrates the 10 successful years of Because music.
The creativity of the two independent companies have proven that the future of the web cannot be without  the indies.
Make sure you  spend time and enjoy every animations !"

Olivier Bienaimé - Founder and Creative Director from 84.Paris :
"We are very proud to receive one of the major awards in the digital industry for a total playful experience.
Entertainment is the only way to save digital production from the "Grid and Scroll Dogma".
Since two years, we saw too much websites who had the same "Interface & Navigation" skills when Flash was the master.
The Internet gives us great opportunities to create, innovate, and have fun, we must keep pushing forward our industry.
So, more than ever, we are French, but happy and creative!"

Jean-Vincent Roger - Founder and Creative Technology Director from 84.Paris :
"It's a great pride because winning the FWA SOTY is a dream for all people working in this industry.
The evolution of web technologies and the amazing work of the community gave us the possibility to push the limit of creativity and interaction like it was with Flash before... and this, it's also a good news!"

A few words from FWA Founder, Rob Ford:
"Because Recollection was the true stand out project in 2015, a project that got everyone talking and sharing and a project that has truly taken this industry forward with levels of creativity we haven't experienced for some time."

FWA judge's comments:

Hana Tanimura, Google
"Music, illustration, motion and interaction design powerfully combine to create a surprising and seriously addictive experience. Incredible attention to detail... I'm as impressed as I am hooked!"

Remon Tijssen, Adobe
"I want this for all music artists out there to explore new music. This feels like the early days of MTV in today’s world and has the potential to grow into a publishing platform for digital album covers stimulating collaboration between interactive designers, creative developers and music artists creating an endless library of playful interactive branding moments."

Mathias Appelblad, Forsman & Bodenfors
"Spectacular way of visualizing and make music even more emotional. Great aesthetics and interaction design!"

Ivan Todorov, Blitz
"Energizing, Engaging, Stimulating. Sophisticated experienced in a simplicity wrapper. Really enjoyed this interactive masterpiece."

Melanie Clancy, BBDO Proximity
"Awesome design, music and experience. What’s not to love?"

Steve Le Marquand, Resn
"I couldn't stop."

Lars Bastholm, Google, The Zoo
"The winner for me, because of the sheer fun and pleasure of engaging with the site is the Because Recollection. It's a great combination of content and experience with an, obviously, killer soundtrack."

Todd Purgason, ENVOY
"Music is such a visceral experience, over the past 50 years album art has evolved to reflect this same kind of expression in a visual form. This project takes the spirit of that creativity to the next level involving the listener engaging with music and art. The result is an experience that allows the listener to become involved with the music and art in a way that makes them a composer and creator as much as a listener and viewer."

Brian Limond, Limmy

"Reminds me of the pop-up book style bits and pieces I used to love playing with back in the golden days of Flash, RIP."

Delia Lauret, Netflix
"The FWA stands for Favourite Website Awards, an industry recognised internet award program and inspirational portal. For me this is defined not only by technique, but also by user-friendly-ness, UX, design and idea. Based on this, in my opinion 'Because recollection' covers all grounds. Not only great for the industry but also for the consumers to flashback through music."

James Baker, WDDG
"With fantastic animation and an addictive sense of humor (and great music) it's tough to stop hitting the spacebar to see what is next."

Joshua Corliss, The Martin Agency
"In a sad time of uniformity and complacency comes a visually rich auditory experience that goes above and beyond; an absolutely jaw-dropping retrospective of Because Music's last ten musical years.

The thought and craft given to each of the individual album covers rivals most full sites produced today. It's probably one of the most creatively engaging and beautiful uses of HTML5 I’ve seen (yet)."

Augusta Duffey, hound & bone studio
"A beautiful use of interactivity to introduce the user to each artist and their distinct sound and personality."

Shin Kang, Adobe
"Never seen anything like this before It’s like a breath of fresh air- incredibly engaging and inspiring web experience!"

Anders Sønderby Jessen, Hello Monday
"A beautiful piece of work - with simple but highly engaging interactions, that you can’t help but play with."

Rick Palmer, Advertising M&A
"A masterclass in engaging sound and interaction design. Packed full of humour and surprises, Because Recollection is wonderfully realised, bringing this eclectic music collection to life in unexpected and compelling ways. I could get lost in here for hours!"

Melvyn Lim, OgilvyOne Worldwide
"Because I spent the most time on this site."

Rina Miele, Honey Design
"Beyond beautiful typography and imagery and interface - there was something about the way this site grabbed you — I’m not even familiar with the content (artists/music) but I was so entranced with this I could not leave the site until I explored every facet."

Julia Ogrydziak, Blacksquare
"A masterful riff on memory. A gorgeous voyage of synthesis and rediscovery, joyously inspired by the possibilities of the web."

Marta Swannie, Brand Union
"For me this site is a slow burner - the more you play with it, the more you love it. Packed full of so many little interactions, it's pure joy! A proper interactive music experience."

Jennifer Xin, Firstborn

"I went with Because Recollection because I thought the playfulness of the design, the music, the animations all really worked together to communicate the spirit of the brand.  Without making me read anything, I understand what this company is all about."


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