The Goal

The goal of the "In-Synch Challenge" is to engage and educate the "Risk Manager" core target who are known to actively seek information on how to make their homes and businesses more safe and secure.


The Reality

Yeah, that was the goal. But for most of us, insurance and all that is associated with it comes across as boring or irritating.

Along with that obstacle, we only had 8 weeks to concept and create the project. So, we had a tough task ahead of us.

The Challenge

To start, we thought creating a 'Challenge' or game would help users engage with the site as well as learn about what Travelers wanted to communicate.

Second, by creating real family scenarios we felt people would be able to connect better with the overall experience.

Finally, we partnered with a multi-talented Broadcast/Interactive Creative Studio out of Sweden called B-Reel.

They took on a challenge of their own when they decided to do the project. And I will definitely give them all the credit for how engaging this experience became. Let me just share a little of what they accomplished in six weeks.

The Creation

They created three unique 3D environments where the user is introduced to three sets of characters: a young couple buying a starter home, a family who have been living in the home for a while, and a couple nearing retirement who have realized their dream of owning their own small business.

Everything you see was rendered in 3D with the exception of the actors who were shot against a green screen and composited into the 3D environments.

They used stock photography where they needed, but I can't even tell where.

What makes the whole thing work is their attention to detail and their sense for motion, composition and transitions.

We also worked with them to create a catchy music soundtrack and sound design to make the tests more unique.

It's Still Insurance

Sprinkle on some pixie dust and there you have it, the In-synch Challenge.

It isn't overly complicated, and that is why I think it has been so successful.

Check out some other insurance web sites and you will start to see how this stands above the competition.

We were excited that Travelers would let us go as far as we did. Given, it isn't 'Ozzy Osborne biting heads of bats' type stuff, but remember it is insurance.

About the Author, T.Scott Major
Interactive Art Director, Fallon

T. Scott Major is an Interactive Art Director with Fallon in Minneapolis, MN. He has a beautiful wife, Erin whom he met on a blind date. They have two little children and hope for a lot more.

He attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN and was graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art.

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