Imaginative to the bone

Being an inventive marketing and advertising agency, DUBOIS meets FUGGER could not help but make a creative website.

Soon after our advertising agency was established in 2003, our creative germs started multiplying and drifting towards an equally imaginative website.

We worked out a concept, thought up characters and situations, and launched a competition between illustrators. We hit it off with the people at Eugene & LouiseStudio Plum (web design). (illustrations) and

It took some more brainstorming to perfect the transitions from one page to another, but the end result is a creative website that fits the broader universe that is DUBOIS meets FUGGER.

The bigger picture

The website is, after all, only one element in the bigger picture. Our corporate identity comes back in many different forms. You can find the colors of the website in our house style and business cards. The characters emerge on, behind or under desks, the power points, the meeting rooms, or even in the lavatories.

Working the web

There are no lengthy texts on the website, we tried to convey our philosophy by showing, not telling. What you will find on the website is your host, Benny The Brave, and 27 extras.

There are a total of 31 diverse transitions (at random).

Throughout the pages you can look for 5 hidden secrets, which will lead to one downloadable screensaver, 3 downloadable desktops and one downloadable set of Benny The Brave icons. All you have to do is click and keep clicking.

Little old Belgium

And apparently that is exactly what are visitors are inclined to do. Reactions so far speak of, for instance, the cartoon-like quality of our website.

We are really happy to hear that people take the time to explore different pages. After all, thanks to the unusual transitions you get a different entry to each page, even if you think you might have seen it before.

The thousands of reactions and the numerous awards we received from all over the world, really baffled us. Really. When you are out to communicate your own specific voice and identity, it is electrifying to hear that this identity is inspiring to others. And even though it was not our intention, we’re happy to put Belgium on the map.

About the authors, Ben Van Asbroeck & Caroline Vermaerken

Ben Van Asbroeck has been working in advertising since 2001. He is teamed up with Caroline Vermaerken, art director since 2002. This is the first project they successfully finished as a team.

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