We come from Lapland – The North of Finland. This extraordinary region on the northern edge of the world is a land of extremes. When it's quiet, it's dead silent. When it's light, it's light day and night. When it's dark, it's dark for week after week. So, when we created some digital marketing for Finnish Lapland, we decided to go to extremes. 


Lapland and northern Finland are among the world’s last wildernesses. Travellers can experience this region with modern infrastructure and a wide range of services. But not many travellers know this. In 2011 a project "Lapland – The North of Finland" was launched to raise awareness about this No ordinary region. In fall 2012 we wanted to awaken interest among our core target group – Modern Humanists – who are 15 per cent of the global tourist market. But what would be interesting enough to get their attention?

During the wintertime, the Northern Lights are an unforgettable sight - something everyone should experience at least once. To give people a taste of our No ordinary region, we created an application that not only showcases this phenomenon but brings the Northern Lights to their fingertips! 

The idea 

The idea of the Laplication was simple. The Northern Lights are visible for up to 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland. We wanted everybody to be able to experience this amazing phenomenon, no matter where they are. Using augmented reality, the app allows smartphone users to experience this incredible natural lightshow in the palm of their hand. 

And since travelling is about memories, we included a toolkit with the app that gives you the possibility to pimp your ordinary holiday photos using filters and objects into No ordinary photos. 

How it works

The Laplication uses augmented reality to allow you to view the Northern Lights. You turn your phone upwards towards the sky and then you will see the Northern Lights. When the phone is in the upright position again, the image returns to normal.

You can also take a photograph or choose a photograph from your gallery and Laplify it by adding image filters such as Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, and Ice, and adding objects like reindeer antlers and snowflakes. The Laplified images are saved in the photo gallery and you can share them via social media.

Starting with the Northern Lights we developed a simple 3D skybox which was connected to the mobile device’s gyroscope. The animated northern lights were superimposed on top of the camera feed. The GPS data and compass provide the distance and direction to Lapland. This was followed by a Lapland themed image editor consisting of “Lapstagram” filters and objects.

In addition to these interactive elements the application includes essential travel information and beautiful imagery from Lapland.

The Laplication was introduced in London in September 2012.


Project / Regional Council of Lapland
Marketing Director: Hanna-Mari Talvensaari
Marketing Coordinator: Pauliina Silven-Alamartimo 
Agency / SEK & GREY Finland
Copywriter: Suvi Lähde
Art Director: Sami Kelahaara
Account Director: Laura Mertano
Strategist: Sami Lanu

Digital Design & Development / Great Apes
Project coordination: Mikko Sairio
Art Director: Niko Sipilä
Art Director: Mika Mäkinen
Developer: Mikko Saario
Developer: Antti Kaukinen

Lapland – The North of Finland / Regional Council of Lapland.



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