We know this is a familiar story: It's Friday night, you're out with friends or co-workers and you've consumed a few. Or more than a few. The one thing you can all agree on is that you’re not ready to call it a night yet. But where to go next?

At The Barbarian Group, we’re dedicated to exploring and experimenting with new technologies. Our friends at Foursquare showed us their new ‘Connected Apps’ API, which helps users get more out of their check-ins. Foursquare's "explore" functionality allows you to see the places your friends most frequently visit and is a handy way to find new spots that you'll like. So we thought we’d leverage their API to help us out with a problem that Barbarians frequently encounter -- what bar should we go to next? 

A RAGER is Born

The first move was getting Barbarians from different disciplines together and riffing on ideas. We wanted to make something that fun and lightweight  that had genuine utility. Our app would check where you are, and give you recommendations on bars to hit up next, based on the tastes of Barbarians, as well as your own friends. It would also direct you to the nearest slice of pizza, and even help you book a ride home on Uber. 

How it Works

First, install Rager and connect the app to your Foursquare account by going to justonemore.me. Then you go out, check-in wherever you are ad order a drink with confidence. When you're ready to move on, consult RAGER, which will tell you the next spot to rage against the dying of the night. Our selections were crowdsourced from some (ahem) deeply knowledgable authorities on the subject of alcoholic consumption -- Barbarian employees. 

Designing for the Drunk

Our design approach was simple: we needed something that people could read three, four, eleven drinks in. This approach led us to an aesthetic style that embraces bold visual elements and flat colors. We finished it off with fun copy that would bring a smile to even the most gin-soaked lips. 

Launch? Party!

When Rager was finished, we celebrated (of course). We hit a local SoHo bar where Barbarians and friends came together to check out the app. And when the inevitable pizza slice was needed, we successfully used Rager to find a place near by to order some pies. This led to a long evening of Barbarians raging, directed by the guidance of our handy connected app. 

Raging is...All the Rage

In the short time since launch, Rager has caught the attention of PSFKSocial News DailyDigiday and of course, the Foursquare blog. Additionally, justonemore.me has received 2.8K visits and 5K pageviews, 554 check-ins and 498 social shares, with 181 venues clicked through for Foursquare. And the Rage is just getting started. 

About the Author

Jill Nussbaum is the Executive Director of Product Design at the Barbarian Group, working with clients to develop long-term product experiences and overseeing the Interaction Design group. For more than a decade, Jill has focused on creating digital experiences that influence behavior and add value to peopleʼs lives. By working with global brands such as Nike, Nokia, GE, and T-Mobile, she has become fluent at extending product experiences to the digital space and across physical environments.

Jillʼs work has garnered a dozen industry awards including the Cannes Titanium Lion, Cannes Cyber Lion, Clio Interactive Grand, and D&AD Black Pencil. Her "FlyOver Channel" concept was chosen as “Best in Category” in I.D. magazine's 2009 Annual Design Review. She has juried several competitions including the Clios, Communication Arts and Core 77. Previously, Jill was an Executive Creative Director at R/GA, a key player behind the design of the Nike+ platform which was named “Campaign of the Decade” by Adweek and the One Club. Jill teaches at the Interaction Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts, is on the board of directors for AIGA New York and regularly contributes to PSFK. 



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