Another year is coming to an end, leaving us covered with creativity.

Another year has given us more than we could have ever expected and another year is upon us to fill with more of the best online creative and ideas that both inspire and encourage, and to reset the bar for the very best in the interactive industry in 2008.

Every new year I look forward to the new ideas and the new names that will be popping up and taking the reigns as the best and the brightest.

The young passionate designers and developers who will burst on the scene and show us old folks how things are done as the future unfolds.

The new techniques and designs that will inspire us all to produce better work (and force our clients to demand more from us). No other site showcases the very best our industry has to offer like the FWA.

Setting new standards

2007 was a year that solidified Flash as a new standard for not just websites but video on the web.

We also saw sites like Get the Glass blow productions into new realms and prove that producing a website is just as intense if not more than any of the other traditional video and audio productions of the past.

2007 delivered endless websites and tons of Papervision.

2007 also gave us the emergence of the "small shop" as serious contenders in this space and it ended with some of the coolest holiday sites from every shop and agency out there.


Now that we are coming to a close on 2007 we should all start pondering our upcoming resolutions.

Im not talking about screen resolutions like 800x600 Vs 1024x768, I am talking about new years resolutions!

Resolutions are a world wide tradition, just like the internet breaks all cultural barriers, resolutions are something everyone does regardless of culture.

Each passing year, we all make a few small promises to ourselves in order to better our lives and the lives of people around us. I try to improve everyday but this is a time of year that I naturally think about what the new year will bring and what I would like to accomplish in the new year.

I personally had a great year in 2007, at Firstborn I produced some memorable and amazing sites, 4 of them winning FWA awards (Microsoft Forefront, HP Parental Mind Control, AXE Dirty Rolling and Zune Journey), this year also brought about my exit at Firstborn to my new position as Director of Online Services at Touro College. Where I plan to raise the standard of interactive websites for the academic world.

I promised myself that this year I was going to take everything I have learned and accomplished in the advertising world and to experiment and implement in the academic world, so stay tuned for some interesting projects in 2008.

Attention to detail

Another resolution that I promised to keep this year is to pay more attention to details not just in my projects but in everything that I look at for inspiration.

One of the small details that I started paying attention to and that have given me many points of inspiration is the Featured section on the right hand side of the FWA.

Don't get me wrong, one of my favorite morning activities, beside caffienation, is to check out the site of the day, although recently I find myself spending more time on the right hand side checking out

the emerging talent, newsworthy items and inspirational tidbits that swarm that side of the page.

The Featured section allows artists and developers to share their ideas and findings, their experiments and breakthroughs. It is a space that helps communicate and predict industry shifts that effect everything we do and help us advance in our production of better work and to keep the pace of our industry in a constant state of advancement.

Most people take for granted the additional information that is provided on the far side of our favorite awards site, often overlooking the gems that live within that cute pop out panel.

I have seen the names of some of today's top talent first emerge from that section, it acts as a vision into the future of the industry and because the pace is so fast it doesn't take long for those names to start filling up the SOTD slots.

Keeping a finger on the pulse

I promised myself that this year I would spend more time checking out the new project announcements, new techniques and news that appears in the Featured column.

I also hope to see more people share their techniques and help educate the industry as to how certain challenges were approached and overcome, how certain new techniques can be applied and to let us all know what kinds of experiments are taking place in the laboratories of the mind of emerging designers and developers.

I would also like to see more producers and directors speaking up and sharing techniques on management as well.

I would like to see 2008 be the year we become a full fledged community that supports one another through collaboration, sharing of knowledge and ideas and serving as the foundation generation of a

medium that is only getting stronger and stronger.

I would like 2008 to be the year of the small shop, the 2-3-4 man teams that deliver award winning projects on par with the legends such as North Kingdom, Big Spaceship and Group 94.

One world, one voice

Let's all make 2008 a memorable and ground breaking year, let the world hear our voices through our talents and our abilities to create content for the most widely used medium on the planet.

Let's set the stage for the next generation to take the reigns and carry on what we started and to strengthen the industry by forcing them to adhere to a higher standard.

I will be keeping my eye on that side of the page and hopefully will have some news of my own to share with the community.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and creative new year!

About the author, Craig Elimeliah
Director of Online Services, Touro College

Craig Elimeliah has taken the leap from the advertising world at Firstborn, where he has produced many award winning projects for top agencies, to the academic world where he plans on applying his experience to set a new standard in education and student experiences.

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