The third in the Silhouette series, highlighting some of the unsung heroes of the industry, takes a look at Moses Gunesch…

Let My People Code!

Moses Gunesch

What a fitting name for a man best known in our industry for freeing designers and developers from programming complexities that can inhibit a complex design or execution.

A man known for his expertise not only innovating in Flash, but for actually creating development tools for the people and most recently tools by the people. Allowing designers and developers to grow with these tools and to produce better quality work.


Moses Gunesch's Fusekit for Flash filters and animation is probably one of the most widely known and used tool for flash in the industry.

Fusekit is used in over 60 countries by designers at Amazon, NBC/Universal, Organic, Razorfish, Frog Design, R/GA, Firstborn, Chopping Block, Schematic, Euro, Nike, Motorola & many other interactive agencies.

Most importantly, everyone's favourite website, thefwa.com! It uses the FUSEkit's Zigo Tweening.

In his latest Fusekit developments, Moses takes on a more of a leadership role in helping to empower designers and developers.

The release of AS3 and Flex really made a huge impact on the industry. It shook things up and forced legions of developers to really rethink how they were used to doing things in Flash. Moses, well aware of the imminent changes about to occur, didn't just port his already popular tools to accommodate the many changes posed by AS3 and Flex.

A Different Journey

Instead he chose to embark on an entirely different journey.

Moses decided to start the Go initiative, Moses says "I'm passionate about animation scripting and believe that our community is ready to work collaboratively to build its own standard. We don't have to wait around for someone else to do it for us!"

Go empowers all AS3 coders to, as Moses refers to it, "roll their own" animation tools instead of relying on people to do it for them. Moses has a video tutorial on the new goasap.org site that shows how anyone can code their own simple, but fully functional working Fuse in about 10 minutes!

How fitting is this biblical name for a man who is known for his leadership and social responsibility to an emerging industry that is taking the world by storm. An industry once shackled by its rebelliousness and looked down upon because of its infancy but now blooming like a new nation coming out of bondage and rising up to take its rightful place amongst mainstream media and cultural platforms.

Giving to a community

There is no greater contribution that a person can give to their community than to provide the tools for people to better their work and themselves. To give people the ability to produce better work and to empower an industry as a whole by leveling the playing field.

Moses, by nature is a problem solver. Fuse was created to help solve AS2-specific issues. When AS3 hit the scene Moses really wanted to see how the AS3 world shaped up and decided that he would address things that he felt it lacked when he got a good view of the impact the change had on the community.

Moses primarily designs tools that instill confidence in young designers and developers and give them the ability to tackle projects that they may have shied away from had they not had access to these tools. In his new endeavor Moses now wants then to have the ability to create their own tools.

The Go Community

The goals of the Go community is to provide a shared base that many different animation systems can branch out from, in the hopes that eventually it will become easier for Flash developers to work with multiple systems or build their own, with some common threads between them.

This new initiative is based on delivering to the people what they want on both an individual and community level and again shows Moses's broad vision and genuine concern and dedication to the design and development communities.

Go is really a "community initiative". Moses wants to inspire Flash designers and developers to work together to create and maintain the most flexible shared base library possible. Moses wants the public to run it, develop it, maintain it and own it.


Moses is unique not only for his innovations in Flash and its development but also for sharing.

Yes, sharing!

His vision for collaboration and unified development in the industry is unmatched, he contributes proactively, he shares his knowledge and his methods unselfishly and is known worldwide for his generosity by providing the interactive community with leadership and with the tools that help the industry grow.

He is empowering the younger generations to become more confident and to become more accustomed to make necessary changes as the industry evolves.

Moses is a true roving soul with a real passion for ideas. He says "My living is currently made as an Interactive developer with an Action Script specialty, helping various agencies dream up unique website concepts and make them a reality."

Altruism, freedom, roving, unselfish, clarity, contribution, knowledge.

A Religious Figure?

I don't usually find any reason to involve religious figures in my writing, but the contrasts here are astonishing.

How can one ignore the profound name that Moses was bestowed with. A name that describes his true nature and his role in a fairly new community that needs people like Moses to lead the way through the uncharted territories of the interactive industry.

The original Moses (not Charlton Heston) was the humble son of slaves who was adopted into and then left the riches of Pharaoh's castle to go fight for his people to be released from the bondage of slavery and to lead them to their freedom, to gain clarity and to a promised land.

Moses is a man who has broken the shackles of complexity in Flash and has given many people a freedom to go on and accomplish great things.

To create and to share

Moses embodies both those words and is a living example of the fundamentals our design and development communities should embrace.

We are a community that the entire world is looking towards in order to develop and enhance the most powerful and popular platform known to mankind.

Mosessupposes.com was the location most flash developers visited on their way up.

Today Goasap.org is the next stage in Moses's life. It will serve as a destination for himself and many others who embrace a social responsibility to create a collective voice for the interactive industry.

Moses understands that sharing, teaching, and creating is how a person attains ultimate happiness and satisfaction.

He has bestowed upon his generation a set of tools that helped propel this industry to where it is today and his leadership will now help a new generation take the reins and create their own tools that will be the foundation of a new class of Flash designers and developers of tomorrow.

He innovates and then he disseminates, by nature.

His name is Moses. How fitting.

About the Editor, Craig Elimeliah
Senior Executive Producer at Freedom + Partners

Craig Elimeliah has taken the leap from the advertising world at Firstborn, where he has produced many award winning projects for top agencies, to the academic world where he plans on applying his experience to set a new standard in education and student experiences. Craig masterminded the Silhouette series for FWA in March 2008.

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