The fourth in the Silhouette series, highlighting some of the unsung heroes of the industry, takes a look at Carlos Ulloa…

Paper beats Rock!

Carlos Ulloa

It is exhilarating that we live and work in a time where a massive cultural shift is taking place, a new and emerging online space where the world can be heard on a single platform and where we as humans can belong to a global community.

The Internet has become the collective consciousness of a world united by a single network connecting billions of people from all 4 corners of the globe.

Wow! That introduction sounded like an old AT&T commercial for dial up connections.

In one of my previous profiles I mentioned the fact that as humans we are meticulous in tracing back and documenting the very beginnings of where our cultural foundations took root.

We spend valuable time and effort to go back and find that one miraculous spark in time that influenced the foundations of everything we do.

The speed of our industry is so fast it accelerates even history itself.

And how fast has history written itself since the inception of Papervision?

As soon as it was possible in terms of bandwidth and code, Papervision was given birth to. It was the tiger crouching at the gates, and ready to pounce from the get go!


Papervision is a culmination of many influences that have graced our small screen over the past few years. It is also the desire to add more dimensions to a world otherwise known as flat. The early animated gifs and the heavy long loading Quicktimes VRs whet our appetites for more immersive worlds. Now Papervision brings us those worlds in ways we never imagined on the web.

As designers I think we all wanted to add a new dimension to our newly formed environment that would allow us to create things similar to the very world we live in, but with a different feel, one that was truly “the web” through and through. A mathematical wonderment that offers us a new place to explore and play.

Carlos Ulloa is one of the masterminds behind this fairly new yet already historic technologies that has become a new standard in the way we design and develop for the web.

Carlos Ulloa has been passionately involved with interactive entertainment since the early 90s.

During his experience in the gaming industry, while at Psygnosis and Sony, he oversaw and participated in the development of several titles for PC and PlayStation.

In 1999, he moved into Flash development and has been working in design and advertising agencies, in Madrid, Barcelona and London. During these years, his Flash work has evolved into the fields of graphic and typographic effects, motion design, interactivity and mainly 3D.

He created and currently leads the Open Source project Papervision3D.

Carlos didn't create 3D, and it had certainly been emulated on the web in various forms before. But what he did accomplish is to help create a framework that standardized a new axis in Flash to work in. He allowed us to build and work with 3D in Flash in a way that was accessible to the masses.

A new kind of 3D

Traditional 3D is a precise science that renders the world around us into malleable digital formats. Papervision is a new kind of 3D all its own. The web is a new dimension, we don't want nor do we expect to create a new world. The 3D that Papervision offers us is unique to the web. It has a certain personality that embraces the digital realm and seems to share a beautiful harmony with Flash.

Papervision is a wonderful way to represent a dimension completely unique to the web. It has a look and feel all of its own and its awkward flatness gives it a character that has become endearing to the web.

The Internet a realm that is constantly being developed. Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. People are working day and night, millions of pages, animations, data, videos and other forms of media are being posted to this massive network. Everyone is a web designer, that is pretty much how it goes.

But what sets Carlos apart is that his vision was not only realized by himself but also shared with the world. Carlos has empowered designers and developers everywhere to stretch the limits of their imaginations and to execute designs that offer the web a multidimensional and seductive experience, one that has a depth all its own and one that allows the user to get fully immersed in the experience of the site they are exploring.

Hats off to one of our silent assassins of the web!

Carlos Ulloa will forever be written in the annals of the rich history that is already being formulated and his efforts have already helped shape the foundation of the most powerful and communal platform in the history of mankind.

About the Editor, Craig Elimeliah
Senior Executive Producer at Freedom + Partners

Craig Elimeliah has taken the leap from the advertising world at Firstborn, where he has produced many award winning projects for top agencies, to the academic world where he plans on applying his experience to set a new standard in education and student experiences. Craig masterminded the Silhouette series for FWA in March 2008.

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