In my role as a Creative Director, one element of the job is to concept, design and build games for clients which are sometimes central to their marketing campaigns. This is great fun and exciting work, but I've always wanted to create my own game. Not for someone else, just for me.

I met Leo Marques (Tech Director, Developer and all round genius) a few years back and we have worked on several campaigns together. In June last year, we both agreed that we should create a game together. But what type of game and which platform? After a couple of weeks of throwing ideas around, Drainpipe Surfing came up. At first it was a shrunken man flying on a leaf, then a cockroach, a spider and finally, we settled upon a frog and named him Ampi (Amphibian). We sketched madly for weeks to define what the gameplay should be and that led us to using mobile as a platform for the game.

So, the work began in earnest from defining the UX, design and build over countless nights throughout roughly a 9 month period. The gameplay changed a million times as did the design, but that's what it's all about. Games evolve and change; they are always in Beta.

What we think is good about the game is that it has character and story at the heart of it. Ampi is a character that users can engage with, coupled with the rich world of Graffiti City that the story is set.

I've worked on many great projects in my life, but this one really is the cream of the crop in my eyes.


DPSD is a new spin on the surfing gaming classics where rather than waves to surf, gamers are invited to fly down the drainpipes of a number of disused buildings in a fictitious place called Graffiti City.

Ampi, a highly evolved amphibian, is the main character in the game. He's left his quiet suburban town in search of the coolest drainpipes in the world.
With his Leaf Boards, Ghetto Blaster and hoody on, he leaps in his van and makes his way to Graffiti City.

The game opens on a street in Graffiti City where the player can select a from a number of buildings. Those being a School, Codemned, Hospital and Police building all beautifully designed with their own graffiti style.

After selecting a building and going up an abandoned lift, there are 16 adrenalin fuelled levels to play, each with unique gameplay and obstacles to navigate through. Plus extra challenging levels when unlocked in the Surf Store.

The Surf Store itself holds a treasure trove of goodies for players to earn or buy on the spot, such as Super Vision, Leaf Lube, 360 loops, Edge Loops, Pro Packs and various challenge modes.

The Future

There's more updates and features planned over the next few months. We have some really nice technical features we're updating it with. There will also be a HD iPad version ready in the next few weeks. Watch this space...

Welcome to Drain Pipe Surf Dudes! This is a sneak preview of the game. Enjoy!

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