Giving the gift of creativity

Zulu’s founding principle is that the world needs more creativity. Each year we strive to bring this belief to life with an initiative designed to have a positive social impact.

In our inaugural year, we literally gave creativity away on the streets of Toronto with the launch of Think Box. Another year we fed 8,000 homeless people with our Singing Zuligans Christmas website. In 2011, we co-founded People for Good, a movement whose mission is simply to do good.

This holiday season, we offered the world a piece of creativity that every kid and parent could appreciate. Every year, kids dream of catching a glimpse of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, so we worked with Make-A-Wish® Canada to bring this wish to life – with an innovative mobile application that helped parents prove Santa exists.  

The origin of the idea

Parents will do almost anything to preserve their children’s belief in Santa, even donning the red and white suit themselves. After uncovering this insight, we knew there had to be an easier way to keep the magic alive for children everywhere.   

How it works

The Kringl™ app is available on both the App Store and Google Play to help parents create believable videos of Santa in their homes. Pre-recorded scenes of Saint Nick in action, combined with footage from the user’s home, brought the custom videos to life.

Each clip of Santa was filmed on a green screen to create a series of unique Christmas scenes for parents to choose from. During filming, we captured a range of lighting situations to give the user the ability to match their lighting conditions at home.

Sound design also played an important role in the believability of the footage. We ensured the sounds captured by the user worked seamlessly with the pre-recorded sounds in the app. The final output produced undeniable proof that Santa exists.  

Sharing the magic of Christmas

To make it easy to share, each video was formatted for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and email. Final videos each generated a unique link that was hosted on the Kringl™ YouTube channel, where examples of other videos were displayed. But the sharing didn’t end there.

“This year, we wanted to create something that could be shared globally,” says Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer and founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo. “Although we could have monetized the app, we decided to offer it for free and give people the option of donating to charity. We partnered with Make-A-Wish® Canada because the idea of granting wishes and the magic of Santa seemed like the perfect fit.” 

The world’s response

The response has been overwhelming, with over 110,000 downloads to date. Kringl™ was featured in the iTunes store and covered by traditional media and industry publications alike. Kringl™ was also named Top 12 agency holiday campaigns by Advertising Age, was the “App of the Day” on FWA, and was showcased on USA Today , Fast Company,  and the national news, all with no paid media support.

Now that Kringl™ is being enjoyed in over 150 countries around the world, we have our work cut out for us for next year.  

About Zulu Alpha Kilo:

Zulu Alpha Kilo is based in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in July 2008 by Creative Director Zak Mroueh, the agency has a full-time staff of 65 people. Clients include Audi Canada, Bell Canada, Cineplex Entertainment, Coca-Cola Canada, Interac Association, Corona, Service Inspired Restaurants and Workopolis. Everyone in the company belongs to one company-wide creative group, and free-spirited, collaborative ideation is one of the agency's core principles.



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