For Paper Crows Build EP Launch, we a created a interactive video experience.

We were given four tracks by Warner music, which they wanted to release simultaneously. The whole synchronized videos concept came about after several stages of idea generation.  The resulting concept was to create four videos which by themselves work as stand alone pieces but when brought together make this intersecting connected video.

For any of this to work we need a custom player, this was developed inhouse. The player embedded youtube videos, which allowed you to play all video simultaneously when the ‘play’ is clicked on one of them. It also allowed the audio to change as users scrolled across different videos.

The accessibility of high-end camera equipment played a massive role in the project. Being able to shoot 5k and up to 300 frames per second using a RED Epic, made it possible to create the unified visual for the video.The Shoot for the video featured the band and their featured artist Major Look and over 200 hand-made origami paper ‘crows’ creating an expansive mobile.  The editing process involved using a project which handled all the separate edit sequences and a unified lowres version of the four videos together, so we could see the progress of the edits working together. Working with raw visuals on such a scale had to be handled efficiently.

The resulting experience was a world first in having 4 music videos shot and edited together to form one synchronised visual. When you play one video within the player they all play simultaneously and as you scroll across each video it plays the corresponding track for the video.The video player was embedded to the Paper Crows Facebook tab and as a splash page on their official site. From here the 4 music videos can then be shared together as a group to Facebook that was viewable as a giant highlighted Timeline update.

Below the player that houses the four music videos is a crowd of crows formed by anyone using #papercrows on Twitter. When you Tweeted the hashtag you drop in as your own paper crow, allowing people to share their comments and personal messages.

This connecting of different social media within the landing page allowed for maximum outreach for the experience and created another level of engagement. This ensured that the campaign spanned across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo to form a truly social and groundbreaking campaign. The video and its unique housing gave the band huge leverage socially. The Paper Crows doubled their fan base on Facebook and the hashtag #papercrows trended on twitter when the player when live.

The team holding the award
The team holding the award

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