I always wanted to have an interactive resume website after I saw one last year. Early this year, I decided to make it happened and started to create my own interactive resume website. I wanted a unique resume so it would stand out from the crowd. I also wanted a fun resume since I loved to entertain users.

After thinking about it for a while, I came up with an idea to make my resume looked like a video game. I never saw someone combined resume and game so this would be very unique. I also felt game was really fun since I used to play lots of them. I was very excited with this idea and I started to work on the design right away.


It was not easy to combine resume and game since they were very different. Resume showed lots of text and some charts. Game showed lots of characters (main and enemies) and their levels. It would be too crowded if I just put them together literally. Users would have difficulties to digest the information if there were too many of them.


I combined visual elements of game and resume to simplify the information. First, I combined game enemies and resume charts. I positioned game enemies side by side so they looked like resume bar charts. I also designed game enemies to show resume pie charts inside their bodies. I saved lots of spaces and reduced visual element number so they looked more simple. I also combined game levels and resume sections.

I combined them so level 1 (ground) showed the ‘about’ section, level 2 (underwater) showed the ‘skills’ section, etc. To maintain game characteristic, I arranged the sequence of those sections to match a real game. Small game enemies came first ('about' and 'skills' section), then big game enemies or bosses came after that ('experience' section), then happy ending came last ('awards and publications' and 'contact' section).


I used HTML, CSS, Javascript to build this website. I chose them simply because they are web standards nowadays. I also used JQuery and JQuery UI for the animations. I avoided Flash since I wanted to see my website on Apple mobile devices.


It took me a while to finish this project since it was a one man show. I drew, designed, and coded this website by myself. I also had a full time job so I could only work on this project on weekday nights and weekends. I started this project around January 2013 and I finished it around August 2013.


I launched my interactive resume website on October 10, 2013. I updated my status and tweeted about it. Then I submitted my website to several design competitions. Things were still pretty slow for a week, but not after that. I remember I woke up and freaked out when I saw hundreds of new emails in my mailbox. Being featured in some award websites definitely had a lot to do with it.

Other people’s posts and comments on social news websites also helped to spread the news. Chain reaction in social media already grew big enough and made significant impact too.

Those made me very happy until I saw my website went down one day. It turned out that my hosting company could not handle the enormous traffic. I was panic because I was in the middle of design competition. I quickly moved to another hosting company and my website got back to business again. The viral effect kept spreading out and things got better after that. News media talk about my website. I appear in local and international magazines.

People from around the world contact and congratulate me. I guess you don’t have to become a rockstar to experience that. A web designer can do just the same :)


Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer. He does illustration, graphic design, animation and programming. He is also a tech enthusiast and an NBA fan.



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