Typeflash is an interactive typographic site that helps you create personalized eCards, logos and banners by means of variable animated typefaces designed by Peter Vajda.

Typeflash enables you to type your name or a short message with one of the typefaces. You can design, size and position the typefaces, upload one of your photos as wallpapers and send your creation to a friend, or save it to the gallery.

You can easily create your animated logo or message and publish it on your site.

Typeflash has been created to draw anyone’s attention – be it professional or amateur – to a game with letters where the number of designs and possibilities are endless.


Typeflash letters are not classic typefaces, in a sense that it is in the user can choose to form, alter or modify them in whichever possible way.

The common feature these letters share is that they may be realised on a broad scale, from the simplest to a most sophisticated, and thus, provide us with a playful visual and interactive experience.

With Typeflash letters, animation not only does it richly decorate them but it is an inevitable part of their structure.

Typeflash varieties consist of the possible least elements of which, however, all characters of a certain letter type are realizable. All of these characters are based upon a simplified geometric system, with the exceptions of:

SEX – where each character models a partnership by playful animation of gender signs.

As characters are drawn, with their design changing, they would imitate different positions and situations: coming closer, meeting, touching, avoiding or overlapping one another, separating, being united or distanced – adjusting to the characters’ modification and melting away.

Genders are variable by means of F (female) and M (male) buttons.

You can change the boldness of lines and the colors of the genders.

By using Random Color and Sex buttons, settings can be changes random.

GERMAN – This is a newly created aspect of spatial gothic or fractur typeface, wrapping out and up.

AMERICAN, ARABIC, HUNGARIAN, JAPANESE, LOVER – these are based upon the same formal logic. The basic units of each of the above are particular, well-known simple symbols that are the least repeated within the structure of each character.

There are five overlapping, transparent elements in each of them, which can be positioned, sized and colored according to your taste.

Spots, stars and hearts will be shown randomly within each character (when typing) or within the entire text (when Playing), with accents last to appear on letters.

"Playing" the text, thus, will be at once, with pictures and animations to show, and messages to be understood eventually.

The spots of the HUNGARIAN typo, as they appear, would emerge from one another, leaving the message finally with a typical Hungarian folk motive.

ZION and WIRED – These have two lines running parallel of which will represent the characters one by one. The boldness, position and color of these lines, too can be modified.

CAPS – consist of two elements, a capsule and a pill. When playing the text, capsules and pills would roll away and then, come together to make up the whole text.

Both capsules and pills can be separately or collectively colored as may their upper and lower parts, by using either Monochrome or Random Color buttons.

You can also set a 2D or a 3D variety of the type.


Type in your name or a short message.

You can choose from the typefaces above.

You can color the background and the text by any of the 30 colors available. At certain types you will find an additional 4 color refill, with which you can at random color and flash your message.

Using the camera-symbol, you can upload jpg, png, gif – extension picture files as background.

Using the cursor, you can drag the uploaded picture or text, pusing + / - for zoom in and zoom out.

After typing and designing your message, push Play to run and see how your message will appear in the Gallery or on the recipient’s computer.

With Ramdomplay the text will be played on a random basis.

Multiplay (first line) is to play the text by varying typefaces and settings on a random basis.

By filling up the SAVE panel, you can save your creation to the Gallery.

Click to SEND to send your message to your friends and, at the same time, even to the Gallery, or – by ticking at PRIVATE checkbox – only to the recipient’s e-mail.

In the GALLERY panel, you can scroll among all the public Typeflash messages, ordering them by date, message, name or type.

Also, you can search within the fields of SUBJECT, NAME, MESSAGE for anything.

If you click on Play messages, you can play all the messages stored in the Gallery continuously.

EMBED can help you replace / restore any of your creations as background to your own site or blog. Just click SAVE and replace the code to your html code. With the EMBED narrows, you can easily and precisely size your banners.

See messages from Typeflash:





See examples of the EMBED-function:






Typeflash is always expanding with new typefaces, features and functions.

About the Author, Peter Vajda
Graphic Designer and Typograpger

Peter Vajda is a graphic designer and typographer from Budapest. He finished his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy scholarship holder between 2000-2002.

More information and works available at http://www.typeflash.com/alternativ.html.

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