Every month we receive news of the fantastic growth on the net; new advertisers joining every month, pioneer advertisers coming back with larger budgets and customers who can report sensationally good returns on their investments.

The Internet sector is experiencing an increased interest, one that other media can only dream about.

Why complain?

So why complain? Well, because too many advertisers still seem to be ignorant of the fact that the Internet, in a very short time, has become a primary medium – not a supplementary medium that you turn to now and then.

Practically everyone under the age of 40 is now on the Internet.

From 2004 there was no longer any good, not to mention technical, arguments why operators on the Internet should only receive a fraction of what newspapers and magazines are getting in terms of advertising income.

In addition to a record number of readers, the Internet can offer larger advertisement formats, higher line speeds, interactive possibilities, in addition to accurate numbers and statistics for how well your ads work.

Once bitten, twice shy?

Then there is the advertising industry. The advertisement sector obviously burnt their fingers last time they put their money into the Internet and interactive advertisement. However, if they don’t promptly turn their attention back on-line, they run the risk of missing out on a great opportunity in an increasingly lucrative market.

Indeed they might have been a little trigger-happy the last time, but today – a few years after the bubble burst, most people realize that the net is here to stay.

Time to take notice

How many record numbers of satisfied customers will it take before the advertisement industry wakes up? If you mention net advertisements to an advertising person today, the person concerned will look at you like you were the carrier of some deadly virus.

The industry has got to understand that the Internet has become a social arena, unmatched by any other media. You shop; you look for your new house, change jobs, date, order food, watch TV, pay your bills, play games, talk with friends and/or make new friends.

Communicating a message

People do everything on-line. It should be plain to see for everyone that advertising on the net is the shortest route to take if you wish to communicate effectively with the masses. It is extremely important to remember that the distance from advertisement to consumer action is considerably shorter on the net than in any other media.

It is not the creative elements in the industry that are hesitant; rather it is on the consultant level that you are likely to find a resistance towards working with the Internet. The sooner they realise that the Internet has become a primary medium, the better.

The future is here… now

The traditional divisions between film, radio, printed media and the Internet are things of the past. Working with the culture of the Internet and integrated communication should be high up on the agenda for any advertising agency today.

It has also been a problem that Internet advertising used to be synonymous with small formats. With FF Media Group AS we have changed all that and launched on-line magazines, to be found at MagWerk, with the possibility for whole page and double page advertisements.

Proof of the pudding

Our concept has been embraced by international advertisers like Microsoft, Siemens, Diesel, Sony Ericsson, Levi’s, Pepsi and others. For creators with an interest in print advertisements and with a knowledge of net advertisements, this should be like a wet dream come true.

The reactions from our readers, our customers and the media agencies have been overwhelming. Now the only piece missing is the advertising industry. I am certain they will come on board as well and I am looking forward to it!

About the authors:

Joakim Nilsen (31) has been a part of two other successful start-ups before founding FF Media Group AS. The first was an art/design magazine called Hot Rod that is now distributed in 12 countries. The other was the fashion and lifestyle magazine Fjords Magazine that won the magazine of the year award in 2002 and is distributed in 16 countries.

He has also had experience ib the advertising sector. Joakim is now declaring war against the paper-industry and is CEO of FF Media Group, which is a company that focuses on entertainment and media on the internet. His specialty is Strategy, Operations and Business Development with a focus on the creative part of the process.

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