Warning! Winning an FWA, the truth.


Here is a short article telling you about what can happen to you when you win the FWA Site Of The Day award.

This is a factual report from Elastique., design agency, Germany, and our experience at the hands of FWA.

How it Starts

After submitting an entry to The FWA, if successful, you might get a small, harmless looking email that says "We are pleased to announce that this site has been selected to receive the FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 1st December 2005.“

December 1st was the day we received this email from FWA.

You‘ll get a big smile on your face. WOW! FWA-Award!

The smile whilst very big, will not last forever.

Prepare for Hits!

Two days after being selected your website could get overwhelmed by more than 400.000 hits and 80Gb monthly traffic bandwidth allowance doesn‘t mean anything any more!

Order More Traffic Bandwidth!

After a month even a small and unknown portfolio website like elastique.info could get more than 40.000 single visits and 900.000 Hits.

So look for a provider that gives you a lot of traffic bandwidth for little money before you send your site to www.thefwa.com.

Caution! This is not the End!

Set up a Company Showcase!

Two weeks later major and famous internet companies might start calling you – and want to work with you.

So you would have to travel all across the country to present your little company to the big players.

Get Plenty of Sleep!

The "FWA Effect" normally reaches its climax one month after getting the award.

World wide operating companies might invite you to do pitches – and not only for little microsites.

They could ask you to participate in pitches for the worldwide structure of their company and design and plan the relaunch of their complete platform. Including all country sites and even concepts and designs for thousands of worldwide retailer sites.

So you might not get very much sleep during that time.

Learn Foreign Languages!

As a side effect, people from foreign countries might send you emails or want to feature your company in print articles and other media all over the world.

Try to improve your English – even, like in our case, if it sounds a little bit German. Otherwise you are lost!

So, prepare yourself before applying for an FWA!

It is dangerous!

It might change your life!

That is the truth!

About Elastique.

Betty & Andreas Schimmelpfennig and Karz von Bonin started Elastique. in August 2005.

They were tired of working as freelancers for most of the time on mainly commercial projects.

With Elastique. they want to do design orientated work with an emphasis on good ideas and usage of all available media.

Betty has been art director for various award-winning websites (Nokia Designspecial, Nokia 3100, Nokia 7600 and others).

Karz is the responsible flash developer at Elastique. with special interest in developing a Flash CMS and highly dynamic sites like the Sony R1 (launched all over Europe in 31 countries and 24 languages).

Andreas‘ background is sound design and animation for television and he‘s now up to bringing that knowledge to the web (e.g. Sound design Nokia Summergames, 2D-Animation Nike – Art of Speed (zip file)).

More information on www.elastique.info.

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