Insights... Silenza, Site of the Day, 27th September 2015

What did you want to accomplish with the site?

Initially, Silenza was a small lingerie manufacturer based in Italy.

Almost no one ever heard of it in Ukraine. And that was the starting point for us, to built a true Italian brand for Ukrainian women by restarting it from the scratch and flavouring with a new positioning, fresh communication strategy as well as completely new visual identity.

For us, that was not just the attempt to achieve some level of brand awareness, which is more like a media-coverage task. We dared to make a space which would be philosophically identical to the whole Silenza concept.

We wanted to provide all the perfect conditions for truely deep dive into female sensuality. While analoguos part of the space was the task for designers and architects, its vertual dimension was our battlefield.

Sincerely wishing to affirm that every woman is perfectly unique, exceptional and unequalled, thus, we merged lingerie, poetry and web-code under Silenza interactive project.

We wished to make something more than a traditional story and tried to turn from mere watching to personal storytelling.

What technical challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them?

The main technical challenge for our team was to put all aspects together, as we believe that every product has to look holistic. To plunge in the story, to feel organic interaction and receive the romantic mood, a user should follow all stages of the website without any loaders, glitches or other suspensions.

Our aim was to achieve a continuity and easiness of user's journey.

What did winning the FWA award mean to you?

We knew that emotion is a powerful tool for changing behavior. However, it can be a real challenge to make business-owner sacrifice his short-term profit for the sake of emotional communication aimed at long-term construction of brand loyalty.

We were lucky to have that kind of business-owner. And the FWA award for us is like a cherry on a pie, confirming that we are doing something worth.

Tools used

- the possibility to choose the storyline via smartphone.
- interactive decision making
- branded picture of every user

Three hot facts

We collaborated with three gorgeous although non-modeling ladies to show that female body is perfect even after she is over 35.

The sales in the Silenza stores increase twice during the first week after website launch.

17 bottles of prosecco and a tonne of chocolate were consumed during opening the Silenza store.



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