Insights... Galaxia, Site of the Day 10th April 2016

What did you want to accomplish with the site?

In our day to day life, we fine-tune our behavior, emphasizing or hiding different parts of our identity all the time based on context, and we do it naturally. We are a different person with our friends, our family, our partners, or our colleagues. However, the social networks we use today do not allow for those small tweaks and distinctions. They’re pretty flat, and don’t enable the spectrum and depth of the personalities we have.

Galaxia embraces the notion that our online identity needs a platform to hold all the unique aspects of our personality. The app is built to enable people to share content and meet people using whatever persona they like, and to easily move from persona to persona as they explore the multiple world of content in the app. Users have complete control over their personas and each persona is kept completely private and separate from any other.

The site is emphasizes the personas concept and the inspiration behind our app.

What technical challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them?

Creating a 3d galaxy to represent "Galaxia" was an interesting technical challenge. We wanted to make an interactive experience that would illustrate the main ideas of our product while also being visually impressive. To do that, we studied the shape, color and other properties of real spiral galaxies, and used this to build a tool to procedurally generate galaxies.

This tool gave us the freedom to experiment until we arrived at the final galaxy that is on the website, which features arms that are logarithmic spirals and is colored according to the color temperature of common galaxies in our universe.

What did winning the FWA award mean to you?

Winning the FWA means a lot to us. We are really honoured by the idea that we managed to execute our philosophy through a website that is being acknowledged both for its unique design and for the message it brings.

The idea behind Galaxia is to portray a whole new way of social behaviour, and the website is the platform to present what was on our mind, in order for users to give it a try.

Having the site being featured and honoured by designers communities, make us believe that we service our users right, as they deserve.

Tools used:

The website is built mainly on WebGL with three.js, and utilizes many excellent javascript libraries like velocity.js and tween.js to control animation effects and timing functions.

Three hot facts:

1.Galaxia is backed by Academy Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio

2. 3,500 new Worlds were created in Galaxia in the first week!

3. At the bottom of the website you will find an intriguing gallery filled with inspirational references of our product philosophy.



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