A week in the life of... Mark Ferdman, Vice President, Global eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Origins at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.


It's early Saturday afternoon, Feb 21, 12:36pm

At the beginning of 2014, I started a personal project, #selfiesketchaday. I search #selfie and #mirrorselfie in Instagram, find interesting shots of total strangers and draw them. Then I post and tag them. Some of the reactions are great. You can see all of them on my feed, @ferdman.

Over the first couple months I was cranking them out regularly, staying true to "per day" but as the year went on I slowed considerably because of time constraints.

This year I've only been able to do a few and it's already end of February, so it was nice to get a chance to draw this morning. It's not my best in the series, but just pressing a Sharpie on Moleskine feels good, it releases endorphins that feel similar to those from exercising -- without the inconvenience of having to exercise!


It's Tuesday evening, Feb 24, 7:44pm

On commute home. A good headline kicks you in the eyeball.


It's Wednesday morning, Feb 25, 7:26am

Just spent solid minute searching my pockets for my phone while holding it in my hand.


It's Thursday morning, Feb 26, 8:10am

I'm on my way into the office and I'm flipping through Facebook to check how our Facebook Offer is doing. We recently had turnover at our agency and we're in the process of getting the new team up to speed on our "secret sauce" method for getting the most performance out of these spends.

We're not quite there yet. I also scrolled past a great #tbt from former high school
basketball teammates. Very funny banter in the comments.

It's Thursday evening, Feb 26 6:03pm

I'm finishing up at work after a full-day training. We had a "corporate athlete" class today. It teaches you how to be strategic about managing energy. Eat every 3-4 hours. Get up and move every 90 minutes. Now I'm back at my desk plowing through emails.

I'm an InBox zero type. I move quickly and I rarely let it get above 40-50. I got down to about 20, I can live with that.



It's Friday evening, Feb 27 6:24pm

I'm at Grand Central. It's been a long week. I'm excited because Media hits on Monday for our new launch at Origins, called Original Skin. I quickly stopped by our store to check out how the setup looks.

Not everything is being displayed yet. I was hoping to see the table unit featuring the app we created for the campaign.

We know no one is going to scan a QR code to watch a video or "learn more", but will they do it to try and instantly win free product?


Saturday morning, Feb 28, 12:15am

My birthday. I've been 45 years old for 15 minutes.


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