Insights... Archidirectors, Site of the Day 30th September 2015.

What did you want to accomplish with the site?

What we wanted to accomplish was to create a virtual theater where we would bring each of the houses to life through animation and music.

We wanted to create an architectural carousel which will represent a short trip through an aesthetic universe inspired by cinema and some of its protagonists.

What technical challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them?

There was one major technical challenges that we faced and it was performance especially in mobile devices.

There are a lot of canvas animations that happen simultaneously in this project and most of them are complex ones which performed well in desktops but not at 60fps in mobile devices especially older ones.

At the same time there are multilayer layer CSS transition animations that happen between 2 houses. All these made the CPU struggle. The first thing we done was to freeze the animations while house transitions happen.

We also wanted the full animations to be available in mobile devices too with no major restrictions, so we had to convert most of the elements to bitmaps and use spritesheets. This way we achieved a decent performance.

What did winning the FWA mean to the team and also the client?

Winning an FWA is a wonderful feeling and makes you think that you are in the right path and what you have done is at the same level as the projects you see and admire every day in the SOTD pages. 

Tools used:

CreateJS, and Howler are the 2 external libraries used for the project. We also used illustrator for the graphics and Flash for some animations since it is compatible with CreateJS.

Three hot facts

1. Two of the three creators of the project have never seen each other! They are based in different countries so all the communication for the project was done via internet.

2. We have to do a lot of homework for this project! We saw more than 30 movies to catch each director's look and feel.

3. All the music of the website is a reorchestration of one main melody which is played differently to catch each director's atmosphere.



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