Bogga Magic: Mobile of the Day, June 6th 2015

What did you want to accomplish with the site?

I used to work as a magician in my youth and this app came to because I wanted to give my kids a touch of that good ol' magic and appetite for wonder.

Although it's meant to be an entertaining app, it also has an educational value in that magic tricks spark creativity: Anything is possible.

I tested the design on several kids and parents during the development that lasted a year, and took time to make the teddy bear look right, who, by the way, is inspired by Winnie the Pooh and Minions.

What technical challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them?

There's a part in the app where you can draw something on a chalkboard and then it magically transforms into a growing plant with flowers. That was the most challenging thing to figure out how to do. It took a lot of scrutinizing with trial and error, but persistence paid off.

Also making the app as intuitve as possible, was a result of lots of testing and turning things upside down. You think something is all intuitive and obvious until you let a kid test it and she double taps and drags with three fingers and makes the app hang.

Then, trying to solve the issue, you use days to reproduce the error. Again persistence and patience is the key, alongside with enough hair to pull, heaps of espresso and epic game music on the headphones.

What did winning the FWA award mean to you?

The FWA award gives credibility in the industry, and is a great reminder that you do something right. Bogga Magic took a lot longer to make than I first anticipated, and this award has undoubtedly been a great energizer for me.

Tools used

One laptop
Several smart devices
Flash CC
Pen and paper

Three hot facts

* Bogga Magic was an Editor's Choice pick by BestAppsForKids.com.

* The ridiculously cute voice of the ticklish teddy bear is narrated by my ridiculously cute four year old son.

* I do all design and drawings in Flash. I've always prefered it over Illustrator, even when I used to do illustartions for paper publications.



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