A week in the life of... Peter Jaworowski – Executive Creative Director & Founding Partner / Ars Thanea


5.00 am

Sitting in a train to Poznan. Woke up at 4AM today, so hope to have a nap in the train before meeting with the client. Monday’s starts with a pitch presentation.

5.30 am

Not gonna happen though. Travelling with a team of 4, I guess it’s a perfect time for have some morning laughs and conversation. Oscars speaking time.

7.00 am

“Ida” won an Oscar! Big time!


7.00 am

On my way to a juicy photo shoot.

5.00 pm

Yeah, juicy word was not a coincidence. We were throwing gallons of orange juice in the air. And it’s messy… But it’s time for a break with Indian food to charge up!

10:30 pm

It’s a wrap! Great material to work with later on. Loads of options to choose from.


10.00 am

Proper breakfast finally, you may call that an oatmeal.

12.00 pm

Photo shoot, same place, different subject. This time we’re extending “holi” colors session. A lot of mess! We’re going to use the photos as a magazine cover – me & Marta are having an interview soon. Pushing forward the style we used for Ars Thanea website portraits. But first – let’s have some fun.

10.00 pm

Finally a wrap! Great team work and final outcome. Always a pleasure to work with photographer Szymon Swietochowski – a real pro. What I desperately need now is a long shower to clean all the colors and dust from me.


3.00 pm

We just finished an interview for one of the most important marketing magazine in Poland. Marta did a great job, I guess we’re lifted a curtain bit on.

7:30 pm

Weekly football time with Ars Thanea team. IT vs Studio. The crowd is cheering ;-)


7.00 am

Hello train, we meet again. We’re leaving Warsaw. This time we will discuss cooperation principals in Ars Thanea with management team. Out of office area seems a best place for that. #zen

9.00 pm

Mind-blowing meeting but really feel exhausted. No doubt I work with great people.

Dinner and drinks time!


12.00 pm

Woke up. Time for shower and we’re off to an early theater play with my fiancée, my friend Marcin and his girlfriend Sylwia. Weekender double date.

6.00 pm

Finally some time for reading, finishing Ben Horowitz’s ‘The hard thing about hard things’. Such an incredible and useful read.


10.00 am

We went swimming with Marcin and had awesome Chinese food after.

9:30 pm

Game time! NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers vs Houston Rockets.


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