A week in the life of... Julius Wiedemann, Director of Digital Publication, Executive Editor, TASCHEN publishing

Week from 16 to 22 of March 2015


This week is going to start at full throttle, and I have to both do my editing work and to go to London for a number of meetings. My life is a combination of working from home, taking care of my kids, and travelling for my work, both to the headquarters and other places. This week I will have a conference in Barcelona, where I will do a lecture. So I need some discipline to get all done well.

- First thing in the morning is to check my emails, still in bed, and see if there is anything I can reply immediately, since Germany is one hour ahead of me.

- After a light breakfast I go for a 8Km run and 3Km rowing, and I try to do it 5 or 6 times a week. 

- I take train to London at 11:45 and arrive in Kings Cross 12:30, heading straight away to our store on Kings Road.

- Lunch with out Store manager to organize an event for the summer

- Head to the office on the Strand, and meet with our PR manager

- Go to Delauney Café to meet Senta Slingerland, director at Cannes Lions Creative Festival, for a book project we are planning.

- It is now 18:30, and I head to the Tube, towards Kings Cross, to from there on foot to Caledonian Road, where I have a meeting with a charity I help, called One Law for All and the Council of Ex-Muslims. I work on their communication strategy

- Catch the train back to Cambridge at 21:45, arriving in Cambridge 22:30, walk from there and arrive home 15 min later

- Conference call with America 23:00 for 15 min

- It is time to catch up with emails.

- And watch one more episode of 24


- Woke up at 8:00, and straight into 1 hour of emails

- Conference call with my assistant while walking to the gym

- 8Km run + 2Km Rowing

- Back home to do editing work. Working on an awesome book and re-editing texts that are quite old. It is a privilege.

- Cook my lunch

- Coaching Session from 13:30 to 14:45. It is my third one, and I am excited about it.

- Scheduled Taxi picks me up at 15:00, so that I pick up my kids in school

- Pick up my daughter, and walk with her to her home (I am separated)…

- Buy sushi on the way to her place

- Arrive there

- Catch a bus back home, listening to Audible of this fascinating book on the history of science, by Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg

- It is now 17:30 and I start doing emails while I finish the 6th season of 24

- Have conference call with Brazil on the book program

- Do online course at Coursera on Political Economy. I am on week 5. It is a blessing to have so many tools to learn these days.

- Packing all for the trip tomorrow. I need to leave home about midday.

- Bed time


- Wake up and straight to running. I am aiming for a half-marathon this year.

- Back home around 10 and ready for email for emergency matters. Checking book proposals and this nice book on Cuban Design.

- Conference call with Germany

- The doorbell rings and a package arrives. An art gallery just sent me a really nice gift for my birthday, which was on the 23rd of February. http://plusgaleria.com.br/br/

- 12:15 a car waits for me to go to Heathrow terminal 3

- Check in 1:45 and time for eating and reading an article on randomness

- 2 hour flight to BCN

- Check in in the hotel 20:30

- Head to restaurant to meet Gabriel Borges 21:30, CEO of a digital agency in São Paulo. He is also a speaker and is helping the event in BCN. The restaurant is really nice and they have a nice menu system.

- Work on a presentation for Friday

- Video conference 00:15

- Bed time, finally


- Waking up late… shit, around 8:30

- Emails again, they never stop coming… but I get a lot sorted out.

- Finishing presentation and meeting Gabriel to hand over to him

- Run 5 KM

- Back to Lobby where I give Gabriel a book, and meet 3 other speakers… a British, a Danish, and  a Swedish…

- We agree to walk 45 min to a restaurant, leaving the hotel 13:30

- Great lunch, great talks about magazines, videos, media, culture

- Walk back to the hotel with magazine publisher Alec Dudson, and more talk. He publishes intern magazine. http://intern-mag.com/

- Back to my work, editing, editing, editing

- 21:30 meeting in the Lobby with 4 speakers for a really fun dinner. I meet program director Sveinung at Hyper Island https://www.30weeks.com/ Johannes from https://thirdwaveberlin.com/  Alex Bec from http://www.itsnicethat.com/ and  Igor from http://calvertjournal.com/ 

- Video conference 00:30… I’m getting tired

- Bed time, I am really tired today


- Waking up early for a briefing of all speakers, happening 10 AM

- We get all speakers together and walk to the venue

- 10AM, briefing starts, and we all introduce ourselves

- Time for lunch and I join a couple of nice people, one from Chile, one from the UK, one Russian, a German couple

- I get to meet Andres Colmenares, the brain behind this event, finally, and give him my last book!

- 15:00 the first round of talks start (http://i-a-m.in/). Check this out, because everyone here has something interesting to say.

- 17:30: it is my time on the stage. A little nervous, but loving it.

- Great networking in the conference, and beer is free during the whole event. We all go play with the interactive sculpture produced by Jeff Hamada of http://www.booooooom.com/ and Alex Beim of http://www.tangibleinteraction.com/

- All the speakers go to a restaurant together, about 40 people including the team that organized the event. I thought we would never find a place, but we managed, and after a negotiation for food and drinks at a fixed price, everybody is happy 

- 12:30, it is time to go back to the hotel and do some emails

- 2:00 I need to go to bed… seriously!


- I wake up early, like 7, for my 10K run in the mountains in Barcelona, but the weather is really bad, and contact the 2 guys coming with me to reschedule it for the next day.

- Go to the venue around 11, after some important emails

- 12:30 I do a 3D portrait in 2 positions to produce a GIF, using Kinetik from Microsoft

- Do my interview at 13:00 which will be used in a documentary

- 14:15 I leave the venue with 2 photographers to do a portrait

- Go out for lunch and meet friend and illustrator Lapin http://www.lesillustrationsdelapin.com/ 10 min walking from the Venue, where he is doing life drawing

- Eat the most amazing crisps and pork sandwich of my life, serious!!!!!

- Return to venue to see more lectures

- See the last lecture with Manchester born Ruth Daniel. So amazing what she knows about Brazil

- I approach her and introduce myself. She is a pioneer and director of http://www.inplaceofwar.net/, a fantastic charity.

- together to see if we can eat more of the fabulous pork sandwich. Here is what we find just outside the venue http://www.museudeldisseny.cat/en 

- They just have beer and crisps. Here is the exhibition http://www.lesillustrationsdelapin.com/#projects/drawing-poblenou/

- We are hungry and decide to go to Tickets, the tapas sensation of Ferran Adria, but they say they require a reservation 2 months in advance

- We find Lolita, recommended by the doorman of the second restaurant from Adria that was also full! Lolita is great. http://www.lolitataperia.com/en/ HIGHLY recommended

- Art talk until 12:30, and I really need to go to the hotel

- I postpone my return to the UK by one day, to leave Monday 7AM

- Quick emails and bed time at 1:30


- Just 5 hours of sleep, but I get up early to meet Atahualpa, a Mexican new friend that is taking me to run in the mountains in Barcelona.

- We take my friend’s Twizy and go up the hills. Loads of people run in Barcelona, and on the way we drive past the Sagrada Familia. Many hoads are blocked and it is Chilly. I freaze for about 40 min, but I am loving the experience.

- We do 10K in one hour, beautiful view

- Back to the hotel in 30 min, nice ride

- Shower, breakfast, and straight to a new venue today, at IED

- A nice lecture with Alex Beim, about interactivity

- Portfolio revision with FIU network of young professionals. All coordinated and invented by 2 brilliant young undergrads, Georgina and Humbert http://fiubcn.com/

- Interview with Liya from the Strelka Institute in Moscow. So nice. They are shutting down the place but we manage to ask for a meeting room for 15 min. Check http://www.strelka.com/en/home They do an amazing work.

- All speakers decide to go find a restaurant to take 40 people, and we manage it 30 min later, a Syrian food place, amazing food! We end up celebrating with a local drink!!!

- I leave the restaurant 15:30 to go to the hotel, where El Pais is waiting to interview me

- Interview from 18:00 to 19:00, for ICON magazine, a monthly supplement

- The photographer arrives and has the ide to take a picture close to the beach

- Albert asks me is rain and wind with cold is fine, and we walk 7 min to the beach… cool images. Follow him on Instagram @albertjodar

- Head back to the hotel, and prepare for my past commitment in Barcelona, to meet a friend for dinner

- Back to the Hotel 12:30, and I will have to wake up 4:30 to leave to the airport… flight to Gatwick 7AM


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