Paristories, Mobile of the Day, 28th July 2015

What did you want to accomplish with the site?

Our aim was to bring the emotion and excitement of a live football match to anyone, anywhere. We wanted to find a new way to cover the match – one that really conveys what it feels like to be there in person. Seen through the eyes of the fans, we explored every detail, angle and hidden shot, so people could truly immerse themselves in the richness of the night.

What technical challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them?

Our biggest challenge was how to translate an existing desktop experience – one that featured extensive rich media – into a light and intuitive version for mobile.

First, how to ensure users felt fully immersed in the content, even on the smallest screen? Google Photo Sphere and Google Cardboard were the answer. Turning the possibilities of mobile on its head, they allowed us to create interactive 360° images, complete with device-dedicated audio.

The next challenge was how to adapt the horizontal, desktop timeline of the match to the mobile screen. As is so often the case, simplicity was the way to go. So instead of a horizontal representation, we took inspiration from social and showed the timeline on a wall.

Last, but not least, we ensured a fluid and intuitive navigation through the content by reducing the matches to their absolute minimum, while making sure people could still follow and understand all the action.

What did winning the FWA award mean to you?

The team was delighted – it’s always a pleasure and very satisfying to have the effort of a project rewarded. FWA is renowned for its recognition of cutting-edge work, so we’re very proud to be featured.

Tools used

- To design the interface: Brain, Sketch, Photoshop
- To build the mobile platform: HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript
- To create the 360° images and Photo Sphere: HTML5, CSS 3, Web GL, JavaScript
- For the Google Cardboard module: HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript

Three hot facts:

1. First 360° image stereoscope created for mobile
2. 120 individual sound experiences created
3. 5,000 photos edited overnight



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