I’d say the Highlight was working on TRON Legacy under Joseph Kosinski for all of 2010 making Holograms - now that was some fun shit...

Your name, plus your original "web name/handle"

Bradley G Munkowitz - GMUNK

Your first web encounter, year etc.

I starting looking at the web design scene around 1998 - Designgraphik, Volumeone, Praystation, Greyscale, Dform1, ThreeOh, Chapter3 - all those fuckers inspired the pants right of my legs..

My first computer was some nasty PC, running 8 bit games; King’s Quest and Wizardry were my jams as a kid... I used PC Paint quite a bit and that was the foundation for things to come...

Early website inspiration: Volumeone probably destroyed me the most... Designgraphik a close close second..

I was heavily inspired by the works of Chris Cunningham in college right as I was taking 16mm film classes, so that ushered HOURS in the Splicing room creating ‘Projector-Breakers’ because of the frequency of the splicing tape...

I was a film and graphic design major in college - my first job out of school was with Vir2L doing a little web design; it was much more video and motion graphics.. But my first real motion job was at Heavy in NYC, circa 2001... Then after that moved back to LA to work with Kyle Cooper at Imaginary Forces.. And then from there a bunch more motion work for probably 10 years up until today..

I tend to mix it up a lot however, doing Print, Interactive, Motion and actually never web hahaha..

What our readers might recognise you most for, when you first hit the web.

My first big web hit was probably my early GMUNK.com sites - but I think the super dope work was the Mandingo Immortal site in 2003 - had a ton of flavor and made a lot of people smile nice n wide at that Package..

Mandingo: http://media.gmunk.com/archive/2001_NYC_update/

And a de-archive of all the others can be found at the bottom of this page:


Your digital journey since.

Oh man, where to start...

I’ve been a nomad my whole career, really... Moving around a ton - lived in Sydney, London, NYC, LA, SF and Seattle..

I’d say the Highlight was working on TRON Legacy under Joseph Kosinski for all of 2010 making Holograms - now that was some fun shit...

Thankfully nothing too ugly so far during the career; I’ve been lucky and have met a ton of wonderfully talented peoples..

I’ve matured a lot since getting into Design Directing - mostly by taking emotion out of the equation..

Ya know, I think Design Directing is 50% psychology, so I’ve really worked on taking my ego and emotions out of the workplace and doing my best to cultivate the talent I’m working with in the most positive way possible..

I also don’t react as much to client feedback as in the past - that’s been a constant progression, still have a ways to go..

What are you up to now?

I just moved to San Francisco after 7 years in LA.. New start man, it’s been great..

I’m freelancing right now for the Autofuss / Bot&Dolly collective - wild stuff going on here.

Latest work can be found here: http://work.gmunk.com and it's the most recent from the top left - trying to make it easy these days...

My selected works are here: http://work.gmunk.com/filter/Select

What is the dream moving forward?

The dream is to become an Independent Graphic Artist where I’m making whatever I want and people are buying prints for hundred thousands of dollars - and the cycle repeats a few times a year... Yes, you asked about my dream...

GMUNK, Then and Now
GMUNK, Then and Now




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