The Internet bubble burst, the company I worked for crashed and everyone got fired. This was in 2001. For me, my real journey started with Fake Pilot. I found and purchased a MIG-29 russian fighter pilot helmet and made it into my alter ego.

Your name, plus your original "web name/handle"

Mattias Lindberg, Fake Pilot

Your first web encounter, year etc.

I started a gaming clan site for Blizzard's Diablo back in 1997 with Netscape Composer. Tons of ugly GIF animations.

Web design didn't really interest me before seeing Gabocorp. A website made entirely in Flash. http://www.thefwa.com/flash10/gabo.html

"No one is doing this! It's creative and all you need is a PC and time. I'm gonna become the best in the world at doing flash animation!"

I was 18 and did an introductary Internet course while working with Flash during nights and free time.

My first flash website was found by a big newspaper's IT journalist, her article got me several job interviews in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Moved to Stockholm for my first job as a web designer at Corpguide. I didn't know anyone so I was always working late on some flash animation. If not for myself, then for my employer.

They sparred my interest and found my first big flash client: The Spy Bar. I was 19 years old, got a VIP card to the hottest night club in Sweden at the time and worked with what I loved the most.

What our readers might recognize you most for, when you first hit the web.

Puff Daddy
Bryant Park Hotel
The Spy Bar
Coke M5
DUX commercial

Your digital journey since.

The Internet bubble burst, the company I worked for crashed and everyone got fired. This was in 2001. For me, my real journey started with Fake Pilot. I found and purchased a MIG-29 russian fighter pilot helmet and made it into my alter ego.

I started my own company, landed a 1 million Swedish crowns commercial through the owner of The Spy Bar for DUX beds.

An agent living in Miami found me, his name was Yves Darbouze. He hocked me up with clients like Puff Daddy and Ruff Ryders. I did work that got ripped-off and used for Levi's in China and Nokia in Italy.

Money started coming in and I was about to move to Miami. Had a green card and held a good bye party with my friends. 

The money transfers suddenly stopped and I was told that IRS was responsible. It was a lie from Yves, what actually happened was my agent got sent to jail for dealing cocaine! The remaining money from Puff Daddy and other clients, he gave to his wife and daughter. He was going in for about 30 years – so I forgive him. But after 3 years he was released, apparently it was his neighbor's bag of cocaine.

I continued working with two of his former colleagues, Eric and Kareem. Continued work for Diddy and later also Beyonce, Saatchi & Saatchi. 

Started freelancing with North Kingdom, was sitting in their office in old town of Stockholm for several years. Coke, Nicorette, etc. Never moved to USA, but visited NYC twice.

I spent money mostly on traveling, computers and having fun. Started reading and questioning everything. Politics, religion, money, power. I started to question my life. Did a bucket list. Jumped from an airplane. Scuba dived. Bungy jumped. Climbed a volcano in Bolivia. My relationship with girls never lasted more than a couple of months.

Was contacted by two Japanese agents working from Los Angeles. They travelled to my office and paid a trip for me to do a presentation in Tokyo. Which I did with helmet on in Japanese. Also did a presentation at OFFF in Portugal, screaming out "I love Portugal", 3.000 people screaming back. Closest I felt to being a superstar.

Received my hometown's creativity scholarship, most creative person from Trollhättan of 2007. My mom who works for the city, sees that sign every day in the elevator to her office floor.

Trying to change the world

After getting back from Japan, I was faced with two opportunities. Either move to Tokyo and start working with asian clients. Or to start working with a project called Menyou, that my colleague and friend Andreas Lindholm already had started on.

I thought to myself. Maybe I can change the world too?

Me and my colleague started working three months in Chile, where his wife owned some land. We had been assigned the task to design a concept and business idea. What if everyone around the world, could send small or large amounts of money, just as easy as giving a Facebook like? And people could share other peoples content and make a buck for themselves too. What if parts of the Internet was connected to small amounts of cash, making a sustainable independent Digital Fair Trade? Making the Internet into a place not only for freedom of information, but also economic freedom for the people.

No longer doing flash animation, but UI design, strategy meetings, presentation talks with potential investors and wealthy millionaires.

A lot of things that happened there could make it into a book. Like the meeting inside the mental sickness hospital in London with a possibly mythomaniac investor.

The retired white bearded marine officer, somehow involved in the russian submarine scandal, that turned out to be minks on the radar. The forest owning priest that fell asleep during one of my one-on-one presentations – but still invested.

Calling Björn from ABBA from the phone book and him actually picking up. When explaining our idea in a video tutorial for him, later finding another company he invested in doing the same thing.

The fortune telling prophetess of rich men doing business in Qatar. The supporting widow of the poisoned inventor of cars that ran on water. The man who's life meaning was searching power and managed to walk right into the white house.

A former Ericsson executive that told the story about how they installed phone line surveillance on Iraq's populace for Saddam Hussein. Enough strange things to make someone insane and I think at some point it actually did.

Changing the world was a lot more difficult than I could have ever imagined!

After working too hard, they told me to take some vacation. I went to the Maldives, because I saw a documentary that those islands might sink in the future. Instead of going to a honeymoon island, I went to the muslim main island where alcohol was forbidden.

First day I went around with my new Canon 7D camera, heard some music, went there and took photos. Asked the musicians if they wanted to do a music video or live recording.

I followed them around on boats to luxury islands where I filmed:

Took breaks by the beach with a drink in my hand.

Also took footage of another hotel, to potentially sell the video to them afterwards. Did a presentation for the staff of the local TV station about motion graphics, TV Maldives. There I found the first woman I would want to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

You know the volcano with the name too difficult to write or pronounce? The one that erupted in Island in 2010 and caused most air traffic to stop, was going to strand me on Maldives for another week. The girl that I met at the TV station, a show host, photographer and musician. She asked if I wanted to spend a week in a paradise island, for free. 

"Sure, what is the catch?" 

No catch, she answered, my x husband owns the island.

So I spent a week there for free alone and on the last day I met her in the breakfast queue. We spent all day talking and butterflies started flying inside my tummy.

After traveling back to Sweden, a long distance relationship started to form and we later met again on a 1 months date. Then again. Met her parents etc. I had my mind set up to marry her, but reading what 33% of the Quran said about unbelievers, made me start to doubt. Me and my questioning again. That made her doubt me. The long distance made it too difficult to heal and she broke up.

She broke up and after 5 years with Menyou, I told them I needed to go on a break, go back to freelancing. Wanted to do motion graphics again.

Flash is dead. Long live Flash.

When I got back, I had to start all over. Flash, my main tool no longer was asked for. iPhone and iPad killed it. And speeds now were so fast, if you wanted a presentation – you could use video. So I started learning 3D.

But there was tons of competition now and I was 5 years behind. That and the breakup got me a bit depressed. So I started caring more about health and exercise. I'm now climbing bouldering several days a week and go out running. Eating less carbs and more fat.

With some savings left and my grandmother's will, I spent time learning new tools on sites like Digital-Tutors and FXPHD. Learned how to use RealFlow, Cinema 4D, switched to Houdini and then to Blender. From Blender to installing Windows again and trying 3DSMax, then back to Maya on OSX.

I started VJ:ing for clubs and festivals. Started painting again. Then web design again, more html, css, sass, javascript and Ruby on Rails.

Have started freelancing for Menyou again, with front-end and web design. One of the investors I met had taken over most of the daily production. 

I do some 3D projects now and then, video and motion graphics.

Every night I'm learning something new in 3D. And my dreams are still to come up with stuff no one have seen before… Until then I gotta eat.

And no more trips for a while, I'm finally saving money for an apartment. :-)

Mattias Lindberg, Then and Now
Mattias Lindberg, Then and Now

Fake Pilot, Always
Fake Pilot, Always

Fakepilot Tokyo Presentation Pt. 01

Fake Pilot Reel

Project Insides 004 WIP (Work in Progress)

Bryant Park Hotel
Bryant Park Hotel

Sean John 3
Sean John 3


Live Visuals for Broken Note

Here is my health project, before and after (also got terminal glasses for too much screen watching!)
Here is my health project, before and after (also got terminal glasses for too much screen watching!)

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